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What Women are?

A woman was in town on a shopping trip. She began her day finding the most perfect shoes in the first shop and a beautiful dress on sale in the second. In the third, everything had just been reduced by 50 percent when her mobile phone rang.

It was a female doctor notifying her that her husband had just been in a terrible car accident and was in critical condition and in the ICU.

The woman told the doctor to inform her husband where she was and that she'd be there as soon as possible. As she hung up she realised she was leaving what was shaping up to be her best day ever in the boutiques. She decided to get in a couple of more shops before heading to the hospital.

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Samsung Codes

vikas gupta Feb 6, 2010

*#1111# S/W Version
*#1234# Firmware Version
*#2222# H/W Version
*#8999*8376263# All Versions Together

*#8999*8378# Test Menu
*#4777*8665# GPSR Tool
*#8999*523# LCD Brightness
*#8999*377# Error Menu
*#8999*327# EEP Menu
*#8999*3825523# Don't Know.
*#8999*667# Debug Mode
*#92782# PhoneModel (Wap)
#*5737425# JAVA Mode
*#2255# Call List
*#232337# Bluetooth MAC Adress
*#5282837# Java Version

Facebook continues its dominance

pavan Jan 30, 2010

College senior Alyssa Ravasio gave up MySpace on the day she got a Facebook account and never looked back. She has already lost interest in Twitter. But how does Facebook know it can keep her loyalty?

The brief history of the Internet is littered with the ghosts of Websites that people have abandoned in their relentless pursuit of something newer, faster, better and cooler.

Tech-savvy Ravasio, a 21-year-old UCLA student designing her undergraduate degree around the Internet’s impact on society and communication, is irked by changes privately owned Facebook has made.

But for now, she says, Facebook is keeping her allegiance because of a concept called “technological lock-in.” In other words, the site has become an essential part of her life.

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Free GPRS Settings for Reliance GSM

vikas gupta Jan 28, 2010

Free Reliance, here you will enjoy Free GPRS on your Reliance GSM Mobile phone using this new free settings given here. Just enter these details and leave other things untouched in settings at their default values and you will enjoy absolutely free GPRS on your Reliance Mobile. Go ahead and try and reply here if you got success, also share if anything improve or better you know.

Reliance Mobile Free GPRS Settings Here:
APN (access point name) : rcomwap
IP Address :
Port Number : 8080
Home page :

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Free GPRS Settings for Tata Docomo

vikas gupta Jan 26, 2010

Try these Tata Docomo Free GPRS settings for browsing in your mobile. Here you will got the Free GPRS Settings for Tata Docomo, Edit or create a new gprs profile in your mobile phone for Settings for Free Tata Docomo GPRS are as below: Home Page:
Port: 8080

Aslo see the old gprs Settings to use Tata Docomo GPRS are as below:

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Hundreds of bosses flee UK over 50% tax

Rekha Dec 28, 2009

Hundreds of bosses flee UK over 50% tax

Britain’s financiers and entrepreneurs are quitting the UK at a rate of 10 a week to avoid Labour’s new 50% taxes.

The burgeoning exodus threatens to deepen a £178 billion black hole in the public finances and leave middle-class voters with higher taxes for years to come, figures obtained from Companies House reveal.

The number of directors of British businesses registered as living in the low-tax centres of Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man has risen by almost 500 to 6,729 in the past 12 months.

The British Virgin Islands is also a popular destination, with 615 directors of UK companies now based in the Caribbean tax haven — an 18% rise on a year ago.

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Earn money online without investmsnt................

mehtab Dec 23, 2009


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ReverseMobile – Find the Information of Any Phone Number

Andrew Carmiel Dec 14, 2009 is a service that will allow you to find information about the owner of any landline or mobile phone number.
In the old days, you need to skim through a thousand pages of public phone book to find the owner of the unknown phone number, if the caller calls from mobile phone number then you simply didn’t have a way to find the caller.

Today, with service such as you can find the information of any phone number whether landline phone or cell phone number in just 5 minutes. The information is gathered from millions of public directory and non-directory public listings make it the most up-to-date reverse mobile service on internet.

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SBI mini savings goes mobile with Eko

Cute Girl Dec 9, 2009

Taking the no-frills mini savings account the mobile way, the State Bank of India and Eko Aspire Foundation plan to roll out the project across Mumbai and Punjab within two months.

Eko has launched the project on pilot basis with SBI at Uttam Nagar in Delhi in February and thereafter it was taken to four districts of Bihar where it has evoked enthusiastic response.

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6 months jail for cell use while driving

Sunny Nov 12, 2009

For those in the habit of talking on mobile phones while driving, here is the wake-up call. Government is likely to notify a rule soon under which people caught talking-and-driving would be fined Rs 2,000 or six months imprisonment or both. The punishment could be suspension of driving licence for six months if such acts lead to accidents.

Using hands-free devices or sending and reading text messages while driving will also be counted as offences. "A high-powered committee has already accepted these measures to curb dangerous driving on roads," a senior transport ministry official said.

The ministry, which has been fine-tuning the proposal of heavy fine and suspension of driving licence, will soon come out with a notification in this regard, empowering traffic police to enforce the provisions strictly.

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Symbian Mobile Tips and Tricks

Cute Girl Oct 11, 2009

Here some free tips and tricks for Symbian mobile phones. With these secrets you can boost up your mobile phone.
Firstly have some extra ordinary Tricks:

How to reset The Operator Logo?

1) Go to the following dir :
2) Delete any file in this directory
3) Restart the phone

How to copy & paste text:
Press and hold the pencil key and select your text using the scroll key.

Left function key will change to 'Copy'. Press it to copy the selected text to clipboard.

You can paste the clipboard contents the same way:

press and hold the pencil key and press 'Paste'. Or, press pencil key once and select 'Paste'

Retrieve lost M

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From banks of Godavari to Google on wheel chair!!!!!!

Rekha Aug 2, 2009

Naga Naresh Karutura has just passed out of IIT Madras in Computer Science and has joined Google in Bangalore.
You may ask, what's so special about this 21-year-old when there are hundreds of students passing out from various IITs and joining big companies like Google?
Naresh is special. His parents are illiterate. He has no legs and moves around in his powered wheel chair. (In fact, when I could not locate his lab, he told me over the mobile phone, 'I will come and pick you up'. And in no time, he was there to guide me)
Ever smiling, optimistic and full of spirit; that is Naresh. He says, "God has always been planning things for me. That is why I feel I am lucky."
Read why Naresh feels he is lucky.

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10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

Sunny May 13, 2009

The Man Who Can't Get Fat

Mr Perry, 59, can eat whatever he likes - including unlimited pies, burgers and desserts - and never get fat. He cannot put on weight because of a condition called lipodystrophy that makes his body rapidly burn fat.

He used to be a chubby child, but at age 12 the fat dropped off "almost over night". He initially tried to eat more to gain weight, but it had no effect. Mr Perry, of Ilford in Essex , endured a decade of tests before the illness was diagnosed. It finally emerged that his body produces six times the normal level of insulin. Doctors have admitted that the condition would be a "slimmer's dream".

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Handbrake Tips: How to rip DVD movie to MKV by Handbrake ?

Lu Lynn Mar 9, 2009

HandBrake is a free tool which comes with plenty of features for beginners and intermediate users alike. The open source software can decrypt and convert a DVD into formats that can be consumed on your Mac, PC, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, Television, iPhone, or mobile phone. Now you can follow the guide to rip your DVD movie to MKV video.

Step1. Download and install Handbrake

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Top 10 iPhone Games You Never Want to Miss

Jane Lue Dec 11, 2008

Apple announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007. Just in the past Q3 in 2008, iPhone has been sold over 7,000,000 units. That is a big user group, and it brings up another big market - iPhone Games.

Even Apple says that it's hope on games. Therefore more and more game developers joined in and lost of new iPhone games released every day.

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