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adrianna Sep 7, 2012

Stress and anxiety affect the balance of our body, especially when it touches the circulatory and immune systems, and make us prone to diseases and stroke. Thankfully, proper diet and other healthy measures reduce its impact.

More than a state of sadness, depression is an affective disorder psychiatric responds to the combination of different factors that deserve attention. Here, tips to overcome.

Basic rules in diet
Combating stress through diet is to eat healthy and balanced diet, although it is important to remember some basic points:
    * Respect the timing of meals and try to keep them stable every day. This will prevent sudden drops in the level of nutrients.
    * Start the day with a good breakfast. The lack of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals midmorning causes nervousness and irritability.
    * Sleep quality is impaired due to abundant dining and drinking plenty of fluids before bedtime. It is recommended not to take food in the 2 or 3 hours before sleeping.

A person with depression should know that:
1. It is not just a state of sadness.
2. Depression does not indicate personal weakness, or dependent on his will.
3. Due to a combination of genetics, psychology and life situations.
4. It can occur at any age.
5. Should always be treated.
6. For the most useful treatment are given antidepressants by doctors and specialists.
Secrets to improve
It is very important that the individual with depression take into account the following recommendations:
    * Establish priorities. This means that you should not assume extra responsibilities.
    * Determine realistic goals. Should you do only what you can do.
    * Find company and trust people. Let family and friends to provide support is helpful.
    * Avoid monotony in order to feel better. We suggest that mild exercise and engage in recreational, religious or social.
    * Postpone important decisions related to work, marriage or divorce, for example. If this is not possible, then it is recommended to consult with individuals who know and have a more objective view of your situation.
    * Avoid drinking alcohol and using drugs! These substances fed depressive symptoms.
    * Stay calm. Your mood will improve! You should keep in mind that the treatment does not work from one day to the other, will gradually feeling better.
    * Avoid abrupt discontinuation, Doing so may feel very sick.
    * Continue with the medication. If you forget to administer the medication at the time indicated by the specialist and has been more than 12 hours, skip making that day and resume treatment at the usual time the next day, do not double the dose.
Finally, if you are angry and need to calm down, you can eat cereal, milk, biscuits and honey for breakfast, pasta, rice, bread, vegetables and potatoes throughout the day, all these foods contain carbohydrates, which increase levels serotonin and achieve sedative effect on the nerves. If you also consume brown rice, egg yolks, fish, nuts, bananas, poultry, organ meats, soybeans, whole grains, dairy and yeast, your body will receive B vitamins, which can elevate mood and reduce anxiety.

So, a balanced diet will help to detoxify our minds and give us enough energy to prevent depression and stress take over your life. Get vaccinated against evil mood today, just ... eat well.

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    Depression is a serious illness that needs attention asap. Its very important that you keep the above tips to overcome depression or help someone who is in the current situation. Read other useful tips via, on how to handle and detect depression at a early stage.