Where And How Really Is Texting flirting?

Chris Jun 14, 2012

Flirting is the act of being a flirt. Webster defines flirt as a verb, to play at courtship by trying to capture the attention and/or admiration of someone else. Flirting is not actually courtship, as courtship has an actual intention of wanting to commit or belong in a relationship. On the other hand, flirting does not necessarily require that both or either party has acknowledged their interest in each other. It is so informal that it can occur between two strangers at any given time, in any given place.

Flirting is not even bounded by sexuality. Two people of the same sex can engage in flirting with each other (one of the qualities why online and text flirting is so popular nowadays, because closet people can actually flirt without having to say their real identities). And it is not so much a taboo anymore that people talk about it just about anywhere - women discussing their latest flirting endeavors while getting their nails done, men talking about prospective women to flirt with at a bar, young girls giggling about flirting with their current crush/crushes at school. Yes! Even young girls and boys join the bandwagon of flirting. These days it seems that everyone is flirting everywhere.

But flirting is not limited to playing around. Sometimes people flirt to reassure themselves that they are valuable and wanted. Others use their flirting techniques when asking favors from other people. This is apparent with SMS flirting (to be discussed later in this article) where most messages are found to have subtle meanings to either ask favors or reassure themselves. In addition to this, some people flirt to boost their self confidence.

And is doesn't stop there, usual face-to-face flirting has taken another level with the advent of technology. There is now a new generation of flirting abundant within our society. Examples of these are online flirting and texting flirting.

Online chatting started the new age of flirting. But even then, flirting online has been a time consuming and that internet people felt that there are more inexpensive and "less impersonal" (if there is such a thing in this kind of interaction) ways of looking for love. Almost at the same time came the boom of mobile phone usage. With the use of mobile phones equipped with SMS feature, SMS flirting the latest extension of the new generation flirting was born.

SMS flirting branched through because of the need to keep personal information but at the same time the want to flirt with other people who are not yet sure of being in a relationship. With SMS flirting, the only other personal information you give to the other person is your phone number, which you can easily dispose of when you get tired of the other person. Since SMS flirting is so unsure, texters have doubts as to what they are actually getting themselves into. Because they are unsure and unwilling to take the risk, but at certain times feel that the other person is the "one" for them, they engage in SMS flirting. Afraid to get hurt or embarrassed, they subtlety woo the other person by flirting with them. They play within the lines of courtship to test the grounds of being or relationship itself.

People can now flirt inexpensively and faster through text messages. It occurs from harmless personal messages (i.e. how are you doing?, what have you been up to lately?) to flirtatious forwarded quotes who does not really admit the sender has feelings for the receiver but instead sends messages with subtle confession. SMS flirting pretty much covers the whole idea of online flirting, except that this time flirting is done through texting

Now the difference between SMS flirting with platonic messaging and/or courting through text is 1) sincerity, 2) Responsibility for his/her actions, usually people who flirt are unsure of his/her feelings and their standing with the other person. SMS flirting becomes apparent if in or at the birth of the relationship itself, the sender of the message doesn't want to 3)commit into the relationship. SMS flirts usually don't want to be in the relationship and just enjoys chasing the other person.

Now, texting is so bad, we must admit that we do it sometimes too, even if it's in different form of the new generation flirting.

SMS flirting, online flirting, personal flirting - that's not too bad.. Just please don't be a jack ass or a jerk and go tripping trying to break other people's heart. We have feelings too.
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