Ladakh Biking Tour Guide

Varun Jun 24, 2011

Redefine meaning of the word adventurous by choosing mountain biking vacation in one of the world most beautiful region – Ladakh. This Biking adventure offers excitement whilst unclosing before bikers the most extraordinary routes of freaky highland of India. There is no reason left for bikers to say no to biking vacation in Ladakh. Proud possessor of some of the highest navigable passes of the world, Ladakh is a dream destination for passionate bikers.

12 to 13 day bike ride in acreage of breathtaking adorableness and landscapes is once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life at the edge. As bikers navigate through a brupt hills, alarming glaciers and snow-capped Himalayan ranges, they achieve a sense of achievement. Accepted biking routes in Ladakh are Rohtang pass, Keylong, Lahaul valley, Darcha, Tang lang La (world's additional accomplished Canyon at 5,360 m), Baralach La, Lachung La (5,065m) and Khardung La. One of the most favorite route for travelers is 520 km continued Manali-Leh avenue (Army Road). After Manali-Leh route climbing the Baralcha (4880 m) is quite a difficult ride.
But before proceeding for biking vacation in Ladakh, always try to learn important facts about this region as it helps to have a hassle free biking adventure. This article brings to facade the useful information about biking tours in Ladakh.

Being physically and mentally alert is the prime requisite for biking in this low altitude region. Not only amateur, but professional bikers also skip a beat seeing the thrilling roads surrounded by sky reaching mountains and deep dangerous valleys. To ascend abrupt terrain great balancing skills are required. Speed contributes majorly to the thrill factor but control over it is a challenge more than necessity. Every time you will overcome a difficult route, prepare to confront higher difficulties. Strength whether mental or physical, both are tested here and those with ultimate zeal to fight emerge out as winners.

Ladakh is faintly populated and still breathes the old traditions. Although as a tourist destination this place is quite reputed and takes care of basic needs of travelers, it is not yet fully developed. So there are certain important things that should always be on check list prior to this biking advent. First aid box should top the list and to second that carry along with you basic bike repairing gear like pump, alloy levers, application kit/tubes, bow-shaped wrench, alternation tool, zip ties, aqueduct band etc. If you are game for a continuous bike ride pack along important things like cables, anchor pads, food, water, a superior first aid kit, crank remover, additional spokes and added clothing.

Weather Conditions
Weather is a strong factor that can make or mar this biking tour. Plan vacations wisely and in sync with favorable weather conditions. Best time to take out bike on the roads of Ladakh is in months of October-December and late June/July to August. Discover affluent biodiversity of the Himalayan range besides some of the most spectacular views inclusive of erstwhile trading routes and mysterious village life. Trekking, cycling, jeep safari and mountaineering are the adventurous activities that can be carried out in Ladakh other than biking.

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