She Was Following Her Heart!

Sunny Mar 15, 2013

Our modern view of romantic love is so profoundly foolish because it fails to grasp the fact that the unconstrained search for romantic love leads to a never ending stream of new love, ultimately followed by disappointment/disinterest for one and heartbreak for the other. This constant quest for a new high or fix followed by the inevitable crash is at the core of choice addiction. For women pursuing choice addiction the reality of the larger pattern is nearly universally ignored, and the momentary feeling of “I will love him forever” is frozen in time with the trail of wreckage conveniently forgotten.

When men act this way we call them players or cads, but when women act this way we tend to say: She was following her heart!

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  1. Sunny Mar 15, 2013

    Types of Love according to age:

    1. Infatuation (junior high puppy love)
    2. Raw sexual lust or erotic love (high school/college/early adulthood)
    3. Love

    What they told me was

    Infatuation needs.
    Lust takes.
    Love gives.

  2. Munna Kamruzzaman Dec 30, 2014

    Yes, all faults are Men’s. Girls are always angel. What can she do if her heart tells her something, whatever it’s wrong or right to others. But if boys do it, he will become a great cad. Ridiculous system. Just see this link for future relation-