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Goodnight SMS

Ragini Khanna Feb 4, 2010

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Sweetest dreams!

The night is silent but I can't sleep. Maybe because I am waiting for my cell phone to beep. Before I dream, what I want is get your message and read.

You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. And you are the reason I can't sleep without saying goodnight.

You may think that I forgot you. You may think that I don't care, and you may think that I'm not thinking of you. Well, you're wrong. You're still in my dreams.

I wish that God would hold you tight. I hope that angels would keep you in sight. Now just to make sure you feel all right, I'm gonna blow you a sweet goodnight.

How to Be a Great Husband

Ragini Khanna Feb 3, 2010

The most challenging and rewarding things you'll ever do...A woman needs to feel as though she is the Love of your life.


1. Choose a great wife carefully. Then...
2. Tell her you love her when you hang up the phone with her, leave her, and generally as much as possible without being annoying or cheapening the phrase. You never know when your time is up so always remember to make sure she knows how much you love her!
3. Always greet your wife with a hug and kiss that says that you're happy to see her and do the same when you leave her to say you will miss her.
4. Be her greatest supporter. Be someone she knows that she can always count on. Be there for her when she has had a long day. Listen to her with attentive eyes and ears. Back her up "100" percent! Be prepared to talk with her about how she feels, (and, yes, how you feel, too).

How to Be a Great Wife?

Priyamani Feb 3, 2010


1. Enjoy pleasing him.Laughter keeps a marriage strong. Men like to be appreciated even after you've married them. To do so well, be a well-rounded, pleasing person yourself.
2. Have as your goal for each small interaction of your day, to leave him with a good feeling. Be supportive. Be nice. Be kind.
3. Listen to his day and share yours. Being married also means being intimate. Intimacy does not always have to include sex. Intimacy is listening to one another and feeling comfortable enough to tell one another anything.
4. Support him and try to understand his needs, a man likes nothing more than an understanding and an equally compromising wife.
5. Don't show him even the mildest forms of contempt. Contempt is poison in a relationship. It is fine to disagree with him, but do not take on an attitude of superiority, even subtly in passing, such as momentary smirking, sighs of disgust or eye-rolling.

101 Reasons Why I Love You

Ragini Khanna Feb 3, 2010

1. I love the way we finish each other's sentences.
2. I love the way I know you'll never give up on me.
3. I love the fact that I wouldn't ever give up on you.
4. I love the way you look at me.
5. I love how beautiful your eyes are.

6. I love the way I can't imagine a day without you in my life.
7. I love the way if we were ever separated I wouldn't know how to go on.
8. I love the way we cuddle and watch sunsets together.
9. I love the way we sometimes stay up all night and just talk, then watch the sunrise together.
10. I love how I know you'll always be there when I need you to be.


pavani Feb 2, 2010


Please spare a couple of minutes here... for the sake of India ... our country.

I got this article from one of my friends, but it's true, I can see this in day to day life, Small example,

Before 5 months 1 US $ = IND Rs 39

After 5 months. Now it is 1$ = IND Rs 50

Do you think US Economy is booming? No, but Indian Economy is Going Down.

Our Economy is in u'r hands

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Important of Endurance and Sexual Stamina If Size Not Matters

adrianna Jan 30, 2010

If "size does not matter"... how important is the 'Sexual Stamina'? Does light anesthetic and the climax of states for long-term sexual pleasure.

Something that many men suffer from it, not to mention the partner, is called premature ejaculation. The men are faster than they would really like and it makes sex to be a short experience that you both really wanted to enjoy much longer.

There are many different causes for this problem to call. Think of certain underlying medical causes (consult a physician in such cases), the age, but also psychological problems like anxiety, guilt, etc. All these issues can affect endurance.

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5 Ways To Stop Being A Needy Girlfriend

samatha Jan 23, 2010 published a story this week about how to transform your needy, clingy girlfriend back into the cool chick she seemingly was when you first met her. Now, before you get all offended, let us tell you two things: 1) the author was a woman (by the name of Sharalyn Hartwell) and 2) we actually agree with her.

Hartwell's argument: That a woman becomes needy only when a man stops making her feel secure in the relationship, and that there are five very simple things a man can do to bring his girlfriend's sense of security back. Among them:

1. Do what you say you will do. Call when you say you'll call, make her believe you're a loyal boyfriend with a sense of follow-through.

2. Randomly clue her in. Share what you're thinking when she's not probing you for information, tell her about your thoughts and dreams, make her believe she's worthy of your secret thoughts.

3. Not out of sight, out of mind. Give her a call or drop her a text when you're out with your friends to let her know that she's on your mind even when you're apart.

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Five Things Single Women Hate To Hear

samatha Jan 18, 2010

Five Things Single Women Hate To Hear

1) What’s Said: “Maybe you’re not trying hard enough.”

What’s Heard: “This can come off sounding like you’re passing judgment on effort,” says Anderson. “It’s better to encourage a single person to explore new relationships to the extent they are comfortable and to extend themselves in ways that feel natural and not forced.”

2) What’s Said: “Wear more makeup.”

What’s Heard: More than implying that the search for Mr. Right is as easy as brushing a spot of color onto the cheeks, this comment offends further by actually attacking a person’s core identity.

“A woman presents herself according to what she defines as meaningful. Whether her style is glamorous belle or au naturelle, every woman should be allowed to be herself. There’s a man out there who is going to be attracted to her style, whatever it is. If she’s presenting herself as anyone other than who she really is, that’s false advertising and that’s going to backfire.”

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10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boyfriend

samatha Jan 18, 2010

1) "My ex did the exact same thing!"

Whether it's a desirable resemblance (they both always hold the door open) or a less desirable one (neither one showers often enough), your boyfriend never wants to hear that he's anything like your ex. Ever.

You don’t want him to feel like you're always comparing the two of them, do you? Think about it: Do you really want him to imagine that he does other things just like your ex? Doubtful. Plus, he might think you're still hung up on your former flame.

Either way, a comment like this won’t do much for his self-esteem. So the next time you experience boyfriend deja-vu, keep it to yourself.

2) "Helen's pregnant ... Shhhh"

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Sunny Jan 7, 2010


One sunny day a rabbit came out of her hole in the ground to enjoy the weather. The day was so nice that the rabbit became careless, so a fox sneaked up to her and caught her.

"I am going to eat you for lunch!", said the fox.

"Wait!", replied the rabbit, "You should at least wait a few days."

"Oh yeah? Why should I wait?"

"Well, I am just finishing my Ph.D. thesis."

"Hah, that's a stupid excuse. What is the title of your thesis anyway?"

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High blood pressure- Decide What Is Best for You

adrianna Jan 6, 2010

High blood pressure when the heart pumps blood into the arteries, the blood flows with a force approaching against the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure is the creation of the flow of blood times the resistance in the blood vessels. High blood pressure is also called hypertension.

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How to Get Any Girl

First of all, I must tell you straight from the beginning, no matter who you are, even though you are the most handsome superstar in this world, there is no way you can get any girl that you want.
Now you might be disappointed, but also I will tell you, there are few things that you can do to increase your probability, from every 10 girls that you approach, you can have 7 girls like you. That’s awesomely good statistic compared with 90% male population in this world.

The first thing that you need to work on is your confidence, the idea of being comfortable around girls of your type. If you are not comfortable around girls then there is no way any girl can like you. You need to be comfortable first around girl, before she can feel comfortable and like you back.

How to be comfortable around girls of your dream?

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Telangaga People votes SAMIKYA ANDHRA

Sunny Dec 20, 2009

In the present jittery situation on Andhra Pradesh we've conducted a survey on 200 people about Pro-Telangana or Anti-Telangana. From our survey we came on conclusion that majority of people says samikya andhra and minority of leaders for separate telangana for their own credits.

The survey was conducted on Hyderabad and surrounding cities including Warangal and Khamam. Most people are worrying about their jobs in Hyderabad, as most companies are moving away from hi-tech city.

If TRS party participates in GHMC elections that party will be sweaped. Telangana people never trusted TRS people. He himself creates all agitations.

Many people were immigrated to Hyderabad from many places including Telangana region. They settled here and now its time to runaway. What about these people? How to get security from this situation?

I Miss You SMS

Cute Girl Dec 4, 2009

Why do I miss you? Because you make me smile. You are so kind. You are so sweet. You are very funny. And most of all, because you are not texting me any more. That's why.

You don't text often. You don't text much. It makes me feel sad coz we're out of touch. The message is clear. There's someone I really miss and it's you my dear!

Someone misses you so much, it's not your family nor your relatives. It's not even your bestfriend nor your closest pal. Its just the simple ordinary me, who misses the extraordinary.

if one star will fall everytime i miss you... all stars will be out of the sky now.... so if ever there will be no stars tonight it's all your fault..... u made me miss you so much!

You may never see how much I care for you. You may never hear how much I treasure you. You may never feel how much I miss you. Coz only here in my heart can you see them true.

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20 Great Ways to Find More Free Time

devendra patil Nov 29, 2009

Are there a hundred different things you wish you could do with your life someday — anything from exercising to meditation or yoga to writing that novel you always wished you could write to reading more to relaxing and watching the sunrise? But perhaps you never have the time, like most people.

The truth is, we all have the same amount of time, and it’s finite and in great demand. But some of us have made the time for doing the things we love doing, and others have allowed the constant demands and pressures and responsibilities of life to dictate their days.

It’s time to move from the second group back into the first. Reclaim your time. Create the life you want and make the most of the free time you lay claim to. It’s not hard, though it does take a little bit of effort and diligence.

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