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Middle Class Makes a Statement with Mobile Phones

Sneha Jun 26, 2011

Years ago landlines were only in the homes of the wealthy. Over the years the mobile phone was introduced and things started to slowly change. Almost everyone you pass has some form of a mobile phone. When looking at the phones the hype is how much the phone can actually do that no others can.

When the mobile phone was first hitting the market around a decade ago there were only a few people that could afford them. Over the years owning a mobile phone has never been easier. These phones can be purchased cheaply so everyone can afford them. If you are looking for the best technology that a phone can have then you will pay more for the phone. Everyone is comparing mobile price with their friends to see who actually has the best one.

Video Calling - a Boon for Remote Romance?

Sneha Jun 14, 2011

You’ve probably a decade a ago sang in tune with this song “Wait minute Mr. Postman” by the Carpenters. Not so long ago, the postman was the only one we relied on, just incase we wanted to know about a friend, family or love who did not live close to your town or city.

The waiting probably took most of your time, and that time was excruciating. The postman with the bag of hundreds or more letters in it was the most sought after man then. After all the letters he carried bought you news of a loved one or family member. The letters he bought you would bring back the smile back to your face, you probably even danced a gig when you got favourable news.

The pigeon carrier or the airmail although good in its time, however was not as good as the postman era. You’ve probably even sung the song “Kabootar Jaa Jaa Jaa… “. You’ve even heard the song “Message in the bottle” where people took to throwing bottles with messages in it into the sea, and prayed for their beloved to find it.