New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala – Made with Rajma

Chitra Ghosh Mar 14, 2010

It is always great having fun with your families but fun is never complete unless there is something tedha about it…like making fun of yourself, laughing loudly, dancing energetically like Punjabi families or cracking jokes like in a ladies sangeet party. Real fun is in being yourself!

For the first time in India, a new snack has been introduced in the market that is made with Rajma. Presenting New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala made with real Rajma captures this great fun filled spirit. Made in the typical Kadhai style it has the mouthwatering authentic taste of chillies, sautéed tomato gravy, fresh pepper & special Punjabi masalas to give you a spicy taste only Kurkure can give!

New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala made with Rajma

TEDHA hai par MERA hai

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  1. Guest Mar 30, 2010

    The new Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala made with rajma is a real delicacy. I love this tasty and healthy snack.

  2. Guest May 6, 2010

    The new Kurkure Rajma snack is a combination of mouth-watering flavours with ingredients like rajma, sautee tomato gravy, etc.

  3. Guest Jun 22, 2010

    Hi! Thanks for sharing information. Very interesting and really funy.Kurkure is always known to introduce different flavors that are made with authentic ingredients used in the Indian kitchen. Ri