Receive Email Alerts On Mobile Phone through SMS!

Ranjith Woo Oct 9, 2012

In today’s world where emails have become an integral part of our everyday lives, it is important that one constantly keeps in touch with his email address. Of late, emails are used to do virtually everything. For instance, applying for a job, making an inquiry about a product or service, receiving notifications from one’s social network, sending out and receiving photos and invitations that put smiles on one’s face as well as just communicating with one’s friends and loved ones.

However, because emails are traditionally web-based, it means one always needs to be online before he can have access to his emails. Over the years, this scheme of checking emails has proven its worth but it also comes with its attendant shortfalls. For instance, if the receiver is not by a computer or his internet connection is too slow such that the emails take too long to load or they just won’t load at the time he wants to check his mails, it means that, he is likely to lose any opportunity that is time-bound.

Thanks to the advances made in technology, the issue of always needing to have access to a computer before one can receive and check his emails, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Now almost all the major email service providers (like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Cpanel, etc,) have a facility which one can activate so as to be able to receive and send emails right from his mobile phone. This special feature is called auto-mail forwarding. If one has an email with this feature present, all he has to do is to activate it and provide certain personal details after which he would have to confirm his phone number.

For Gmail users, the possibility of gmail to sms on mobile phone is something that most of them have been yearning for, for some time now. So recently, Google rolled out its “Gmail SMS” service; the auto-mail forwarding service of Google. This service is specifically meant to target emerging markets, so it is currently available only in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya on a pilot basis. Since smartphones are not as popular in the emerging markets as they are in the developed world, Gmail SMS has been designed such that even with the most basic mobile phone whereby voice and SMS are the only capabilities, so long as one is in any of these three countries, he is going to be able to utilise the Gmail SMS service.

That notwithstanding, if one is in any of the developed countries too and wants this email sms notification service, he can still have it. This is because there are a number of companies which provide the service of converting all your emails into text messages which would be sent to one’s phone as soon as they are received. All one has to do is to find one of these companies and register with the service. The cost is not that much and the registration process is also not so complex.