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Best Mobile Phones That Are Priced Below Rs.5000/-

Sneha Jul 23, 2011

Mobile phones have become such a vital part of our lifestyles that only very few can do without it. It was way back when a mobile phone with basic features of calling and messaging was considered as a wondrous device. But now people want more. Camera, multimedia, audio, messengers, games, net connection, and various other high end applications have become a part of modern mobile phones. There are some who would love to invest their money in buying expensive mobile sets. However, many are interested in buying best mobile which is economical and as well as trendy.

Among the various high priced mobiles, low mobile prices India are also available. The leading mobile brands ensure that the economical class of customers get to use best mobile at affordable price. If you survey mobile prices India, you will find some of the cell models that cost around Rs.5000 and has camera and audio in addition to the basic features.

Video Calling - a Boon for Remote Romance?

Sneha Jun 14, 2011

You’ve probably a decade a ago sang in tune with this song “Wait minute Mr. Postman” by the Carpenters. Not so long ago, the postman was the only one we relied on, just incase we wanted to know about a friend, family or love who did not live close to your town or city.

The waiting probably took most of your time, and that time was excruciating. The postman with the bag of hundreds or more letters in it was the most sought after man then. After all the letters he carried bought you news of a loved one or family member. The letters he bought you would bring back the smile back to your face, you probably even danced a gig when you got favourable news.

The pigeon carrier or the airmail although good in its time, however was not as good as the postman era. You’ve probably even sung the song “Kabootar Jaa Jaa Jaa… “. You’ve even heard the song “Message in the bottle” where people took to throwing bottles with messages in it into the sea, and prayed for their beloved to find it.

A Mobile Phone Costing Less than Rs.5000? Is It A Dream?

Sneha Apr 26, 2011

No, it is not a dream and it is actually possible to get a mobile phone for less than Rs.5000/- . So then such a phone would be very basic and the user need not expect anything much from it. No again, it is also possible for this economically priced phone to be user friendly and an embodiment of technology unlike many of its expensive counterparts.

Being cognizant of the fact that Indian mobile users are usually in search of a device which would offer an optimal balance between price and features, most of the prominent mobile providers have at least a couple of models in their kitty which conform to this criteria. So while the price might keep spiraling towards the sky with each successive model there are a few at the bottom rung which are a good value for money for a user who is not in favor of frills.

One of the outstanding offers in this category is the Sony Ericsson W205 which at Rs.4600/- comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 1.8-inch display boasting of a resolution of 128 X 160 pixels and a 2 GB micro-memory stick. This slider phone is renowned for its excellent audio quality and requires a single Li-ion battery for operation.

Affordable Mobile Phones with Cameras and Audio

Sneha Apr 19, 2011

Having the latest technology on the cell phone that is user friendly is a big perk for the customers. If you have looked at cell phones lately there are probably a few you have fallen in love with until you see the price tag. No matter what phone is purchased it is a perk to have a camera and the capabilities of audio output. There are many nice cell phones that will have these options and still mobile prices india under Rs.5, 000.

W205 by Sony Ericsson

If you like slider phones then the Walkman W series by Sony is one to look into. The phone offers output quality that is the best. The pixel resolution is 128 x 160 that is displayed on a screen that is 1.8 inches. The phone has a camera that is a 1.3MP and for extra storage of the pictures you could use the micro memory stick that is 2GB. This sleek phone can be purchased for around Rs.4, 600/-