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Kurkure & Chain messages

Jen Pure Jun 24, 2014

There has been fake messages that has been forwarded through various forums and social networking channels claiming that Kurkure contains plastic ingredient and is dangerous for health. It also affirms that when you burn it you can see the plastic melting. This fake messages started spreading so badly that people started believing it.

However the above Kurkure messages was a part of a chain messages that was shared through social networking channels and SMS and it is a Hoax message.

The fact is Kurkure is an evening snack that is manufactured using edible ingredients like rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, spices, seasonings, etc., and is ...

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How Do You Eat Your Kurkure Snack?

Chitra Ghosh Jul 18, 2011

How Do you Eat Kurkure? Kurkure snack has been available in the Indian market, since 1999. This tedhe snack has won a million hearts both the young and the old. I guess many of you, love snacking on Kurkure while watching TV, journeying, etc. Whatever the reason may be, Kurkure remains one of the most delectable snacks of all time.

There are different varieties of Kurkure snack available today, right from the Kurkure Masala Munch to the new Kurkure Ingredients of India (available in 3 different Dal flavours). But, the most interesting part about Kurkure is…can you guess? This probably answers my question, ‘How Do You Eat Kurkure?’.

The most interesting part about Kurkure is that Kurkure is one snack which you can enjoy directly from the packet in which it is packed or you can use Kurkure as one of the ingredient to make another innovative snack of your own. How cool is that? I have shared some interesting Kurkure recipes right here on my blog, too. You can check it out here: Kurkure Recipes.

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Kurkure Plastic Lies Baseless says AIIMS

Chitra Ghosh Feb 1, 2011

Kurkure plastic lies are baseless allegations on the reputed snack brand spread by some miscreant or who knows may be the competitor himself. Check out the link at, found it on the Kurkure website. It is a letter from a Dr at the AIIMS who says that Kurkure plastic lies and other such allegations that have been circulating in his name are baseless allegations.

We believe in rumors very easily and so whenever any rumour spreads, we immediately circulate it to our friends. Take for instance, this Kurkure plastic lies which says Kurkure has plastic and burns like plastic when all of us know that plastic is not edible. When a food product contains corn meal and 30% oil, then definitely it will burn and burn like plastic.

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Kurkure Movie Receives Legal Notice from PepsiCo India

Chitra Ghosh Nov 24, 2010

PepsiCo India has issued a legal notice to the producers of an “Adult entertainment film” for bearing the title KURKURE. The word KURKURE has no obvious meaning in the Telugu language and the same appears to be deliberately used by the producers of the movie. The producers of this local telugu movie not only lack the ethics sense but have also tried destroying the brand equity of one of the most popular snacks brand in the Indian market.

Pepsico India is taking a legal action against its producers and websites not ready to remove the published movie from their respective properties.

KURKURE is a trademark solely owned by PepsiCo India and so not anyone can just start associating the brand term with their own ventures. It is like, you have been owning a home for 20 years and spending your life there. And all of a sudden, one day someone enters your home and claims that it is his home.

New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala – Made with Rajma

Chitra Ghosh Mar 14, 2010

It is always great having fun with your families but fun is never complete unless there is something tedha about it…like making fun of yourself, laughing loudly, dancing energetically like Punjabi families or cracking jokes like in a ladies sangeet party. Real fun is in being yourself!

For the first time in India, a new snack has been introduced in the market that is made with Rajma. Presenting New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala made with real Rajma captures this great fun filled spirit. Made in the typical Kadhai style it has the mouthwatering authentic taste of chillies, sautéed tomato gravy, fresh pepper & special Punjabi masalas to give you a spicy taste only Kurkure can give!

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Do Not Burn Kurkure

Jen Pure Apr 8, 2009

Most of us must be aware of the rumor about Kurkure. The rumor was being spread around by people even without realizing that the news is baseless.

In reality, there is no plastic in Kurkure. Kurkure is made of edible ingredients which have the best nutritional value including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, etc that we use in our daily kitchen. When you burn Kurkure it is the ingredients present in Kurkure including carbohydrates that gives a plastic-like feeling but in reality there is no plastic burning. Kurkure is made from best-quality ingredients and is untouched by human hands during the production process. ...