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A Brief Guide On Hair Styles New Men's Hairstyles Trends

Dr.Mike Mar 9, 2011

There are many ways of styling men’s hair. Factors such as age, style, and clothing etc decide hairstyles which will look best on you. Hairstyles for men are simple and usually follow the trend of the times. Many magazines are widely available to know latest hairstyle for men and the newest and best hair care products. Another resource is the stars of the world. If you want to be different, try something new with your hair. Coloring hair is another best hairstyle option. Popular men’s hairstyles today include the just woke up look with the hair split in different directions.

Some of the best hairstyles for men are Caesar cut, crew cuts and spikes. A handful of good styling gels like got2B and Beadhead, keep these popular styles for the whole day. For longer men's hairstyles, it is better to split the bangs down the middle and keep the hair slick. There are exceptions like Owen Wilson's fluffy locks which can only be pulled off with soft, non-frizzy hair.

Boys New Hairstyles and Tips on Boys Hairstyles

Dr.Mike Jan 1, 2011

For young boys, hairstyles are usually not an issue until they turn 13 and are more socially aware of trends and what to fit in more. This makes the job of parents much easier as we can keep their hairstyles sweet and simple. Boys' hairstyles will usually range in three styles with some different variations. These are the crew cut or spike, the comb down, and the side sweep. Each boys hairstyle has its own looks depending on hair length and how the hair is styled.

Crew Cuts and Spikes

Crew cuts and spikes are probably the best hairstyles for young boys. They are simple hairstyles and the length can be varied providing different looks. Crew cuts are also good hairstyles for boys who are active, whether it is playing sports or just very active on the playground. The crew cut is short and stays in place. There is no chance of it getting caught on anything or blinding their eyes. The spike is also a good hairstyle for young boys.

The spike hairstyle can be designed in fashionable ways to match any boys style yet it is short enough where managing becomes easy. From short spikes to spiking only certain areas of the hair, there are many looks providing by spiky hairstyles. Both of these hairstyles are easy to manage and almost every boy will look cute in them.

Celebrity Hairstyles Tips and Plans

Dr.Mike Sep 20, 2010

Celebrity hairstyles are great to look at when planning your next hairstyle. Of course it helps that celebrities are everywhere, but the latest celebrity hairstyles are a useful source of inspiration because celebrities are usually on the cutting-edge of what's new and trendy- it's their job (after all) to make sure that limelight doesn't fade away.

We seem to find everything celebrity fascinating, their clothes, their cars, their pets and even (maybe especially) their hairstyles. What is it that we find so entrancing? Is it that stars as a whole seem so unattainable, their lifestyle, their money, their style in general? Maybe, but thankfully, celebrity hairstyles are something that we can get for ourselves, if we know a few tips and tricks.

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