How To Text Your Ex Back?

Teecee Go May 18, 2012

If you're dying to finally get your boyfriend, husband or that ONE guy to come chasing after you again, even if they appear like they don't care!

The truth is men need to be baited, trained and shown in CLEAR MESSAGES that you are a high quality valuable woman, and they need to do something to get you or else they will lose you forever.

The key is to send CLEAR messages.

We all know that guys can be a bit clueless when it comes to pick up a woman's signals. So if you think by dropping hints, or trying to make him feel guilty or taking the round about way to get him to come after you is going to work, it's not!

Remember to bait him you need to clearly show him with your WORDS how awesome you are and entice him to come in after you.

You don't do it by pushing him to do what you want him to do, but by focusing on the BENEFITS instead.

So, if you want him to come after you, the benefits are that you have things to say that awaken his passionate side for you (Text The Romance Back), you are "Cool" about whatever he does, and you have a life of your own without him.

You'll find out how to:

    * Understand male psychology and why he isn't chasing you right now (and it has nothing to do with whether he is dating someone else or not)
    * The biggest mistake you could be making that is pushing him away (hence why he may be doing the hot and cold dance with you)
    * The ONE thing you must do if you want HIM coming after you and to KEEP him hooked and addicted to you forever

Watch this video before you send your next text as it could be the difference between sparking his hidden desire for you OR ignoring you again.