Kubernetes 1.12 is out

Sunny Oct 2, 2018

Kubernetes is back with the delivery of another update featuring some pretty big changes and additions including the general availability of Kubelet TLS Bootstrap and support for Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). Let’s take a closer look at what the new release brings.
Kubernetes team delivered the 1.12 release and it’s stuffed with new features, important updates and changes. Since the list is truly extensive, here we will only cover the highlights of the latest release.

Head over to the official changelog if you want to see the whole thing! For now, let’s have a closer look at the most significant features brought by ...


Sunny Sep 16, 2018

Kubernetes is a open source system for managing containerized applications across a cluster of nodes. Many times Kubernetes also referred as kube or k8s . Kubernetes provides container grouping, load balancing, auto-healing and scaling features. Kubernetes project was started by Google and Redhat is the second major contributor along with Microsoft, HP, VMware , Salt Stack etc..

Kubernetes is designed around a single master server and a set of nodes that you host your application on. Each node will host one or more of the containers that make up your application.

Why to use Kubernetes
• Kubernetes is lightweight and easy to understand solution.
• ...

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SC Modifies The Earlier Directions Issued To Prevent Misuse Of 498A IPC, Says No To Welfare Committees

Sunny Sep 15, 2018

Supreme Court of India has modified its directions issued in Rajesh Sharma case for preventing misuse of Section 498A of Indian Penal Code.

A three judges’ bench led by CJI has withdrawn the earlier direction issued by a two judges bench that complaints under Section 498A IPC should be scrutinised by Family Welfare Committees before further legal action by police.

Though the bench acknowledged that there was misuse of the provision leading to social unrest, it said that Court cannot fill in legislative gaps.

The Court observed that there were inbuilt mechanisms in criminal procedure to check misuse of provisions.

“We have protected pre-arrest or ...

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What is a Minimum Viable Product?

Sunny Jul 12, 2018

If you start out with an idea next step you really want to know first is what is Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Wondering why? Because your first goal is to prove the product you design is the product your customers desire. Otherwise, there are no reasons to build for years an idea that is unclaimed to users.

Too many developers making startups with an idea of the product, they believe customers need. Spending months, even years, polishing their own product without showing it to an audience. And they fail. And it is a fair story because they don’t speak to their own audience to determinate ...

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Comparison between two Generations

Sunny Apr 2, 2018

A youngster asked his father: How did you people live before with-
No access to technology
No aeroplanes
No internet
No computers
No dramas
No TVs
No air cons
No cars
No mobile phones?

His Dad replied:
Just like how your generation lives today with -

No prayers
No compassion
No honor
No respect
No character
No shame
No modesty
No time planning
No sports
No reading

We, the people that were born between 1940-1985 are the blessed ones. Our life is a living proof:

1. While playing and riding bicycles, we never wore helmets.
2. After school, we played until dusk. We never watched ...

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Natural Homemade Remedies for Skin Care, Skin Glow, and Makeup Tips

Maintaining your pores and skin fresh and healthful in this era of pollution and dirt is without a doubt an extremely good mission. But with the right care and wholesome recurring, it’s smooth to hold your beauty for long and prevent growing older. A number of the powerful pointers that help your pores and skin to glow and reflect your top-notch persona are:

snapchat hack apk

Gopi May 19, 2017

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Home Remedies To Fix Receding Gums And Bad Breath Naturally

Studies show that more than 16 million Americans have to deal with the ugly consequences of severe receding gums and bad breathe every day. At work, at home, in public places, bad breath not only embarrasses sufferers but in worse cases, it strips them of real opportunities! If you have halitosis, it is time you face the enemy and find a cure for it before it ruins your relationships and your career. Bad breath and Fix receding gums naturally Volumes have been written about bad breath remedies, and one or two of them may work for you.

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Activities to do 14 days Prior to Relocation

vinayets10 Jan 20, 2016

You will shift to an alternative area together with all of your things as well as family outcomes. However, you include completed the actual program associated with expert packers in addition to movers to accomplish the particular responsibilities linked to this moving. Nevertheless there are several responsibilities that you should do by yourself solely. Zero almost any mover could gather vouchers of your respective kids through the classes. Simply no mover can easily advise ones family along with pals regarding your own shift. Likewise there are lots of different responsibilities which in turn you have got to accomplish all on your ...

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Colouring Of Grey Hairstyles For Women

dewi download Nov 18, 2015

If you color your hair reception we might wish to bring your attention to the actual fact that some might suffer associate adverse reaction to hair color dyes. it’s continually vital to watch any symptoms that may gift as you apply the color simply just in case you may be laid low with the ingredients.
It is time that color was used additional as a fashion accent, rather than a way of covering up grey hair, that is however the majority regard it and here we have a tendency to discuss the art for ...

The Economics of Hiring the Services of a Professional Mover

Johnyinfo11 Sep 24, 2015

movers and packers bangalore    Moving can be an expensive undertaking. In fact, it can become a major cost consideration in cases where high value items get damaged during the move. When relocating to your new home, the cost of the service of a professional mover should not be the primary consideration. You must not have that tunnel vision when deciding on how you are going to manage the move. You must include in the equation the potential losses that you might incur in the event that you botch up the relocation to your new home.

Download Cortana App for Android

dewi download Sep 15, 2015

Download Cortana App for Android
Do you have Cortana? Have Cortana is like you have a personal assistant. But Cortana is digital one. Cortana is developed by Microsoft, the world's software giant. For now there are only Cortana for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.
But Microsoft is planning to create  for other OS, including Android. In the near future maybe this autumn, Microsoft will launch its official Cortana for Android app. If you want to use Cortana right now, you can try Cortana for ...

Rejoinder to article published in 'the Hindu'

vipul raj May 20, 2015

Mr. Nissim Mannathukkaran

This has reference to your article in The Hindu Newspaper, dated 26.04.2015 (the parochial Indian). I would like to bring certain facts to your notice. You have observed that ‘India is a product of colonialism and never existed as a Nation earlier'.

For your information:-

  • Bharat i.e. India is not just an ancient Nation but also the oldest civilization.
  • Hindu religion is not based on any caste as mentioned by you; it is based on Vedas (no castes existed then)
  • You have wondered what kind of a nation is India where communities do not find it fit to mingle with each other in society. My reply is ...

Possess Some Time in Moving - Use Warehousing & Storage Facility

neeraj007 Dec 6, 2014

Several the occasions an issue takes place as soon as oughout have got relocated from your area nevertheless need to have at some point pertaining to negotiating within your location. In that level of their time you possibly can move in certain resort or even different located locations yet can’t bring ones heavy merchandise together with by yourself. From that one occasion simply Movers as well as Packers may help you out there throughout taken from which predicament. Most of these corporations offer storage place establishments in order to their buyers.

They supply a new tidy in addition to clean up setting to the safe-keeping ...

Shop from Amazon and get great discounts available at Baggout

Monika Jain Nov 17, 2014

The world of Amazon itself is a big one. The variety of things, quality and quantity u get at Amazon is rarely seen anywhere else. Amazon recently started up with their online shopping store which is on its hike already. The brand name and faith gained by Amazon is commendable. ‘Anything under the sky’ as it says, Amazon provides it all. Amazon is not only the largest online shopping store in the world but also the most popular one too! Varied and distinct ranges of smart phones, books, kindles, exciting computer games and many more are available at Amazon. The Amazon has now entered the ...

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