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Standing up - You’re on Your Own after Being Dumped

Chris Oct 18, 2011

Getting over being dumped is no walk in the park. When you break up you feel like your world has come crushing down on you and you think you can’t live.  Cheer up! If I have survived through a break up, so will you!  The choice is yours; you can remain stuck in your rut, or you can make it easier on yourself. It happens to all of us at one point or another in our lives.  How we then get through this messy situation will have either a negative or positive impact on our future.

When a relationship fails, a rush of negative feelings seems ...

How to Get Over a Broken Heart: 3 Things You Need to Remember

Chris Jan 24, 2011

Have you recently being dumped? You are still not able to know How to get over a broken heart? Do you feel like there’s nothing left for you in this world now that your ex has left you? If you feel like you won’t be a whole person anymore, then it’s important that you read this.

Do you have a difficult time getting past your break up? You don't think that the world would keep moving forward and needed to know what you could do. Well, it’s true…a breakup can indeed put your world into a tailspin. Everything can seem out of control. Your job, your schooling, your family and your friends may all seem out of reach to you. However, even during this difficult time you can keep your senses straight as long as you remember these three things.

First, remind yourself everyday that life does go on and you have to stay a part of it. That means do the things you would normally do. Go to school, go to work, hang out with friends…do things that seem normal so you can get over the loss and heal your broken heart faster.

Getting Over a Broken Heart - Don't be a Victim to Sudden Death

Susan Pamela Jan 15, 2011

Being dumped can do a lot to a person’s heart especially breaking it. People can feel tormented by the loss the heart is feeling. Many times people can feel emotionally, physically and spiritually drained over relationship issues. The stress the broken heart is enduring can cause people to snap under pressure.

Hearts can be broken by many different events including divorce, job problems and the lost of a loved one. It’s been said that most people go through a period of sadness and loss that can be ongoing and troubling.

It’s true that a broken heart can have these kinds of feelings including many more. However, medical studies are showing that profound sadness is actually causing some people to have heart disease.

During the ‘70s, Mayo Clinic medical researchers realized that how people think and feel does correlate to how healthy a person’s heart is and will be. The Mayo Clinic studied more than 170 people that had been suffering from intense sadness and fury can suffer from Sudden Cardiac Death. It meant that people who have a broken heart can die from it.

Get Back My Ex - 4 Things That Could Help

Teecee Go Oct 5, 2010

It’s terrifying being on your own again when you have been in a relationship for some time. With all the anger and despair you may be feeling, it is easy to be in a panic mode from this unwanted breakup. All you want to do is go back and change things. However, when you want to make things right, sometimes the things you say can make things even worse. All you want to do is 'get back my ex'. If this is how you feel, then there are 4 things you should never do.

(1) Show Affection

Did you know that showing affection now may be the worst thing you can do especially right after a breakup? Why is this so? Time needs to pass for your ex to miss you. During this time, you need to come up with some kind of idea that can help you get your ex back. If you give your ex some cooling off time without speaking to them (should it be rude not to speak to them, then talk to them), then chances are it is likely you can work your way back into their lives.