Important keys to loose belly fat and home remedies

mark brown Jun 23, 2012

Belly fat is what nightmares are usually made. Most people in the street a pot belly or beer belly. Beer belly seems to be a man uneducated to say the least, and women thicker waists usually more prone to heart disease.

People are also fascinated by the stubborn unwillingness of the abdominal muscles to tone your body. Has correctly been said, that this muscle is by far the most difficult to train and get rid of it.

Important keys to loose belly fat

Reduction of point

Reduction, the case will never belly fat. You can do 200 crunches a day and endless crunches. Although this stronger back, not the best way to get rid of belly fat.

Effectively reduce belly fat, you need to combine cardio workouts with. Burning fat is the key to losing belly fat.

Vigorous exercise makes the heart 3-4 times a week. This includes, for example, swimming, cycling and running. This is helping you lose weight in the stomach.

The work major muscle groups

In order to lose weight in the belly, his whole body needs exercise. Focus on toning the major muscle groups such as legs, hips and back. They tend to burn more calories and ultimately help get rid of weight in the stomach. So bring some weights at the gym and strength training is not the fat will destroy their environment.

Edit eating habits

The best way to get rid of belly fat is to choose a nutritionally balanced diet that is free from junk food and calorific value of food. This does not mean you should be deprived of essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins. Instead, these groups to prevent these essential nutrients to reduce the rate at which to reduce the abdominal fat.

Rather than to select a variety of healthy which is a combination of fats, carbohydrates and minerals. All of these give of important vitamins, minerals and enzymes to speed up the burning of calories.

Unsaturated fats found in nuts, olive oil and avocado much better to get rid of belly fat than the other fatty acid. Therefore, make sure that you have to supplement the diet of olive oil, avocado and a variety of nuts such as cashew Walnuts, almonds and walnuts are an excellent heart health and help you get rid of belly fat.

Reduce Stress

Tension is said to enhance the presence of abdominal fat. Producing stress of cortical, resulting in the accumulation of abdominal fat regardless of what you are eating and physical activity, so if you want to target this stubborn belly fat, learn to eliminate stress including yoga and meditation to their repertoire.

Banning Tran’s fats

It is necessary to ban trans fats from your diet. These not only lead to heart disease and heart attacks, but can also be added to pounds and kilos extra weight around the waist. Trans fats are those found in cookies, cakes, crisps, fried foods such as hamburgers, fried chicken, etc., and can too involved in health and lead to belly fat.

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