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Kurkure Plastic Lies Baseless says AIIMS

Chitra Ghosh Feb 1, 2011

Kurkure plastic lies are baseless allegations on the reputed snack brand spread by some miscreant or who knows may be the competitor himself. Check out the link at, found it on the Kurkure website. It is a letter from a Dr at the AIIMS who says that Kurkure plastic lies and other such allegations that have been circulating in his name are baseless allegations.

We believe in rumors very easily and so whenever any rumour spreads, we immediately circulate it to our friends. Take for instance, this Kurkure plastic lies which says Kurkure has plastic and burns like plastic when all of us know that plastic is not edible. When a food product contains corn meal and 30% oil, then definitely it will burn and burn like plastic.

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Kurkure Movie Receives Legal Notice from PepsiCo India

Chitra Ghosh Nov 24, 2010

PepsiCo India has issued a legal notice to the producers of an “Adult entertainment film” for bearing the title KURKURE. The word KURKURE has no obvious meaning in the Telugu language and the same appears to be deliberately used by the producers of the movie. The producers of this local telugu movie not only lack the ethics sense but have also tried destroying the brand equity of one of the most popular snacks brand in the Indian market.

Pepsico India is taking a legal action against its producers and websites not ready to remove the published movie from their respective properties.

KURKURE is a trademark solely owned by PepsiCo India and so not anyone can just start associating the brand term with their own ventures. It is like, you have been owning a home for 20 years and spending your life there. And all of a sudden, one day someone enters your home and claims that it is his home.