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Indian Visa Procedure - The General Requirements

Sneha Oct 18, 2011

India has stringent requirements on entry into the country and obtaining an Indian visa can be quite hard if done the wrong way. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for issuing visas to foreign nationals for their visit to India.

There is no provision for issuance of visa on arrival. The various Indian missions abroad issue visas based on their discretion against payment of a nominal, non-refundable visa fee.

With borders across nations becoming porous, it is incumbent on each nation to verify the credentials of every foreign visitor who visits the country. The immigration authorities of each country validate verification ...

Indian Visa Procedure - The Steps Involved in Getting a Visa

Soni Sep 29, 2011

The Indian government has stringent guidelines on visa issuance and getting an Indian visa can be challenging depending on your needs. Provided completed documents are submitted, a visa is issued within 48 hours. The official Government portal allows for submission of applications and lists all documents that are required to be attached with the application.

A visa is a certificate that a Government has verified the credentials of a person seeking to enter the country. This is evidenced by the visa granted certificate attached to the passport of the applicant. The visa also grants permission to the person for a period of stay in the country - which in India does not exceed 180 days.

The Indian External Affairs ministry has authorised all Indian Embassies and High commissions to collect visa applications from foreign nationals. There is a nominal visa fee payable except by nationals of certain countries like Burundi and Mongolia who get free visas. A visa is not necessary for travelling to India for Nepalese and Bhutanese nationals.

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The Types of Visas in India - An Overview on the Different Types

Sneha Sep 16, 2011

If you’re looking at paying a visa to India, you should know about the procedure in which you should apply for a visa and the different types of visas there are.

The principal types of visas in India based on purpose of travel to India are:

* Tourist Visa: Tourist visas are issued to foreign nationals who wish to vacation in India. Tourist visas may be granted for a period over six months with the provision that longest period of stay in India does not exceed six months. A person on a tourist visa should keep a minimum gap of two months between two consecutive visits to the country.

* Entry Visa: Entry visas are issued to persons of Indian origin and to his spouse and children, so that such a person, or the spouse and children can visit the country for personal purposes.