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Hyderabad - India's Genome Valley

Sneha Aug 29, 2012

Hyderabad city is packed with numerous options for not only sightseeing but accommodation as well. Most of the Hyderabad hotels excel in the culinary art and are worth visiting as many times as you wish. The Hyderabadi Biryani, truly sumptuous, is the main special food item at most of the hotels here.

If you visit Hyderabad then you cannot miss out on this food specialty. Besides the local cuisine, tourists can relish international cuisine at many of the dining avenues. Most of the hotels are located strategically in close proximity to the diplomatic and commercial districts of Hyderabad. On the Hyderabad map you are ...

Exploring the glory of Hyderabad hotels

Romana Jul 26, 2011

Hyderabad, the nerve centre of the state of Andhra Pradesh, is a cosmopolitan city with its traditions still alive that basks on the glory of history having borne witness too many events that have gone a long way in shaping the future of the state.

A place exudes warmth and cordiality and is bedecked with monuments that ring a buzz of history in the ears of victory re sounding the glory of the past. The Charminar, in the heart of the city, and its adjoining areas are a shopper’s paradise. The Laad bazaar is known for pearls, gems and jewellery.

The Salar Jung Museum reflects the glory of the times of the Nizams with its displays; the Golconda fort, an architectural marvel, with its light and sound show, the majestic Hussain Sagar Lake with its light all around giving the effect of a necklace from a distance are all testimonial of a great past.

Hyderabad Hotels - Three Star Living

Sneha May 24, 2011

Three star hotels fall between top grade expensive hotels and budget hotels, and they bridge the glaring gap in the hotel industry quite well to cater to people who fall into the middle income group. These hotels are ideal for all types of travelers and they can provide maximum value for money. Three star hotels in Hyderabad are present all around the city and they are an ideal option for large groups and families.

The city has different tourist options and you can select a hotel based on the area that you wish to cover. Moreover these Hyderabad Hotels provide services that can compete with the top brass members in the hotel society. You’ll be welcomed with open arms in these hotels, as they normally arrange pickup and drop services from the airport and from the railway station on demand.

Three star luxury hotels are often underrated, but you have to remember that these three star hotels are much cheaper than hotels that fall under the four or five star category. Some of the best three star options in the city of Hyderabad include Tulip Woodbridge, Hotel Tara, Taj Tristar, Hotel Rajdhani, Hotel Placida, Peppermint Hyderabad Hotel, Hotel NKM Grand and Ohri’s Banjara.

Hyderabad Hotels - Mid Range Options

Sneha Apr 28, 2011

Mid range hotels are the ones that get booked out first during the tourist season in Hyderabad. Even three star hotels in Hyderabad are no exception and they are constantly in demand. During the tourist season it might be difficult to find a reservation and it is advisable to book a room a few weeks in advance.

In fact it might be a good idea to make a reservation two months in advance. Hotels in the city of Hyderabad provide excellent hospitality irrespective of their category. Three star Hotels in Hyderabad are sought after as they provide good services and amenities at relatively cheaper prices. These hotels serve as ideal options for holiday makers and families.

Three star hotels provide most of the basic amenities plus some other extra ones along with these. These mid range Hyderabad hotels are affordable and by and large, they attract family tourists. The three star hotels in Hyderabad are constantly in demand during the winter period.

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Hotels in Hyderabad - Experience the Five Star Hyderabad Hotels

Sneha Mar 24, 2011

Hyderabad is a city that has always been known for its hospitality and the hotels in Hyderabad continue with this tradition. There are several different hotel options in the city for people from all walks of life. Footloose people from all over the world travel to this historic city at least once, making it a must see and important destination. People from all over the country also visit the city. In order to cater to this diverse group of tourists, many new boutique and business hotels have come up recently.

There are different five star hotels that are available in the city and many of these have been around for several decades. These hotels have become Hyderabad institutions in many ways.

Some of the main five star Hyderabad hotels are Golkonda Resorts and Spa, Hotel Sitara, Fortune Select Manor, Taj Deccan Hyderabad, Novotel Hyderabad, Taj Krishna Hyderabad, and Quality Inn Residency. Novotel is a new age hotel that caters to all types of travelers. The hotel has been built in a modern yet contemporary style. This hotel is located near the Hyderabad International Center and it is ideal for business travelers.

Hotels in Hyderabad - Hotels in The Ancient City

Sneha Feb 22, 2011

The ancient city of Hyderabad attracts a wide range of visitors every year. One can find a thriving tourist population here throughout the year. People travel to the place to visit the numerous monuments and ancient buildings that are located here. The Golconda Fort is one of the most popular places in the city of Hyderbad.

In order to cater to this population, several hotels in Hyderabad have been opened. Hyderabad hotels range from moderate budget hotels, to five star luxury hotels. The modern traveler requires a lot of amenities and most hotels in the city provide these facilities. The different categories of hotels that are available in the city are budget hotels, two star hotels, three star hotels, four star hotels and five star hotels.

One of the newest entrants into the scene of Hyderabad hotels is the Golconda Hotel. The name of the hotel contradicts its style of architecture. The hotel has been built with a complete glass style and this gives it a chic and modern look. The hotel is located near the prime location of Banjara Hills and there are numerous business centers that can be seen in the region as well. The Golconda Hotel is only minutes away from the most important shopping centers and entertainment hubs. This Hyderabad hotel provides impeccable services and the staff that is employed here is well trained and cultured.

Hyderabad Hotels - 3 Star And 4 Star Luxury

Sneha Feb 7, 2011

Hyderabad is a city with a thriving population and since it is a cosmopolitan city, it has a good mix of people from all over the country. The city is a historic place and there are several different tourist places that are located here. Due to the IT boom several foreign visitors from many countries also visit the place. In order to cater to this diverse population, several different hotels have come up recently. There are numerous three star and four star Hyderabad hotels that provide good facilities for the guests and these don’t burn a whole in the pocket either.

Some of the most renowned fourstar hotels in Hyderabad are Hotel Amrutha Castle and Hotel Green Park. The Hotel Amrutha Castle has 97 well furnished rooms that are suitable for both leisure travelers and business travelers. All the rooms are centrally air conditioned and there are 40 suites that are present in the hotel as well. The hotel is ideally located at a distance of around six kilometers from the airport and this makes it an ideal choice for business travelers. It is also located very close to the shopping center and this becomes a good all round option.

Hyderabad Hotels - Living Like The Nizam

Sneha Jan 19, 2011

Hyderabad is an ancient city and it is one of the most cultured cities in the country. It has a rich tradition of opulence and sophistication that dates back to the time of the Nizams. The city has always been renowned for its hospitality and travelers have been welcomed with open arms since the ancient times.

The hotels in Hyderabad are following these traditions and offering first class services to travelers. There are a whole range of luxury and high end hotels that are located in the city of Hyderabad. Most of these hotels cater to both the business traveler as well as the tourist.

The elegance and sophistication of these Hyderabad hotels is unmatched and guests are sure to have an unforgettable experience. These hotels will provide services that can rival the services in any international hotel. Since Hyderabad is a city that receives travelers from most parts of the country and from several foreign countries, the hotels provide services that cater to all these different types of guests.

Hyderabad - Messages From The Minar

Sneha Dec 22, 2010

Hyderabad is a very happening city that is a perfect blend of all that’s old and new, and staying in Hyderabad is not an issue at all as there is a wide range of hotels that caters to every section of the society. The city of Hyderabad is dotted with budget hotels, mid range hotels and luxury hotels and you can opt for the type of room you want depending on your necessities and needs.

The budget hotels in the city of Hyderabad are Aahwaanam, Haridwar, Parklane, Minerva, Hotel Geetanjali, Ashoka, Dwaraka Heritage, and Sitara Paradise. These hotels are the budget hotels and rooms in these hotels are available for very affordable and cheap rates. These hotels will be ideal for any family taking a trip through the city and looking for a place to stay.

Mid range hotels in Hyderabad can be slightly more expensive than budget hotels. However, these hotels will normally provide a lot more amenities than budget hotels do and the stay is normally worth the amount spent. Mid range hotels in the city of Hyderabad are Anmol International, Hotel Mandakini Jaya International, Asrani International, Kamat Lingapur, Harsha, The Central Court, Grand Solitaire, Athithi Inn and IK London Residency.

Hyderabad - Spend Your Nights, Nizam Style

Sneha Dec 8, 2010

The city of Hyderabad is one of the major cities in the southern part of the country and is a bustling center of IT-related activity as well. The city of Hyderabad is a perfect blend and mix of everything that’s old and new, and huge Mughal monuments and towering modern structures stand side by side in the city.

Hotels in Hyderabad are many in number, and a large number of these hotels are luxury hotels and resorts. You can opt for these luxury hotels in order to enjoy your stay in the city, as these hotels can add a whole new dimension to your stay. Luxury hotels in the city of Hyderabad will normally provide you with very good services, including catering services, laundry services, valet services, concierge services, room cleaning services, travel and tourism services and other essential services.

Rooms in these Hyderabad hotels will normally cost you around 8000 INR to 10000 INR, and some of the popular hotels in the city of Hyderabad catering to the splurging section of the population are Aditya Park, ITC Kakatiya, Hotel Marriott, Ista Hyderabad, Green Park, The Golkonda, Fortune Select Manohar and Hampshire Plaza.

Hyderabad - Royal Splendor

Sneha Nov 23, 2010

Hyderabad hotels are some of the best luxury hotels in the country and they are renowned for having some of the best spas and restaurants in the country. There are numerous five star and luxury hotels that are available in Hyderabad. Some of them such as The Golkonda Hotel, Hotel Mandakini Jaya International, Golconda Resort and Spa, Best Western Amrutha Castle, Hotel Taj Krishna, Taj Deccan Hotel, Viceroy Hotel and Convention Center, Hotel ITC Kakatiya and The Hyderabad Marriott are renowned for providing luxury that is in par with royalty.

Hotels in Hyderabad are rapidly gaining an image for providing some the best services as well as food in the country. The Taj Krishna, Hotel Viceroy and The Taj Deccan Hotel are hotels that have become renowned for providing excellent business centers and lounges. They are also known for their high quality of food.

Many hotels in Hyderabad are known for their impressive wine cellars and knowledgeable staff. Many exquisite and fine wines are present in these hotels and you can opt for these in case you’re interested in tasting some of the best wines in the country and the world. Conference rooms are also provided, where corporate meeting can be held.

Hotels in Hyderabad-Live Like Nizams

Sneha Oct 15, 2010

Hyderabad hotels are known for their opulence and since the city is a popular tourist destination they cater to many people from different societies. There are many luxury hotels, boutique hotels, heritage hotels and budget hotels in Hyderabad. Many of the luxury hotels are known for their excellent Andhra Cuisine and Hyderabad Biriyani.

Some of the luxury hotels that are present in Hyderabad are the Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara, Ista, Katriya de Royal, Hyderabad Marriott and Convention center and Taj Deccan.

There are hotels in the luxury range that provide very good services for normal tourists and travelers. Air conditioning is a must in Hyderabad, and hotels should have good air conditioning.

These hotels are known for their extensive hospitality and they provide the guests with almost obsessive service. These hotels are run by famous establishments and many of them can be classified for business hotels as well.

Hyderabad Hotels - The Best Places to Sojourn

Sneha Sep 17, 2010

The heritage city of Hyderabad is flooded by tourists all through the year. Attracting people from all walks of life, the city also provides various options for hotels that will suit every pocket. While on our holiday in Hyderabad, plan a stay at the heritage hotels of the city. Offering an ethereal experience, these hotels are the best places to enjoy the extravaganza of enjoyment.

Fused with contemporary amenities and international standard ambiance, these heritage hotels are suited for both leisure tourists and corporate traveller. Hotel Taj mahal and Taj Falakhnuma Palace are the two heritage hotels in Hyderabad. A lavish restaurant is just an additional attraction of these heritage hotels in Hyderabad.

The city also houses some of the most popular 5 star deluxe hotels. Hyderabad is an important city from tourist’s as well as business point of view, so it goes without saying that these Hyderabad hotels bring together the best of recreation and facilities along with technical support of international repute.

Hyderabad Hotels - Delight in the Herbal resort of Andhra Pradesh

Sneha Aug 18, 2010

Hyderabad, the pearl city of India, offers impeccable hospitality to the tourists who sojourn here. Although tourists have a variety of options to chose from as far as Hyderabad hotels in concerned, but it is important to make up your minds as to what exactly you are looking for. While various luxury and heritage hotels are present in Hyderabad, but one should definitely plan a stay at the Welcome Hertiage’s Pragati resort.

Located amidst the lush green surrounding, this resort is spread on an area of 85 acres of land. The most important reason why tourists stay at this hotel is the fact that this resort is crowned as being the ‘Best herbal Resort in Andhra Pradesh’. The whole area is bedecked with charming cottages, palm trees and picturesque water bodies. Claiming to be one of the finest hotels in the country, one can experience a close call with nature at this resort.

Hyderabad Hotels - Enjoy the Heritage Charm

Sneha Jul 18, 2010

The buzzing city of Hyderabad offers a variety of accommodation in form of heritage hotels, Luxury hotels, deluxe hotels and budget hotels. There are many hotels in Hyderabad where one can enjoy facilities of International standard.

Located near the main shopping centers, these hotels provide excellent opportunity for the tourists to explore the city from vicinity. Hotels in Hyderabad cater to all kinds of tourists by providing excellent facilities and comfort. While the heritage hotels like the Taj Mahal Hotel boasts of Nawabi finery, the various 5 star super deluxe hotels provides exquisite dining options and multiple amenities for recreation. Numerous other activities like Tennis grounds and others can also be enjoyed in these hotels.

Most of the hotels in Hyderabad offer exclusive facilities for business purposes like conference, meetings and private ceremonies as well. Stylish interiors and technical assistants, like audio video system, projectors etc., make this hotel an ideal place to fulfill your business requirements.