Websites That Changed Our Lives

Shilpa Oct 23, 2011

With the development of technology, internet was accessible to worldwide users and many websites emerged in for various purposes. Today technology plays a vital role and is a part and parcel of everyone's life who indulges themselves in its creation of enormous websites.

There are millions of websites that are used by people, but only few are familiar in the minds of commoners which have made a large impact through their new features when compared to others.

Here are few websites that changed everyday life of people.

Google is the website that is present over many years on the screen by allowing users to search for information, watch videos, blogging and other services efficiently provided by it. So, when it comes to Internet the first word that strikes our mind is Google. It has such a huge impact on every Internet user.

Google has invaded virtually every aspect of the Internet. Most people use at least one Google product or service on a regular basis personally. Whether it's Google maps, Blogger blog, a Picasa photo album, a Google search, or even a YouTube video.

Facebook is a social network; which has revolutionized the way of interaction with one another. People use Facebook to talk online, build networks. They are using it to follow and interact with their favorite personalities also. People use it to keep in touch with business contacts, friends, family. Facebook has made social networking mainstream worldwide.

Attracting more than 500 million users, ranging from all age groups includes celebrities, and even political world leaders. It also offers additional feature in addition to blogs, members can express themselves by designing their profile page to reflect their personality. The most popular extra features include music and video sections.


There weren't many options if one wanted to watch a video online. Hardly videos were found. After the arrival of YouTube, it is successfully running by solving all problems when it came to entertainment on the Internet. One can watch videos and can also listen to music and even blog through videos. The website allows watching things ever thought of.

Web users now had a centralized place to watch video online. And because of YouTube's pioneering effort, online video is now enjoyed by millions every day.

Earlier most online encyclopedias were sorely lacking in information, Wikipedia changed all that by not only allowing to view the content for free, but also by allowing individual users to review and update content, making it more complete and accurate overall.

Wikipedia also brought user generated content to the mainstream online, making both much more viable and valuable. In Wikipedia one can literally find anything and everything. The website appeals to Internet users from all over the world, offering information in various languages.

The website became a free e-encyclopedia that has grown and will probably continue as long as the Internet is available. It is also a most visited website for information's.

eBay is well known for its ability for users to sell various items. eBay is one of the very few websites that offers live real time auctions for products. With online shopping and a few simple clicks from your finger tip the shopping is done. eBay allows users from all over the world to buy items.

The website allows one to get items that are not available in the market. eBay has made it easy to find some of the most popular items that are not sold in stores anymore. It is the website that gives consumer satisfaction by providing every information about a product that saves customers who are in a confused state of mind.

If one wanted to listen to music online it was through a streaming radio station with pre programmed content. But Pandora changed the entire scenario and one can program own radio station by just entering the name or a song to be played. With a minimal amount of user input, Pandora creates playlists that reflect one's musical taste.

Even though MP3s and digital music seem to be the latest, Pandora has stepped up and offered a way to listen to music online while surfing. Pandora is an online radio station that basically lets you create your own station based on the music you like to listen to.

Amazon is a platform where you can buy anything from food products to electronics, mp3s, books etc. Today it is one of the biggest selling ventures where new and old products are available at your fingertips. With the creation of Amazon, it has become easy for the people to buy product of their choice easily.

Anyone can count on Amazon to have what they need. It matters how an e-shop can stock and supply such a wide range of items.

Blogger is a platform provided by Google where people can make their blogs. This is a free service provided by Google in which people by making their personal blogs share their ideas with others on the Internet. Currently there are other websites which are also providing same services like Wordpress, LiveJournal and Typepad but Blogger stands on the top.

Blogger has allowed the blogging world to flourish. Blogger is credited for setting the


Online classified sites used to be unusable earlier. But then Craigslist suddenly evolved as an online classifieds site that rivaled most local newspaper classifieds. This website is for classified ads and gives variety of ads information about various things.

It is an easy task to search Job, houses or many others with Craigslist which gives enormous ads and information's regarding things needed.

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