Love, Jewelry, Or Both - The Indian Women Want?

Sneha Sep 10, 2011

Trying to understand if Indian women and their choice between love over gold can be very complex. It is not easy to understand what a woman really wants and what she truly desires. However it is true that although there are over 50% of women who would tip towards the Gold scale, some of them would turn the other way. There are women who prefer to choose Love over gold. It is therefore not fair to judge every woman by the same yardstick. But, yes, you cannot disregard the stories about women who rather choose gold over love, and infact these are in plenty.

It can be fake or real, precious or semi – precious, whatever it is, women in particular love these objects more than they love themselves. They work their lives off trying o fulfil their every jewellery desire, and if they depend on their husband, then they see to it that he gifts them one on every special occasion.

Try a simple experiment to understand this. During an occasion, wedding or event, when a women dolls herself up with jewellery, walk upto a woman and admire her jewellery. Don’t forget to ask her which of the jewellers she got it from. What follows next is an animated discussion how she found this particular piece and where she bought it from. You will also notice her playing with it lovingly while she talks about it.

Men also know that women love their jewellery and have no qualms when it comes to splurging and buying one for them from the top jewellery shops. Men can even go to the extent of buying gold and jewellery that is studded with precious metals and stones.

Written by Robert Herrick, the verse shows a subtle romance that is still lingering between women and jewellery. You cannot disregard the fact that men have spoilt their women when it comes to jewellery. Robert Herrick verse’s itself attempts to compares the lips of Julia to the redness in rubies. This verse is the general consensus of how men perceive their women and to what they compare them to. A few other verses that are utterly famous are For example, "His eyes sparkle like diamonds" or "Diamonds are a girl's best friends." There are quiet a few verses where men have managed to draw a comparison line between the features of a woman to that of gold and jewellery.

Not surprising then, women love their jewellery, and some of them love them more than anything else. Some women love both equally and some would rather prefer love over gold. However if you women prefers to choose you over gold, then you should regard yourself as the richest man!

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