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The Eighteen Puranas, A Must for All Hindu Homes

Ragini Khanna Jun 2, 2012

The Puranas are the immortal creation of Veda Vyasa, explaining the core of values of Hinduism through stories and anecdotes which make the ideas register in an extremely effective manner. Indeed, Shri Veda Vyasa has written something for everybody, suiting the infinite divergence of human temperament. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Eighteen Puranas have been the saviors of Hinduism, weaving together our society into one essential fabric, guiding us in all aspects of our existence.

Srimad Bhagavata Purana
The most well-known and readable of all the Puranas. A most authoritative text, overflowing with the nectar of Bhakti towards Lord Krishna. One thing ...

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Views on Hindu wedding ceremonies

Shilpa May 12, 2011

A new insight on the development of our culture and the emerging generations' views on Hindu wedding ceremonies. Are our Gujarati weddings heading towards a new approach? Gujarati wedding have now taken a new approach. Young people want their marriages to be performed in complete silence with a proper explanation in English from the priest, during the ceremony.

Young couples who get married according to the Gujarati ceremony with their partners of Hindu origin or of another denomination wish to understand their wedding ceremony. They feel that if they are asked to participate in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony they deserve a full English explanation. Sometimes even their parents are not able to offer a reasonable explanation on the ceremony.

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Why Hindu's Celebrate Maha ShivRatri ?

Shilpa Feb 12, 2010

Maha Shivratri or Maha Sivaratri or Shivaratri or Sivaratri (Night of Shiva or "Great Night of Shiva") is a festival celebrated every year on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha (as per Shalivahana or Gujarati Vikrama) or Phalguna (as per Vikrama) in the Hindu Calendar (that is, the night before and day of the new moon).

The festival is principally celebrated by offerings of Bael (Bilva) leaves to the Lord Shiva, all day fasting and an all night long vigil. Ganja is traditionally used as an offering for Lord Shiva and his followers.

Per scriptural and discipleship traditions, the penances are performed in order to gain boons in the practice of Yoga and meditation, in order to reach the goal more swiftly and avoid rebirth.

The Significance of Mahashivratri :

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