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Sunny Jul 4, 2006

To send sms freely, you have know the operator and the area of the service. Then, open your webmail like Gmail, Yahoo, or Rediff and send email to the [email protected] and the mobile user receives it as a normal SMS, but "from" will show your email address rather than mobile number. I use Aritel AP and the messages are delivered instantly like the normal SMS. If you have to send message to an Airtel Mobile in AP just send email to [email protected].

Andhra Pradesh AirTel-----------Mobile [email protected]
Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular-----Mobile [email protected]
Chennai Skycell/Airtel------------Mobile [email protected]
Chennai RPG Cellular-------------Mobile [email protected]
Delhi Airtel-----------------------Mobile [email protected]
Delhi Hutch-----------------------Mobile [email protected]
Gujarat Airtel---------------------Mobile [email protected]
Gujarat Idea Cellular--------------Mobile [email protected]
Gujarat Celforce/Fascel-----------Mobile [email protected]
Goa Airtel-------------------------Mobile [email protected]
Goa BPL Mobile-------------------Mobile [email protected]
Goa Idea Cellular------------------Mobile [email protected]
Haryana Airtel--------------------Mobile [email protected]
Haryana Escotel-------------------Mobile [email protected]
Himachal Pradesh Airtel-----------Mobile [email protected]
Karnataka Airtel-------------------Mobile [email protected]
Kerala Airtel-----------------------Mobile [email protected]
Kerala Escotel---------------------Mobile [email protected]
Kerala BPL Mobile-----------------Mobile [email protected]
Kolkata Airtel----------------------Mobile No
Madhya Pradesh Airtel-------------Mobile [email protected]
Maharashtra Airtel-----------------Mobile [email protected]
Maharashtra BPL Mobile-----------Mobile [email protected]
Maharashtra Idea Cellular----------Mobile [email protected]
Mumbai Airtel----------------------Mobile [email protected]
Mumbai BPL Mobile----------------Mobile [email protected]
Punjab Airtel-----------------------Mobile [email protected]
Pondicherry BPL Mobile------------Mobile No
Tamil Nadu Airtel-------------------Mobile [email protected]
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile-------------Mobile [email protected]
Tamil Nadu Aircel-------------------Mobile [email protected]
UP (West) Escotel-------------------Mobile [email protected]

Madhya Pradesh Airtel 9893 [email protected]
Maharashtra Airtel 9890 [email protected]
Maharashtra BPL Mobile 9823 [email protected]
Maharashtra Idea Cellular 9822 [email protected]
Mumbai Airtel 9892 [email protected]
Mumbai BPL Mobile 9821 [email protected]
Punjab Airtel 9815 [email protected]
Pondicherry BPL Mobile 9843 [email protected]
Tamil Nadu Airtel 9894 [email protected]
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile 9843 [email protected]
Tamil Nadu Aircel 9842 [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh (West) Escotel 9837 [email protected]

Chennai Hutch 9884 [email protected]
Andhra Pradesh Hutch 9885 [email protected]
Karnataka Hutch 9886 [email protected]
Karnataka Airtel [email protected]

MSC Code for Cellular Circle Operations
Supported Networks

Airtel: Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai (Skycell), Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (West)
Hutch: Delhi
Escotel: Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Kerala
BPL Mobile: Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Goa
Idea Cellular: Andhra Pradesh (Tata), Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat
RPG Cellular: Chennai
Aircel: Tamil Nadu
Celforce (Fascel): Gujarat

BSNL: You can send SMS emails to BSNL phones as [email protected]. The email domain is different for each region - (North), (South), (East) and (West).

Note: When I checked for the DNS records of, I have seen that it has been owned by a company in Florida, USA and not by Bharthi, so I am in doubt and don't think it works. Rest are okay. Check it and post your comments.

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  1. Guest Dec 13, 2007

    how to send free sms & mms through idea delhi network?

  2. Guest Dec 19, 2007


  3. Guest Jan 7, 2008

    Dear Sir

    myself sanjeev Kumar Mishra.
    i am getting calls from diffrerent numbers by unknown person. i am sending these numbers to u.
    91 9867739506
    91 9987227978
    91 9987480685
    please identify these numbers and kindly give me their details olike name of the service provider, Location etc

    With best regards

    Sanjeev Kumar Mishra

  4. Guest Jan 9, 2008

    how to send free sms through net to idea cellular maharstra?

  5. Guest Jan 12, 2008

    I'm sending a sms to my mobile [email protected] for to implement in an application. I tried sending it from yahoo, but not received any sms even after 20 mins. I'm from chennai and the above number is airtel in chennai. Can you please assist

  6. Guest Jan 15, 2008

    happy makarsankranti

  7. Guest Jan 18, 2008

    I tried to send sms, mail for , BUT its not useful. It gives error Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


  8. Guest Jan 20, 2008 does not work anymore.
    The whois record for shows it being registered to a Florida based company.
    Any updates on this?

  9. Guest Feb 11, 2008

    Hello, sir I wish you all the best on new year and valentine day account to you and Bhabhi.I am using the net at my room. So, Please your EmailId on my cell no. 9811498850

  10. Guest Feb 15, 2008

    sent me all christian devotional hello tune code

  11. Guest Feb 21, 2008

    Hou to send sms to vodafone mibile and tataindicom mobiles? Please give me solution. Iam waiting for your solution......

  12. Guest Feb 25, 2008

    hello i was trying to send sms on 9890547292 but my sms from net is not forward me i know if there is any problem to send sms from net to the given #
    waiting for youir reply

  13. Guest Feb 28, 2008

    How to create own hello tunes,since there are no hello tune codes for many new Tamil Christian songs.. i want to know is it possible to create a hello tune of the song i require... waiting for your reply..

  14. Guest Mar 7, 2008

    sir i have require futher information to send sms to reliance no,
    if any futher information than mail to [email protected]

  15. Guest Mar 11, 2008

    how can i send sms to vodafone and spice users of karnataka.

    Please reply.

  16. Guest Mar 20, 2008

    hi, how can i send sms via mail to allproviders in chennai & tamilnadu

  17. Guest Mar 26, 2008

    sir,pls tell me how to send sms to vodafone mobile in pune.

  18. Guest Apr 9, 2008

    sir ,
    how can send to airtel sms from rajasthan

    from akbar ali

  19. Guest Apr 12, 2008

    I want to sent a sms to koambature through email but unable to reach due to wrong area code.
    I don't know the area code . sent me through email.

  20. Guest Apr 23, 2008

    I want to know that how can i send sms in idea cellular in delhi. Pls help me out. i m waiting for positive & helpful reply.

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