Distance Mode Sex Business In Hyderabad

pavan Feb 20, 2010

The distance mode sex business is picking-up like never before and both men and women prefer this due to many reasons. Firstly there is confidentiality and secondly there is convenience.

A lot of SMS’s are floating around and business is being solicited by posing as friends, even Russian babes and babes of other nationalities are available. Just posting an ad in the internet giving out certain details has hundreds of customers lining-up for the services. The services cut across all barriers, sex and financial status and looks are not of a great concern here. Even gay sex and lesbian sex partners are being made available.

Recently in a call center office, a guy placed the mobile number of his female colleague in a dating site and she got 85 calls in 4 hours from many lecherous men inviting her to their bed rooms and also offering Rs 5000 each on an average. Although it is an evidence for the rampant sex-trade in Hyderabad, the girl wept and after an investigation, the HR team found successful in smoking out the guy who did this mischief. He was ousted from the job, obviously.

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