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Top 10 Bollywood Celebrity Hairstyles of 2010-10-07

Sneha May 26, 2011

Bollywood rules the fashion industry more often than not. Apart from the dressing, the hairstyles portrayed by the actors set the trend among public. Usually, a look at all Bollywood actresses’ hair is more or less the same, but with a little cut here and there and the hairstyle looks completely different.

If you are looking at getting a hair cut from a beauty parlour and would like to look like one that is tried and tested well on any Bollywood actress, then the list below describes the top 10 popular hairstyles.

1. Katrina Kaif- After being voted as the most sought after Bollywood actress on Google this year, the lady has also been voted as the Sexiest. There is little doubt then why her hairstyle has interested people as well. The look is the hottest this year and although Katrina does not really experiment with her makeup, it is the perfect cut for shoulder length hair. The only visible change in Katrina’s hair is that she at times straightens perms or curls the hair depending on her attire and the occasion.

Makeup Tips for a Beautiful and Comfortable Autumn

Sneha Apr 20, 2011

The moment you think of autumn, the first thing that comes to mind are various colours. Although the leaves do not take the shades of orange, brown and golden leaves, Delhi does get a little nippy and the leaves still do change colour.

This is the season when you would like to have moisturizer slathered on, sort out your winter jacket and get ready to wear your boots to brave the cold weather ahead. This is also the time to smear your face with makeup. Unlike summer when women do not put on any make up, it is good to put on a makeup in the autumn season. This is the season you could try something smoky in shade, or maybe some gold and plum hues which goes well with the colour of the leaves.

It is easy to follow the trend especially when you see several women take this opportunity to daub their face with makeup. This is not the season to get prolific or sporty as far as make up goes, the idea is to follow the autumn trend which makes you look set to the current fashion scene.