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winnersowner @ 12:43 on 22 June 2008
2 browse freely on mtn,simply put wap.Sonyericsson.Com@ in front of d website u want 2 visit.For example,if u want to go2 www.Google.Com/m, simply type;[email protected]/m
gregory001 @ 21:03 on 6 July 2008
mtn now deducts money on this code pls tell us about another new discovery.i appreciate ur efforts
4real @ 16:27 on 10 July 2008
D money deducted is few i dont think anything can be done
winnersowner @ 10:05 on 17 July 2008
@suleman check the topic posted by mr_abiola,av posted it there.
winnersowner @ 11:37 on 17 July 2008
For mtn free browsing use any of these codes. [email protected] site or [email protected] site or [email protected] site
winnersowner @ 11:40 on 17 July 2008
They all work fine
Dudu @ 17:39 on 19 July 2008
Im using d code for my it only open itsmy pls giv d on that i can use for dis website im using sfr sagem product
winnersowner @ 21:17 on 20 July 2008
Try [email protected]
winnersowner @ 05:12 on 21 July 2008
Sorry guyz for not answerin all your private messages(pm) on time.The private messages sent to me are so many that i cant reply everybody at once.If i did not give you a reply on time,i'm very sorry. IF YOU NEED HELP ON MTN FREE BROWSING Please post it here .I promise i will reply you immediately.
winnersowner @ 05:15 on 21 July 2008
I know there are other members who are also good at discovering new tricks,they may also be of help. I KNOW AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT IS GOOD AT THIS. Please,If you have any suggestion or contribution concerning this topic please post it here .As it is known,two heads are better than one,right?
Nd1 @ 16:42 on 21 July 2008
I can help?u can also use loaded as one of d tricks.

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