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35 Reasons I Love You

Shilpa Feb 1, 2006
  • I can be myself when I am with you.
  • Your idea of romance is dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us.
  • Because you make me feel like, like, like I have never felt before.
  • I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked.
  • Your undying faith is what keeps the flame out of love alive
  • You and me together, we can make magic.
  • We're a perfect match.
  • Thinking of you, fills me with a wonderful feeling.
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What true love is........

Sunny Jan 26, 2006

There was once this guy who was very much in love with his girl. This romantic guy folded 1,000 pieces of papercranes as a gift to his girl.

Although, at that time he was just a small fry in his company, his future doesn't seemed too bright, they were very happy together. Until one day, his girl told him she was going to Paris and will never come back. She also told him that she cannot visualise any future for the both of them, so let's go their own ways there and then ...Heartbroken, the guy agreed. But when he regain his confidence, he worked hard day and night, slogging his body and mind just to make something out of himself.

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Senoreta Dec 22, 2005

H.O.L.L.A.N.D. - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies.
I.T.A.L.Y. - I Trust And Love You.
L.I.B.Y.A. - Love Is Beautiful; You Also.

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Top 10 languages spoken in the world...

Sunny Dec 3, 2005

10. French
Number of speakers: 129 million
Often called the most romantic language in the world, French is spoken in tons of countries, including Belgium, Canada, Rwanda, Cameroon, and Haiti. Oh, and France too. We're actually very lucky that French is so popular, because without it, we might have been stuck with Dutch Toast, Dutch Fries, and Dutch kissing (ew! ).
To say "hello" in French, say "Bonjour" (bone-JOOR).

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How Do U Know If It Is True Love?

Sunny Nov 26, 2005

1. Ur HEART beats faster when U hear O their name.
2. UR body melts when U R in their arms.
3. They R the only G that U want 2 be with.
4. No G else is even worth looking at…
5. U would walk B miles N the ]snow just 2 C them

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Sealed with a Kiss...Must Read Before Kiss Any One...!!!

Sunny Nov 22, 2005

What is a kiss if it is said? A secret told to the mouth instead of the ear… A kiss is as some poets describe, a bouquet of flowers that attracts the bees, amber warmed by the hand of a girl, the perfume of fruits mellowing in their winter buds…yes all of these is a kiss.

Coleridge called a kiss, "nectar breathing." Shakespeare says that a kiss is a "seal of love." Others have said that a kiss is: the balm of love; the first and last of joys; the seal of bliss; love's tribute; the melting sip; the nectar of Venus; the language of love. But the fact remains… a kiss has remained; ever since Adam turned and saw Eve lying next to him… ever since the 17th century Prince Charming kissed Sleeping Beauty and woke her from her deep slumber… ever since John Rice kissed May Irwin for the first time onscreen in 1896… and ever since our own Mallika Sherawat openly declared that kissing makes her skin glow, so she loves kissing her co-stars.


Sunny Oct 5, 2005

We the young in order for a more perfect kiss enable to hug...
To promote the popularity of Love not to kiss who you please but to please who you kiss.


If you Love someone, show them and say so


If a kiss is the language of Love...

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