Save Nairobi National Park

Sunny Jun 2, 2012

The Kenyan government is pushing to build a road through Nairobi National Park -- putting the future of this unique wildlife sanctuary at risk. But the Kenya Wildlife Service head can stop this disaster. Sign the petition now to give him to public mandate he needs to do so:

The Kenyan government has just approved the construction of a road right through the unique Nairobi National Park. But massive public opposition can give the head of the Kenya Wildlife Service the backing he needs to stop this outrageous decision.

Nairobi National Park is an international gem -- home to over 100 species of mammals and a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino. But the government is trying to tarmac over part of this precious land to build a bypass round Nairobi. Kenyan biologist Paula Kahumbu is taking the government to court, but despite the pressure, they are still pushing the Kenya Wildlife Service to back this park-killing plan.

The national park is under enormous stress from a growing city, and conservationists fear that this road project would set a precedent for further attempts to expand into the park, as the land would be worth millions if built on. The government says the park can just get replacement land, but none has yet been secured and a major road would disrupt the park's precious habitat. Alternative road routes that avoid the national park have been dismissed without serious investigation.

Just last year, public opposition was key to defeating a plan to build a road through the heart of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Kenyan government was strongly opposed to that project on environmental and tourism grounds -- but are now applying a double standard.

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