The Two Very Popular Bikes in India

Sneha Sep 15, 2011

Bikes are a passion for many people. There are numerous brands in India that have breathtaking bike models. The India bikes come in different price range in order to get customers from many financial backgrounds. Owing to the road conditions of India, bikes are specifically designed to be driven on rugged and unpredictable roads. There are many brands of bikes in India that are famous and have caught the fancy of many people. However, only few are regarded as high quality bikes. Bajaj Pulsar and Honda Unicorn are two India bikes that are considered to be of fine quality and most suitable for Indian road conditions.

Here is a brief look at both of these famous bikes in India.

Bajaj Pulsar

- Pulsar is of 150cc and is under the patent of Bajaj brand
- They come in 180cc and 220cc variations too
- This is specifically designed to be driven and managed well in city traffic situations
- India Bikes of this brand cost from Rs.55000 to Rs.61000
- It possesses 4 stroke engine
- Encompasses ExhausTEC technology

- These bikes in India have known to give a sturdy grip, pleasant drive and a good mileage
- The famous features of these India bikes are superbly designed headlamps, 13200mm pace, snag seats, excise tank pad and generation of 15PS at 9000 rpm (revolutions per minute)
- You also get to have sports clip attached to the handles of these bikes in India
- The exhaust system and good quality carburetor are the best suited for Indian road conditions and render optimum performance

Honda Unicorn

- Honda Unicorn is famous among India Bikes
- They are of 150cc
- They are among the first bikes in India that implemented Mono suspension technology
- Their cost is aroung Rs.60000
- The target users of these India bikes are the youth
- There are many colors offered by the brand
- They are known to facilitate smooth driving and easy to implement features with stability and durability
- They make used of digital CDI ignition and the models render high style factor coupled with good comfort
- The flowing lines and aesthetic curves at the front part of the bike add up to the bikes’ beauty quotient
- They are known to be powerful bikes in India because of their CV carburetor

Bajaj Pulsar and Honda Unicorn are thus the leaders of India Bikes’ market. You can choose either of these if you are looking of high quality bikes in India. Though they are at the expensive side of the price spectrum, they are worth it. If price is a major impeding factor for you, then you can also go for used bikes. Just ensure to check the condition of the vehicle before you purchase. If they are in good condition, then you can enjoy the comforts of high quality bikes in lower price.

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