How to Get the Perfect Bridal Make-Up

Sneha Jul 6, 2011

Every bride considers her wedding day to be the most important and auspicious day of her life. She seldom dreams of her elegant and fabulous wedding where she is the best looking of them all. It is a day when she wants to dress herself and make herself feel the most important and most beautiful.

This is the day when brides look for a bridal makeup that accentuates her features to make her look like a princess. With bridal make up the attempt is not to change the bride’s strong features but only shape them up. This does not call for strong or thick makeup, but very subtle uses of color that bring out positive points in her look. Simple yet elegant looking makeup always makes a bride look perfect on her wedding day. The makeup has to compliment the dress and the color of the dress, the same goes for her hairstyle as well.

Bridal makeup is generally soft and very romantic. Keeping your makeup simple yet making you look good is an art, and it is therefore imperative that you choose the right makeup colors and formulas. There are quite a few makeup artists and beauty parlours who use a lot of makeup. They generally try and make use of a thick coat of powder or foundation creams. The end result is a bride that looks too dramatic and whose positive features are hidden, most of the times the bride ends up looking ghostly and too white. The ideal way of getting the right look is by choosing a foundation cream base color that is only a couple of shades lighter than the original skin color.

For the best wedding photo shots, make sure you choose the right foundation color. If you are to choose something that is natural and the best, then mineral makeup should be your first choice. This will last you throughout the say and works positively with your skin as well. After applying the foundation you can continue with loose matte powder to ease out your skins look.

When choosing your blush color, choose something that is subtle and goes with your skin tone, anything too dark or light will only end up looking ugly and un-natural. With the right blush choice you are sure to look radiant and beautiful.

False eyelashes work well at accentuating the eyes along with a three-toned eye shadow that works its way from the lid to the brow. To get this right you will have to begin with a light color and then gradually sweep it to you lid and then the brow bone. Choose a color that is close to your eye lid color. The next on the list should be a medium based color that you apply on you lids. After this you can choose a darker shade that is applied on the crease. Once you are done, blend the colors to make it look almost one, yet giving its own distinguishing look.

Choose colors for your lips that are light and that give it a poutty look. Don’t overdo your lips, it should infact match your clothes and your overall appearance. Make sure to cross check it against your eye make as well. Ideally a good idea would be to either choose your eyes or your lips as the main focal point. If it’s the eyes, then choose a shade for the lips that are natural, or else you could choose a color that is dramatic if it’s the lips you intend to keep as your focal point.

There is a lot you can do with your hair these days, you could choose some interesting haircut or you could even style it differently. There are clips you could add, or you could bun it up or even leave it loose with a few curls. Make sure that the hairstyle you choose compliments your outfit and the overall look.

Choosing a good makeup artist and a beauty parlour is essential. If you want the best then you will have to spend a lot for the same. The best bridal makeup could set you back by Rs 5000 – Rs 20,000. Make sure you shop around for someone that fits your budget before settling for one, it is ideal to ensure that you do a few makeup trials to come to a consensus of what you want and what the artist can do.

These essential tips are sure to help you make the right choice that will make you look you best on the most auspicious day of your life.

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