Sunny May 1, 2012

1. When she sees her boyfriend talking to other girls..and the girl starts flirting...!  ♥
2. when her boyfriend n her r texting/ instant messaging n the guy doesn't text her/msg her back fast enough...!  ♥  
3. when her boyfriend has the same class as her n he ignores her n hangs out with other friends...! ♥
4. when she sees her boyfriend checking out other girls while she's with him...!  ♥  
5. when she has to wait outside the movie theaters looking like a loner while she waits for her boyfriend that's 20 minutes late...!  ♥
6. when her boyfriend acts like hes going to break up with her... he doesn't even have to act... its a vibe...!  ♥  
7. when she holds her hand out for her boyfriend to hold, and he jst keeps walking...!  ♥  
8. when her boyfriend acts like he is going to get her something special n he was just suggesting something... so she has to buy it herself...!  ♥  
9. when her boyfriend doesn't care abt her 1 week, 1 month, 1 year anniversary. n everything in between.. they r all special to her...!  ♥  
10. when she tells her boyfriend she loves him. n he says he loves her back, only bcoz he wants to get into her pants..!

So, Guys.. PLEASE don't do any of these...these r the reasons that can make a girl cry... there are more, but these are the some of the most important...!  ♥   ♥   ♥

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