The Richest Divinities Of India

rekhasalian Jul 14, 2011


Investigators plan to pry open the final vault hidden deep under the centuries-old Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple as police guarded round the clock the shrine where billions of dollars worth of treasure has been discovered. Over the last week a seven-member team of investigators has broken into five of the six secret subterranean vaults piled high with jewels that have laid
untouched for hundreds of years.


The temple that houses a sleeping idol of Lord Vishnu is the richest temple in the world. Treasure worth Rs 100,000 crore ($ 20,000,000,000) or 20 billiion dollars was recently found in secret chambers on temple land. Golden crowns, 17 kg of gold coins, 18 ft long golden necklace weighing 2.5 kg, gold ropes, sack full of diamonds, thousands of pieces of antique jewellery,
and golden vessels were some of the treasures unearthed during the weekend.

Rs. 1 Crore =
Rs. 1,00,00,000 =
Rs. 10,000,000 =
Rs. 10 Million =
$ 200,000 (At very appx. Rs. 50 = $1)


With an annual income of Rs 650 crores, Tirupathi Balaji is the second richest deity in India. The temple has over 3000 kgs of gold deposited in different banks and Rs 1000 crore in fixed deposits. The temple trust receives around Rs 300 crore, 350 kg of gold and 500 kg of silver as donations every year.


The famous pilgrim center of Shri Saibaba temple in Shirdi, one of the richest temples in Maharashtra, has ornaments and jewellery worth over Rs. 32 crore and investments running into Rs. 450 crore according to official documents. The temple trust has gold worth Rs 24.41 crore, silver worth Rs 3.26 crore, silver coins worth Rs 6.12 lakh, gold coins worth Rs 1.288 crore and gold pendants worth Rs. 1.123 crore. Annual revenue of the trust is approximately Rs. 450 crore.


The second most visited temple in the country after Tirupathi Balaji, Vaishno Devi has an annual income of Rs 500 crore.
Managed by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, popularly called the Shrine Board, the temple has a daily income of Rs 40 crore.


Situated in the heart of Mumbai, the second richest temple in the state of Maharastra has an annual income of Rs 46 crore
and has Rs 125 crore in fixed deposits. The temple known for its famous devotees receives around Rs 10-15 crores as donations every year. As per the financial records of Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple Trust, the assets of the temple stood at approximately Rs.140 crore for the year ended March 2009.


Run by a nine-member committee under the Kerala Dewaswom Board, the most famous Lord Krishna temple in South India makes Rs. 2.5 crore annually and has approximately Rs. 125 crore in fixed deposits. The most sought after puja at the temple, the Udayaasthamana Puja, has a wait list till the year 2049. The dawn to dusk Puja costs Rs 50,000.