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Birthday SMS

Shilpa Feb 19, 2010

- Ths msg has No Fat
- No cholesterol n No Addictive
- Dis is all natural except, with a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it.
- Smile N Happy Birthday..

- Your birth day is the perfect day to say I care, because you will remeber me when u certainly make it a big affair, and when you do hold a party... I bet you will be the one who would care
- to make ur special day a costly affair!!!!

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Are you Married?

Shilpa Feb 7, 2010

Husband: Do you know the meaning of WIFE?
It means, Without Information, Fighting Every time!

Wife: No darling, it means, With Idiot For Ever


Wife: I wish I was a newspaper, So I'd be in your hands all day.

Husband: I too wish that you were a newspaper, So I could have a new one every day.


Doctor: Your husband needs rest and peace. Here are some sleeping Pills.

Wife: When must I give them to him?

Abhishek Bachchan's Birthday today

Priyamani Feb 5, 2010

Abhishek Bachchan celebrates his birthday today. As announced before, he would celebrate his birthday at his work but would not miss the work today. We wishes this Amitabh's successor a very Happy Birthday.

Abhishek Bachchan was born 5 February 1976 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

His elder sister is Shweta Bachchan-Nanda (b. 1974). His grandfather, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, was a well-known poet of Hindi literature. The original last name of his parental family is Srivastav, Bachchan being the pen name used by his grandfather. However, when his father Amitabh entered films, he did so under his own father's pen name. Bachchan is of Punjabi Sikh heritage from his grandmother Teji's side, while also of Bengali Kulin Brahmin descent from his mother Jaya Bhaduri's side.

Why Bollywood babes adopt only Girls but not Boys?

Priyamani Feb 5, 2010

Our favorite leading ladies have mommy fever it seems and that to specifically for a beautiful baby girl. Sushmita Sen is of course the most well known for her motherly duties especially now that she's the mother of not one but two beautiful little girls.

Then there's the very so bubbly Preity Zinta, who is as charming as a little girl herself, took on a more serious role in life when she adopted 34 orphaned girls on the occasion of her birthday last year and now takes care of all their needs from clothing, to food and to education. Why girls? Well Sushmita's argument was, "In India when everybody is giving up the girl child, there’s a huge majority of girl child in orphanage.

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Birthday wishes to Brahmanandam

Priyamani Feb 1, 2010

Brahmanandam garu who brought pearls of laughter to the Telugu people through ages celebrates his birthday. We wishe this versatile hero a very happy birthday.

Brahmanandam was born in February 1, 1956 Sattenapalli,Andhra Pradesh,India. The roles he portrayed are usually comic in nature. He has two sons and the elder son Gautam has been introduced to the Telugu film industry through Pallakilo Pellikooturu. The film is directed by renown choreographer and writer, Chandrabose's wife Suchitra.

According to him, Jandhyala was the best comedy director he has ever worked with. He is presently writing a book based on his experiences in the film industry.Considered as the greatest comedian Telugu film industry ever produced Brahamanandam is a native of Muppala village near Sattenapalli, Brahmanandam completed his M.A (Telugu) and worked as a Lecturer in Telugu before Jandhyala introduced him to the silver screen with a role in the movie 'Chantabbayi.'

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How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Sunny Feb 1, 2010

1. Be honest.
In a mature relationship, honesty is by far the best policy. It may be difficult, but the truth will allow relationships to breathe. It is tough but no matter what happens, no one can ever challenge the fact that you are truthful, which might mean that the other person also gives you the same respect. If something doesn't suit them, let them know, otherwise they will not trust your opinion. But make it sound like a compliment. Suggest an alternative, and attach praise to the alternative.

For example, if they ask you if you like something they are trying on (trying on, not already wearing at a party!) let them know that it might work, but you think the blue one is your favourite so far because it shows off their great (insert a feature you appreciate, preferably not one that they are self-conscious about). It's not going to be easy to be honest and kind at the same time, so focus on learning how to give a feedback sandwich and you'll both be better off.

2. Don't brush them off.

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Happy Birthday to 'ever active star' Ravi Teja

Priyamani Jan 26, 2010

Ravi Teja the ever active & Joyous hero, celebrates his birthday today. Incidentally the Republic day too falls on this day. He was borh on 26th January 1968. Ravi Teja alias Bhupatiraju Ravishankar Raju was born in Jaggampeta, East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. He is the eldest of three sons to his father, Bhupatiraju Rajgopal Raju, a pharmacist and mother Rajyalaxmi Bhupatiraju, a home maker.

Both his brothers are now actors as well. Bhupatiraju Raghunath Raju aka Raghu has also played the lead in a few B-Grade Telugu films and Bhupatiraju Bharatraj Raju shared space with Ravi Teja in a few of his films and now is playing negative roles in Tollywood.

Two of his new ventures were announced.

One is titled Veera, being produced by Tolly to Holly production house. Ganesh Indukuri, who recently produced Pravarakhyudu, is the producer.

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Interesting Facts - V

Shilpa Jan 26, 2010

A two-inch garden hose will carry four times as much water as a one-inch hose.

A type of rabbit can mate 12 hours after giving birth

A typical American eats 28 pigs in his/her lifetime.

A typical bed usually houses over 6 billion dust mites.

A typical lightning bolt is two to four inches wide and two miles long.

A vexillologist is an expert in the history of flags

A volcano can shoot its debris as high as 50km into the sky.

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Interesting Facts - I

Shilpa Jan 26, 2010

A "2 by 4" is really 1 1/2 by 3 1/2.

A "Blue Moon" is the second full moon in a calendar month (it is rarely blue).

A "hairbreadth away" is 1/48 of an inch.

A "jiffy" is actually a proper time unit for 1/100th of a second

A "quidnunc" is a person who is eager to know the latest news and gossip.

A 1,200-pound horse eats about seven times it's own weight each year.

A 1.5 oz. milk chocolate bar has only 220 calories. A 1.75 oz. serving of potato chips has 230 calories.

A 10-gallon hat actually only holds about 3/4 gallon.

A 14-year old French girl had extraordinary electrical power. With a gentle touch she could knock over heavy pieces of furniture and people in physical contact with her received an electrical shock.

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Is Indian politics getting dirtier?

Sunny Jan 24, 2010

The Lok Sabha election campaigns all over India is a witness to no great political agendas rather it bears testimony to political parties and politicians trading charges against each other. This 'trade-charging' in Indian politics indicate a degenerating standard of political communications in India.

For last some days, India has been seeing a rising political temperature concerning Lok Sabha elections with arrest orders against Railway Minister Lalu Prasad for threatening BJP candidate Varun Gandhi, and an emotional Sikh journalist hurling a shoe at Home Minister P. Chidambaram at a Congress press conference. Lalu Prasad even threatened of running a roller over Varun Gandhi for his alleged communal speech.

LK Advani openly said Incumbent Prime minister Manmohan Singh is not a capable person for a PM's office. PM retaliated by putting the whole responsibility of demolishing Babri Masjid on Advani, an allegation so heartbreaking for the latter that he cried loudly in front of press persons at a press conference.

The Boss

Sunny Jan 22, 2010

A man wanted to buy his son a parrot as a birthday present. The next day he went to the pet shop and saw three identical parrots in a cage.

He asked the clerk, "how much for the parrot on the right?

The owner said it was Rs. 2500. "Rs. 2500.", the man said.
"Well what does he do? "He knows how to use all of the functions of Microsoft Office 2000, responds the clerk.
"He can do all of your spreadsheets and type all of your letters."

The man then asked what the second parrot cost.
The clerk replied, Rs. 5000, but he not only knows Office 2000,
but is an expert computer programmer.

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Happy Birthday to Mahesh Babu's wife Namrata

Priyamani Jan 22, 2010

Namrata Shirodkar celebrates her birthday today. We wishe her on her on the occasion of her birthday on the behalf of the Telugu people.

Born in a moderate Marathi-speaking family, Namrata Shirodkar is an Aquarian, born on 22 January 1972. She used to live in Khar, an elite suburb in Mumbai. In addition she is a model, and has been crowned Miss India in 1993. Namrata finished amongst the top six at Miss Universe in 1993. She was also chosen as the 1st runner up for Miss Asia Pacific during 1993.

She made her debut with a small role in Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai (1998), along with Salman Khan and Twinkle Khanna. She then went on to star in the hit Vaastav. Her performance was appreciated and she became a known name in Bollywood.

"Uninvited" Vivek Oberoi gatecrashes Shah Rukh's party

Ragini Khanna Jan 18, 2010

"Uninvited" Vivek Oberoi gatecrashes Shah Rukh's party

Well, ever since he’s had an infamous spat with Salman over his alleged girlfriend Aishwarya Rai, things have been going really bad for Vivek Oberoi! It seems that the actor has not learnt from his past mistakes and is living up to his dork image by turning out to be a major embarrassment for his co-stars. Most recently, Vivek gatecrashed a bash at Shah Rukh Khan’s home!

It was an after party thrown by SRK post Farhan Akhtar’s birthday party at Aurus, a posh nightclub in Mumbai. According to the sources, Vivek was discomfiture to the guests present at the occasion and when he left, the actor left without his yellow motorbike that he came on.

Is there any Natural Treatment for Eczema?

Nick Mutt Jan 15, 2010

eczema is a skin condition that can affects both males and females of all ages. Common symptoms of mild eczema can include dry, hot and itchy skin but more severe forms of the condition can result in the skin becoming raw, broken and bleeding. Eczema is not a contagious disease.

Causes of Eczema

There are number of factors that may increase the risk of a person getting eczema. While people of any age can get eczema, it is most common in babies and young children. About one-third of all eczema patients develop symptoms before their first birthday, and almost all develop symptoms before five years. Genetic factors are also thought to play a key role, but these are not well understood.

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Happy Birthday to You

Cute Girl Jan 13, 2010

Fly in the plane of ambition
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours, wish is mine
May ur future always shine
Happy Birthday

• Look outside, It’s so pleasant !
Sun smiling 4 you..
Trees dancing 4 you..
Birds singing for you..
Because I requested them
all to wish you

• Birthdays are 4 fun
Enjoys a sticky bun
I’m glad u are my mate

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