What Happen When Your Partner Pamper and Massage Breasts

Leena Aug 30, 2011

The validity of a massage - Take care, pamper and massage your partner's breasts

Enjoy breast massage
Massage and development of our muscles is a fundamental process in our bodies and our healths are just right. If you've ever taken a massage, you've probably noticed that one of the parts of your body that the therapist tries not to touch, are your breasts, which is very understandable. The massages activate the lymphatic drainage and oxygenate the tissues, are a good way to detoxify the body.

Maybe it's time for you or yourself, or rather your partner take care of this preventative measure, but also enjoyable. But to that woman likes to caress her breasts? Probably none. This area is one of the most sensitive and exciting woman. This activity is a mixture of health and pleasure. It is therefore essential to highlight that there is a type of massage can offer great benefits: manual lymphatic drainage. Using this technique the breasts are gently massaged so that it causes the lymph capillaries open and close repeatedly, this action helps to move toxins from cells deposited in the lymph nodes, which are responsible for their removal from the body. It is important to note that the lymphatic system is one of the most important routes of detoxification of the body.

But, health and massage are nice, but for now let's leave aside its health benefits, to focus on the pleasure produced by this massage "chest." The breasts are the focus of erotic stimulation in women, but men just the idea of looking at them, pet them or lick them cause’s excitement. For the massage, in addition to oil, you need two basic ingredients, passion and pleasure, something that is missed. It is best to use available resources, seeking new ways to arouse excitement in them.

If eroticism and sexual attraction is, breasts or breasts are the first to appear, they are certainly the protagonists of any sexual foray. Its appeal lies partly in being one of the most erogenous zones in the body of a woman. Not to mention that men are also worthy of stimulating and for many men, over what is believed, his excitement by stroking, kissing or licking the nipples of the man surprised more than a woman. With so much power lies in the breast of a woman, is a must use all their resources, such as mood stimulants. It is not enough to grab a kiss from the suction increases the possibilities.

Although stimulating the breasts activates nerve endings in the mammary glands and that is a physical fact, the excitement is a thing of meanings and signifiers, where it does not matter who exercises it and as it does.

The type of approach is vial. So without further ado put to work and ask or make a massage breasts. Accompanied, if possible, with a little cream or lubricant body, there are plenty of exciting oils, flavors and aromas, this type of massage. Start slowly discovering and preparing the ground for the massage, do not forget that above all women appreciate the compliments their curves, their shapes and breasts clearly there.

Begin your massage is soft and sensitive, but above all, no hurry. The best way is to make circles with upward direction, so to activate the circulation. After a while massaging becomes closer to them and kisses them gently and then concentrates fully on nipples. Taken with the lips is a good idea and put them in your mouth and suck gently, even better. Do not forget to alternate the two breasts regularly. When finished with the breasts continue to enjoy every part of your partner's body.

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