How Much Would A Mobile Phone Cost?

Sneha Jul 3, 2011

Nowadays, it is common for everyone to carry a mobile irrespective of age, gender, profession and purpose. However, what does make a difference in the type of phone being used and the features which it offers is the price and contrary to the popular belief, it is not always true that the number of features offered is directly proportional to the cost of the device.

Some of the leading mobile manufacturers in India are organizations like Sony, Samsung and Motorola and needless to say, the competition is tough. But having decided to capitalize from this vast populace of mobile users in this country, it just takes an appropriate strategy and some creative managerial skills to devise a sales plan and attract buyers in hordes.

Given the diversity of the country, the mobile phone users are also divided into varied strata. At the top of the ladder are those who enjoy the financial freedom to spend how much ever they want without any restrictions followed by the category who can spend more than a handful but have a ceiling to conform to. After having crossed various other segments, finally at the bottom end of the ladder are teenagers, elderly and daily wage workers all of whom have a limited income and hence keep a mobile simply for the sake of keeping in touch.

It is after having ascertained these factors that mobile phone providers decided to launch a wide range of phones so as to have something for everyone. In this way, not only would they enjoy greater sales but extensive coverage as well. Amongst the three leading organizations namely Motorola, Samsung and Nokia, it is Motorola which has been found to offer the cheapest mobile phone priced at Rs.1700/- followed by Samsung wherein the range starts at Rs.2000/- and climbs upwards. Nokia price is yet to make a convincing foray into the low budget segment and its pricing starts at Rs.4000/- at the minimum.

With the lowest price being the best price for some people there is no limit to mobile prices in India when considering the highest limit. Nokia and Samsung are tough competitors in this high-price segment and it is common to find models in both brands costing as much as Rs.25000/- or even more. Obviously, these devices are nothing less than hi-tech gadgets not to mention the style and choice of being able to customize the color and appearance. Such mobile phones are regarded as status symbols are often used for creating a favorable impression on the onlookers.

Keeping the mobile phone prices in India in mind, an economically priced Motorola phone is a good recommendation since it would offer all the basic features, look stylish and come with a warranty of one of the oldest companies in this niche. Suggestions apart, there is no particular best price for buying a mobile in India and the choice depends solely on the preference of buyer.

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