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jaya lakshmi Nov 25, 2006

1. Measured by miles,
U r far from me ....
Measures by thoughts
U r closer to me...
Measured by closed eyes
U r with me ....
Measured by heart
U r in me......

2. The height of pain in life is to sit near the person
u love d most .....
knowing that the person can neve b urs ...!!!!!

3. Never ask for a SMILE.....
Never expect love from others ...
Never say I can't leav without u ...
JUST SAY I LIVE FOR U !!!!!!!!!!

4. Never try alone to take the weights of tear
that comes out of ur heart &
falls through ur eyes ……..

5. A Wonderful saying ….
"Trying to forget someone you love is like
Trying to remember someone u've never met ..!!!"

6. When I was alone I miss u most !
When I stay with others , I knew the value of u !
When U R with me I like to miss this whole world ……..

7. Hundred words does not give pain…..
A true friend s silence makes more tears in heart ……
So always keep in touch my FRIEND………….

8. Liking U is my nature ,
Missing U is my disappointment …..
Fighting with U is my Time pass…
Forgetting U is never in my life time …..

9. I Hide my tears when I say ur name
The pain in my heart is still the same
I smile and seem carefree,
There 's No one who misses u More than me …!!!

10. Never Ignore a person who
Luvs u
Cares 4 u &
Misses U
One day u may wake up frm ur sleep
And realize that u've lost the moon while counting stars ……..!!!!

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  1. sumant Jul 24, 2007

    har ek jazbat ko zuban nahi milti,
    har ek aarzoo ko dua nahi milti,
    muskan banaye rakho to dunuya saath hai
    asuon ko to ankho me bhi panah nahi milti.

  2. Mr Aug 3, 2007

    Kitni jaldi ye mulakat guzar jati hai, payas bujhti nahi barsat guzar jati hai,apni yadon se kehdo is tarah na aaya kare ,need aati nahi our raat guzar jati hai

  3. Guest Dec 10, 2007

    When I was alone I miss u most !
    When I stay with others , I knew the value of u !
    When U R with me I like to miss this whole world ……..

  4. Guest Feb 3, 2008

    people laugh at me because i am different.......... & i laugh at them because they r all the same...................
    thats called
    ''Attitude'' Livewid it !

  5. Guest Feb 25, 2008

    SOME SAY-love is a dynamic complexity of matters
    " "- love is laughing with others not at them
    " "-some say love is a disease ,then if it's SO I AM AT THE LAST STAGE

  6. Guest Mar 6, 2008

    Friendship is the bouquet of Flowers
    and you are the most beautiful Flower
    in it........

  7. Guest Mar 6, 2008

    Some day when I will track back
    The most beautiful moments in my life...
    I know nothing will be pleasing than the moments spents with you..
    My yesterday is not a faded memory..
    My today is a joyful experience..
    & My tommorrow, a bright expectation just because of you...
    Your presence adds colour to my life & sunshine to my days...

  8. Guest Apr 7, 2008

    cool sms

  9. Guest Apr 10, 2008

    Separation is like a wound which can nevar heal,memories r our treasure wich no one can steal,we may be miles apart but u r always in my heart

  10. Guest Apr 30, 2008


  11. Guest May 8, 2008

    hey hiez sumant ....yoor shayari was really very fab,@ da 1st luk nly it touched ma hrt...its very touching shayari spoked frm bottom of da hrt..newez,gr8 goin gal...v r eager 2 read more n more shayaris frm u so keep goin..byee..c'yaz..hav a gr8 lyf ahead

  12. Guest May 23, 2008

    One cute sms for all
    Its easy to recover the hurt of body but it is very difficult to recover from the hurt of heart.
    Thanks Priyanka Sharma

  13. Guest Jun 22, 2008

    i miss you every second youre not here with me
    the first time i saw you i knew we were meant to be
    you always comfort me when my tears fill the open sea
    i love you and only you thats why youre the only one I TRULY NEED.



  14. Guest Jul 20, 2008

    Stars has 5 ends
    Square has 4 ends
    Trinagle has 3 ends
    Line has 2 ends
    but Circle of our love has no end...

  15. Guest Jul 20, 2008

    Words begin with ….A….B….C….
    Number begin with….1….2….3….
    Music begin with….SA….RE….GA….
    FRIENDSHIP begins with….’

  16. Guest Jul 30, 2008

    1. When i 'Saw' U ..i waS scared to 'Know' U..
    When i 'Knew' U ..i waS scared to 'Like' U..
    When i 'Liked' U.. i waS scared to 'Love' U..
    Now that i 'Love' U.. i'm scared of 'Losing' U.. <3

    2. ::Do you wanna know.how.much i miSs U.? Try catching the raindropS...~the oneS u catch are how much.u.misS me... and the oneS u misS.are.how.much i miSs u::

    3. a smoker.haS a smokey heart <3..
    a drinker.haS an alcoholic heart <3..
    ..but you.my dear.need to stop eating sweets..~
    cuz ure'already a sweetheart<3..

    4. ::everyone.sayS u only fall in love.once--but thatS not true., everytime i hear your voice i fall in love again.and.again..::

    5. If one day u aSk me.which iS more important.., 'me or your life'..I will say 'my life'..and u will walk away w/out knowing that U are 'my life...'

    6. If i took the letterS 'HRT'..I could put 'EA' ,and get 'HEART' ..or 'U' and get 'HURT'..but i'd rather have 'U' and get 'HURT'..then have a 'HEART' w/out 'U'...

  17. Guest Aug 21, 2008

    Sincere apology: If you don't lyk any of my sms and like 2 read, then plz don't hasitate, feel free to... throw your mobile!!!

  18. Guest Aug 22, 2008

    love u mal patiyo

  19. Guest Sep 18, 2008


    I like ur sms very much.

    Its really nice msg.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Jaimin Shah

  20. Guest Oct 4, 2008

    Someone, somewhere always Missing You <3 .

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