How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend

Dr. Mital John May 24, 2010

Dirty talk is a type of pillow talk. You use vivid words to augment sexual enjoyment before and during the lovemaking. Talking dirty to men can be anything from giving him insults, vivid images using slang words, to whispering curse expressions to your guy's ear.

If you feel timid about it, don't be; only the two of you who will be aware of it.

The more you'll let go, the better you will be. Your couple's life should be hot and wild. It's a form of "sense of adventure" that you are giving to your guy. You might say that you are a "good girl" and you don't do those things. Well here is my take on this; if you have preferences in bed, and your spouse is giving enough to fulfill them, maybe I can do my part.

Some guys find it makes them hornier. You can harvest the rewards from this lover's game. It makes you feel sexier because you are seeing your man enjoy himself due to your influence. You are providing your guy more excitement. Lovemaking is at its best when you let go; abandon yourself to the other person is a joyful experience. Some women use this not only in the bedroom, but in their husband's e-mail or work's voice mail.

Your guy gets excited to get home and gives you a nice "reward".

What is the top thing to say when talking dirty to men?

• Tell him what you're wearing under your clothing.
• Put on sexy lingerie and give him a tiny peek when he first sees you. It'll drive him mad to want to see more of your outfit all night...until you allow him to see more.
• Leave him a voice message when he is away
• at a gathering
• at your parent's house when you go by him
• right before parting for work
• Email him some sassy notes
• Fax it to him
• Throw hot little texts on his cell phone while is at a sports game with his buddies

When is the most excellent timing for this during lovemaking?
Talk slowly - When women get excited about something, they tend to speak very quickly. This makes it hard for anyone, not just a man, to understand them and appreciate or respond to what they say.

Use less words - Most men do not use, like to hear, or relate to endless chatter. They are most likely very interested in what you have to say, but prefer it if you use less words to get your point across.

Wait for him - Men tend to process things more slowly than women do when in conversation. If you ask a question, don't rush the answer or answer for him if he doesn't respond immediately. Give him a minute to process and think about his response.

You start by telling a physical move that he has made to you and that you had enjoyed. Don't worry about feeling embarrassed; he will be more paying attention in the images that you are creating in his imagination.

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  1. Guest Oct 5, 2010

    i just find that this is so true from a guy's point of view on how to talk bf & I have so much fun together and whenever i apply this secret weapon on him:)

  2. Guest Jan 25, 2011

    Learn the difference between the words fewer and less. You used less where fewer would have been the better choice.

  3. Guest Mar 20, 2011

    If the only thing in your mind is how to get my man back then you should be willing to accept some changes and the approach.