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Hyderabad - India's Genome Valley

Sneha Aug 29, 2012

Hyderabad city is packed with numerous options for not only sightseeing but accommodation as well. Most of the Hyderabad hotels excel in the culinary art and are worth visiting as many times as you wish. The Hyderabadi Biryani, truly sumptuous, is the main special food item at most of the hotels here.

If you visit Hyderabad then you cannot miss out on this food specialty. Besides the local cuisine, tourists can relish international cuisine at many of the dining avenues. Most of the hotels are located strategically in close proximity to the diplomatic and commercial districts of Hyderabad. On the Hyderabad map you are ...

Make Move Smooth by Hiring Services for Hyderabad Packers Movers

Hemant Kumar Nov 8, 2011

Relocating to a new place or city with entire household goods is not an enjoyable at task. There are many tiresome and problematic works associated with move which make the situation very complicated and stressful. But one can make the situation easy and smooth by hiring services from one of reputable moving companies or packers and movers in area. If you are moving from Hyderabad to somewhere else or moving within this city from one place to another, there are many professional removal companies in this city who can be supporting hands on your relocation needs.

Professional movers and packers Hyderabad based companies are offering quality ...

Exploring the glory of Hyderabad hotels

Romana Jul 26, 2011

Hyderabad, the nerve centre of the state of Andhra Pradesh, is a cosmopolitan city with its traditions still alive that basks on the glory of history having borne witness too many events that have gone a long way in shaping the future of the state.

A place exudes warmth and cordiality and is bedecked with monuments that ring a buzz of history in the ears of victory re sounding the glory of the past. The Charminar, in the heart of the city, and its adjoining areas are a shopper’s paradise. The Laad bazaar is known for pearls, gems and jewellery.

The Salar Jung Museum reflects the glory of the times of the Nizams with its displays; the Golconda fort, an architectural marvel, with its light and sound show, the majestic Hussain Sagar Lake with its light all around giving the effect of a necklace from a distance are all testimonial of a great past.

Beer Consumers Increasing Among Ladies In Hyd

Sunny May 15, 2010

The summer season is on and more than the drinking water, there is another liquid which has become hot in demand. Yes, you guessed it right, it is chilled beer and while many were thinking that it is the weather which has created the demand, here is the real truth.

A recent survey was undertaken by a social group and it has been discovered that there has been a phenomenal rise in the number of lady drinkers. It is heard that these women are crazy about beer and are not hesitating to buy it in public without any issues.

As it is, a recent incident took place when crates of beer bottles were discovered in a ladies hostel. There was a time when Gin and wine were the ladies drinks but with beer coming into the picture, the prices are going up and men are having a tough time controlling these ladies. The feminists will be quite happy reading this equality statement.

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Distance Mode Sex Business In Hyderabad

pavan Feb 20, 2010

The distance mode sex business is picking-up like never before and both men and women prefer this due to many reasons. Firstly there is confidentiality and secondly there is convenience.

A lot of SMS’s are floating around and business is being solicited by posing as friends, even Russian babes and babes of other nationalities are available. Just posting an ad in the internet giving out certain details has hundreds of customers lining-up for the services. The services cut across all barriers, sex and financial status and looks are not of a great concern here. Even gay sex and lesbian sex partners are being made available.

Midnight Masala With Condom Aunty

pavan Feb 18, 2010

Sexy and hot aunty Ramya Sree was recently seen doing a condom ad, the hot hot ads had her wear a seductive dress, and call her bedmate in a seductive manner. Many who have seen the ad are getting all excited with this aunty.

Open offers are going out to her to come and spend a night at a pub or a dance party. The actress is willingly agreeing. She has been seen going round wearing small and revealing dresses with some people in Hyderabad. They seem to have paid a hefty price for this mazaa with Ramya.

Despite her mounting age, the actress has an amazing ability to warm the nights of the young with her sexy figure and amazing attitude, no wonder she is in such demand.

SoftWare Jobs Boom In Hyderabad

Sunny Feb 18, 2010

With the black clouds about Telangana gradually going away, the silver lining in the sky is gradually being visible. Here we are talking of software jobs picking-up in Hyderabad. Slowly but surely software professionals are being hired, and this is a good sign!

Companies like TCS have assured that they would honor all their call letters which they have given to newcomers in the past one to two years. Even Satyam-Mahindra is hiring now.

Many industry analysts claim that the rally is being led by domestic boom in the industrial sector and this will be the case for another 3-5 years. Business from US clients will gradually comedown, there will be more domestic clients.

Hyderabad vs Mumbai & Rahul Gandhi vs Lagadapati

Rekha Feb 5, 2010

In one view of Rahul Gandhi's grand defiance of Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray by entering Mumbai, it reminds one of a similar incident which happened around a couple of months back.

When KCR and the TRS party warned Lagadapati against entering Hyderabad, he dodged the police in Vijayawada and surfaced in Hyderabad totally ignoring the warning of KCR and Harish Rao who warned that 'United AP propogonists' like Lagadapati should not enter Hyderabad.

Similarly today Rahul Gandhi daringly defied the Shiv Sena and roamed all around Mumbai and also travelled in a local train.

'Kidnapper-Killers' On Hyderabad Roads

pavan Feb 2, 2010

The once peaceful Hyderabad city is slowly becoming a crime capital and also a hub for terrorists. Now, a new wave of terror is spreading and that is in the form of ‘kidnapper-killers’. Earlier, kidnapping cases used to get sorted out with prompt police intervention.

But now, things have gone beyond control. The latest incident of the killing of Vaishnavi has put the rich parents of kids on their toes. Though it has happened in Vijayawada, and that too a family strife between first wife’s children and second wife of a real estate baron, the buzz is that similar gangs are now operating in Hyderabad as well and that is a cause for concern.

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Andhra leader & ex KCR's friend Counters KCR

pavan Jan 31, 2010

Today HMTV conducted "Dasa Disa" speech on the Telangana issue in Nellore. The meeting was attended by both "Jai Andhra" and "Samaikyandhra" people. The first few speakers were from BJP who spoke for dividing the state. Then the senior leader Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy's turn came. His speech has been divided into various parts.


He reminded how the Andhra people allowed the BJP leaders who wanted separate Andhra state speak without any hindrance. He reminded that this is real democracy unlike the Telangana region, where if anyone spoke for United AP, then he would be trashed by the TRS goons. "This itself shows that there is democracy in Andhra but not in Telangana" he said.

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Hyderabad as common capital for 10 years?

pavan Jan 31, 2010

A Telugu television channel came out with a scoop on Saturday night, stating that the Centre had almost decided on bifurcation of the state and that it was seriously working out a formula on the state capital issue.

The channel, quoting sources in Delhi, came out with a theory that the Centre would propose making Hyderabad as a common capital for Andhra and Telangana regions for another 10 years till a new capital is created for the Andhra region. The proposal, according to the channel, is being made in view of the international recognition Hyderabad has got and politicians and businessmen in other two regions have a lot of stake in it.

The channel also says the Congress high command had a talk with Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhara Rao and tried to convince him on the capital issue. On behalf of the high command, senior Congress MLA K Jana Reddy is negotiating with KCR, the channel said.

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'Yuva netha' behind Sania betrothal fiasco?

pavan Jan 29, 2010

The sudden announcement of Hyderabad tennis sensation Sania Mirza calling off engagement with her fiancé Sohrab Mirza not only came as a surprise to many, but also led to floating of several rumours.

One of the rumours goes like this: A “young leader” (yuva netha), who is strongly aspiring to make it to the top in power, is behind the breaking of engagement between Sania and Sohrab. This leader, though already married, has been interested in having an affair with Sania right from the beginning.

He is also learnt to have real estate dealings with Sania’s father Imran Mirza; and that was how, he developed interest in her. But since theirs is a noble family and exposure of any affair will lead to a lot of controversy, the entire issue was kept secret by arranging her engagement with Sohrab, an innocent guy.

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Shilparamam Or 'Srungara' ramam

pavan Jan 26, 2010

Yet another Sex Scandal in the recent past exposed today! What a tribute for our 60th Republic day.Ironically the Epicentre of this scandal is a Cultural and traditional centre of Arts and Crafts i.e SHILPARAMAM in Hyderabad.

The man in focus here is the Special Officer of Shilparamam Mr.Janardhan Reddy.On a complaint from one of his victims the ABN Andhra Jyothi team has tracked the modus operandi of Mr.Janardhan Reddy.It revealed that Mr.Janardhan reddy from the time he came to Shiparamam started coercing women sexually who is employed there.If the women does not comply to his demands he either threatens them to remove their stalls or suspend them from the job.

Janardhan Reddy is the person who has introduced the Spa and Massage centre contrary to the rules of the Shilparamam.Later he converted that Massage centre to exploit the woman victims and only the woman who is ready to do sexual favours is given the assignment /job in Shilparamam.

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DonateYourPC: Project To Give That Old PC A Better Use

Sunny Jan 25, 2010

DonateyourPC was started with the aim to provide free computers to poorly funded schools and NGOs who cannot afford to buy their own computers. It is a platform to take usable but outdated PCs which usually end up being given off as junk and giving them to needy organizations that can put it to better use.

DonateyourPC (DYPC) was started by four software professionals in June 2008 in Bangalore. Since then the group has increased to a size of 37 volunteers spread across Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Their operation is quite simple. As a donor one has just has to register their donations in the DonateyourPC website ( As soon as a NGO contacts the group asking for a PC, the donor will be contacted. The donor's contact details will be kept confidential and will only be provided to the requestor after his/her consent.

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8 Districts of Telangana to benefit from Maharashtra's gesture towards AP

pavan Jan 24, 2010

Despite the fight between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh over the Babli project, Maharashtra has given its nod for the Pranahita Chevella project by agreeing to release the required amount of water to the project. The project irrigates more than 16 lakh acres in eight districts of Telangana including Medak, Nalgonda, Hyderabad, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Warangal Karimnagar and Ranga Reddy.

Out of the proposed 164 tmcft of water for the project anually, around 30 tmcft would go to the Greater Hyderabad area.

After giving its “tacit consent,” the Maharashtra government, in a letter to Aditya Nath Das, Secretary, Irrigation (Telangana), asked Andhra Pradesh to constitute an inter-State committee with officials from both States.

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