Video Calling - a Boon for Remote Romance?

Sneha Jun 14, 2011

You’ve probably a decade a ago sang in tune with this song “Wait minute Mr. Postman” by the Carpenters. Not so long ago, the postman was the only one we relied on, just incase we wanted to know about a friend, family or love who did not live close to your town or city.

The waiting probably took most of your time, and that time was excruciating. The postman with the bag of hundreds or more letters in it was the most sought after man then. After all the letters he carried bought you news of a loved one or family member. The letters he bought you would bring back the smile back to your face, you probably even danced a gig when you got favourable news.

The pigeon carrier or the airmail although good in its time, however was not as good as the postman era. You’ve probably even sung the song “Kabootar Jaa Jaa Jaa… “. You’ve even heard the song “Message in the bottle” where people took to throwing bottles with messages in it into the sea, and prayed for their beloved to find it.

In recent times, the telephone and the mobile phone has proved to be a big boon. You probably remember the times when the phone rang and your faces would carry a faint smile just because you knew that your beloved was trying to call you or it was someone from your family calling to wish you on your graduation day or birthday. However the telephone then was not as clear as it is now, static and the dropped calls seldom spoilt the happiness, as it was accompanied with a distinguishable buzz, and the volume either went low or high. You would also often find yourself talking on top of your voices especially if it was a long distance call.

When computers were introduced, it felt that this technology had conquered everything. The world became a smaller place when the chat and email were introduced. The internet also opened up arrays of websites where you could get mushy notes and poems that you could send your beloved. All this in a matter of a few seconds and a click of the button.

The next big thing to foray into the technology world was the introduction of the video calling feature present in the best mobile phone models available in India. Video calling bought the world even closer. Teenagers, youth and adults trying to woo their loved ones found it easier as this technology bought them closer with only a click of a button.

Proposing to their lady love only got easier with the video calling feature. It carried advantages, of being there and yet not bearing the brunt if you were brutally rejected or aimed for a shoe fling. Even the girl had an advantage since she could coolly shut off the call if she was not interested in the proposal ( and being shut off can surely infuriate you, try it, to believe it). If she accepts your love, you are doubly joyed since you know that she/he is only a click away 24*7. The feature will not give you a chance to miss your loved one, since you know you can hear their love-laced voice and even watch those love filled expressions.

This video calling facility is definitely a boon for young love swooned lovers and a huge boon for long distance relations, as they definitely keep the love and romance alive no matter where you are.

If you want to enjoy this feature and all its possibilities get yourself a 3G enabled phone that all operators now have. With the decrease in mobile prices India has it’s telephony sector well poised to let you be with your loved one, even when your travelling or simply sitting at home, irrespective of them being miles apart.

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