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Ahmedabad students ask questions to Rahul Gandhi

Sunny Jul 13, 2011

''If Modi can become the second Gujarati to have his picture on rupee, he will consider his life well spent.''

The unnamed young students of Ahmedabad who had a question or two for Rahul Gandhi this week were pertinent, not pert. They also provided more evidence that students are doing the job that journalists either cannot, or will not, do; which is, ask relevant questions. In this case, media was prevented from reporting the event, so journalists can’t be faulted, and we know what happened thanks only to an enterprising reporter from the ‘Times of India’ who had a source inside the hall.

The essence was simple and the same: students wanted to know why they should vote for the Congress when Narendra Modi had developed Gujarat so much.

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Loss for Congress as third parties emerge

vikas gupta May 14, 2011

Congress is the biggest loser in this election. Number 13 has proved bad for the party!

Two women will be controlling the national politics from two British built cities on the East Coast. Mamatha Banerjee from Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) and J Jayalalithaa from Chennai (formerly Madras). Both have got a massive mandate. Jaya is tried and tested. Mamatha is not tested in the matters of state administration.

The victory in Kerala is actually a defeat for the Congress. For the first time Kerala is going to have a very strong opposition. The UDF alliance is not a foolproof alliance.

The massive victory in Assam is the only solace for the Congress. But, some argue that the credit should go to chief minister Tarun Gogoi, who led the party to a third straight victory, very uncommon for a Congress chief minister these days. The poll results from Puducherry have no significance for the national politics.

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26/11 Mumbai attacks: Serving Major among 4 Pakistani nationals behind 2008 attacks

Vijaya May 11, 2011

A suspected serving Pakistani Major, believed to be working with the ISI, is among four nationals of that country charged by the US with being alleged conspirators behind the 2008 Mumbai terror strikes.

The accused identified as 'Major Iqbal', was named along with Sajid Mir, Mazhar Iqbal and Abu Qahafa in a second superseding indictment filed by the federal prosecutors before a court in Chicago on April 25 last. Besides, the indictment mentioned an unnamed individual as "Lashkar Member D."

Indian investigators had named Major Iqbal along with another Pakistani Army officer Major Sameer Ali as the brain behind the Mumbai terror strikes and on the request of New Delhi, Interpol has issued a Red Corner Notice against them.

The dossier was handed over during the Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary-level talks on February 25, 2010 in New Delhi.

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Nailed: US charges ISI officer for 26/11

Vijaya May 11, 2011

The US government, in its second chargesheet in the Mumbai terror attack case, has named ISI officer Major Iqbal as a key conspirator for the 26/11 carnage.In the chargesheet five people have been named as accused in the case of "conspiracy to bomb places of public use in India".Even as US-Pakistan ties are under strain, a second chargesheet has been filed in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks case by the United States.The five accused are Sajid Majeed, Abu Qahafa, Mazhar Iqbal, Major Iqbal and a Lashkar-e-Toiba member who has been identified as D.

ISI officer Major Iqbal, who is being seen as a key conspirator, has been charged for providing funds to Headley.

Major Iqbal is suspected to be a Pakistan ISI officer who was posted in Lahore during 2007 and 2008. He was handling David Coleman Headley on behalf of ISI for the Mumbai terror attacks and provided $25,000 and fake Indian currency notes to Headley for meeting his expenses during the surveillance operations in India.

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Kasab wanted to know how Osama bin Laden was killed

Sunny May 8, 2011

MUMBAI: Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, who is currently lodged in high security Arthur Road jail here, appeared very curious and asked a volley of questions on hearing the killing of al-Qaida mastermind Osama Bin Laden, a jail official said on Friday.

"Kasab had overheard about bin Laden's killing on Wednesday while the security men guarding him were talking about it. He then started enquiring to know how bin Laden was killed," the official said.

The gunman, who has been awarded death in the 26/11 case, said 'jihad me uski jaan gayi' (Laden lost his life in holy war)', the official informed.

Kasab, who often strikes a conversation with the security men, wanted to know as to who had killed bin Laden and where he died and all, the official said.

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Chandrababu Naidu from Telangana villain to Hero

pavan Jul 20, 2010

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) President N Chandrababu Naidu once again refused to take bail and preferred to stay behind the bars for five more days. A court in Maharashtra's Nanded district on Monday extended the judicial custody of the TDP Chief and 74 other party leaders.

Just a week ago, Naidu was seen as a villain in the Telangana region, but he has now become a hero and hailed as the saviour. Former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP Chief Naidu has hijacked the disputed Babli barrage issue right under the nose of pro-Telangana TRS and the ruling Congress party in his state. His arrest and judicial custody have elevated Naidu to martyrdom in the eyes of the local people.

"This is almost an illegal arrest and that's why we took the stand," said TDP leader and MP Dr M V Mysura Reddy.

Vanga Geeta Giving Sleepless Nights To Chiru!!

Shilpa Jun 2, 2010

Though there is not much left of the Praja Rajyam Party, for norms sake there is a hierarchy and it is said that Chiru stands at number 2 position while next to him is the MLA from Pitthapuram Vanga Geetha. If you are wondering about the top slot, then it is more like an open secret that it is none other than Allu Aravind.

While Aravind has been the brains for the entire party, Chiru who has worked as a director’s actor, did time pass with his heroines and ensured he got his money from producers, doesn’t have much awareness about running a political party.

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Nine PRP MLAs revolt against Chiru?

Shilpa Jun 2, 2010

A revolt is said to be brewing in the Praja Rajyam Party over party president Chiranjeevi’s decision to forge an alliance with the Congress party for Rajya Sabha elections and also in the future.

Some of the PRP leaders, including some MLAs, are understood to have disapproved Chiranjeevi’s decision to forge alliance with the Congress. Sources said as many as nine out of 18 MLAs stayed away from the PRP executive meeting on Tuesday. “Some of them like Allagadda MLA Shobha Nagi Reddy and her husband Bhuma Nagi Reddy, have been moving closely in the camp of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, while others like MLAs Ghanta Srinivasa Rao and former MLA K Subbarayudu are inclined towards the Telugu Desam Party, as they would not be comfortable moving with the Congress leaders,” party sources said.

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One rule for Rahul Gandhi & another for YS Jagan

pavan Jun 1, 2010

Is India for all or for only few people in India? Does the rule of the land apply to all the people in India or some rules are for some people and other rules are for other people?

Some in Congress today posed one direct question. Incidentally the TDP leaders too posed the same question.

Are the rules in India different for Rahul Gandhi and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy?

Since the past few years, the 'anti-socials' like Bal Thachrey and his nephew Raj Thachrey have been leading a campaign and claimed that the North Indians are looting the people of Maharashtra. They have carried out various attacks on the Hindi, Gujarati etc speaking people in Maharashtra and also claimed that Mumbai belongs to only the Marathis.

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Balakrishna to split TDP & YS Jagan to split Congress

Shilpa May 27, 2010

Looking at the happenings in Andhra Pradesh it looks as if two new parties would form soon.

Today the Nandamuri heroes gave a rude shock to Chandrababu Naidu by failing to come to the Mahanadu though they claimed that they would attend the event on the last day i.e 29th. Looking at the happenings, it looks as if everything is not okay between the Nara and the Nandamuri families.

The Nandamuri heroes are rather attending the festivities being conducted by Daggubati Venkateswara Rao in a remote village. While they do not have time to attend the Mahanadu which is in Hyderabad, they have all the time to attend an event at a distant village of Karamchedu.

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K Chandrasekhar Rao insults women!

Shilpa May 27, 2010

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi president, KCR, for the first time has spoken in a very harsh tone against YS Jagan's visit to the Telangana region.

Till now he used to be very mild in his attack on YS Jagan and used to leave the job of targeting YS Jagan to his followers like Vinod.

But speaking to the media today, he warned that blood would flow like rivers in the Telangana region if YS Jagan enters the Warangal district.

He said that he did not wear any bangles and would not be cowed down by the Congress MP. He asked YS Jagan to mend his ways.

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I bribed Telangana students : KCR

Shilpa May 14, 2010

In a sensational statement, the TRS president Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao today said that initially the students of the Telangana were not very eager on the Telangana issue. And in such a situation he and his party leaders had to bring in students and train them for around ninety days, revealed KCR.

"We spent a lot of money for training the students. The students too know that. The students didn't fall from heavens and it was only after our training in the Telangana bhavan that the students participated in the Telangana agitation". KCR claimed.

These statements shocked many people. Why did KCR make such untimely statements? Most of the Telangana students and people are behind him and today's statements indicate that something is not right between KCR and the students.

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Chiranjeevi's Walkout during his own meeting!!

pavan May 13, 2010

This summer seems to be too hot to handle for Chiranjeevi. Apart from the severe rise in the atmospheric temperatures in AP, the heat is also on in the Prajarajyam Party affairs.

It was just three days back when reported that C. Ramachandraiah group of opposing the nomination of Allu Arjun for the Rajya Sabha post. Today Chiranjeevi conducted a party meet in Rajahmundry which was attended by the cadre and leaders. In the meet it was decided that the lone possible Rajya sabha seat be given to Allu Aravind the brother in law of Chiranjeevi.

This move by Chiranjeevi has irritated the C.Ramachandraiah group and they vehemently opposed giving the Rajya sabha seat to Allu Aravind. They demanded that the Rajya Sabha seat be given to senior leader C.Ramachandraiah as he already has the experience as Rajyasabha member during the TDP rule.

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Phone tapping behind Telangana issue?

pavan Apr 29, 2010

Even as the phone tapping issue is rocking whole India, some intellegence reports suggest that the phone tapping was the reason on why Chidambaram made the statement on Telangana on December 9th.

According to sources, when the TRS president KCR was admitted in the NIMS, the phone conversations between Harish Rao and various TRS leaders alarmed Chidambaram and this led him to make the sudden statement on Telangana.

Wire-tapping could also have been resorted to in monitoring the T agitation in Osmania University,the sources said. But the sources have not revealed on what exactly did Harish Rao converse with other TRS leaders.

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YS Jagan & KCR competing with each other!!

pavan Apr 29, 2010

The TRS president, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao is closely following the tactics of Congress MP, YS Jagan.

Just as YS Jagan has given one Lakh to the families of the people who 'allegedly' committed suicides for his late father, KCR too has announced a package for the families of people who committed suicides for the sake of Telangana.

Instead of YS Jagan one Lakh offer, KCR said that he would make sure that the families would get monthly pension!!

He also claimed that if the new state of Telangana does not have sufficient funds for the pensions, then the TRS leaders would do menial labour to bring in the funds!!

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