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Secret admirers sent Katrina purple lotus & Sonam Kapoor 200 roses

Ragini Khanna Feb 19, 2010

If Valentine Day meant starry admiration taken to greater heights, then fans and admirers did gladden the hearts of two beauties Katrina and Sonam kapoor

The Kapoor gal was lavished with a bouquet of 200 roses from a silent admirer, who preferred to…go nameless. Nevertheless, sassy Sonam tweeted merrily, thanking the sender and stating that the bouquet had made her day…

Katrina Kaif, on the other hand, found herself at the receiving end of a bouquet which comprised purple lotuses only! Immensely flattering, coz' kool classy Kat was left wondering as to how the special sender knew of her fave flower!

Which color rose to give on valentinesday????

samatha Feb 11, 2010

When it comes to love and passion, roses are truly the most significant gesture. However, earlier, you want to say sorry, you would send a red rose; you want to propose, you give a red rose; you want to congratulate someone, you send red roses. But it could get so confusing, couldn't it?

These days, thanks to research, and newer ways to grow roses, you can get the flower in so many shades that you'll find it difficult to choose from. But did you know that different coloured roses signify different feelings? Take a look at this.

Purple or lilac rose This Valentine's is the perfect day to proclaim your love. And what better way to do it than with a purple rose, signifying love at first sight? To some, purple also means having a sense of protection and faith.