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Where And How Really Is Texting flirting?

Chris Jun 14, 2012

Flirting is the act of being a flirt. Webster defines flirt as a verb, to play at courtship by trying to capture the attention and/or admiration of someone else. Flirting is not actually courtship, as courtship has an actual intention of wanting to commit or belong in a relationship. On the other hand, flirting does not necessarily require that both or either party has acknowledged their interest in each other. It is so informal that it can occur between two strangers at any given time, in any given place.

Flirting is not even bounded by sexuality. Two people of the same sex can engage in ...

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How to Turn a Guy On Talking Dirty in Bed

Chris Jan 6, 2011

Yes, there are actually benefits of talking dirty in bed, on a physical level your guy will know he’s pleasing you when you talk dirty to him. On an emotional level the two of you will be more connected which will turn your guy on and intensify the sex.

Just remember that talking dirty in bed is not always what one thinks of. It doesn’t have to be dirty and talking in nasty language. It can be a simple and sweet as “I Love You,” or “You're beautiful” I’d offer examples of what is probably going through your mind when you think “talking dirty in bed” but for the sake of not embarrassing anyone I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

The basis of talking dirty in bed is communication. In order for your guy and yourself to be satisfied with the sex you need to communicate. If you prefer to use words and phrases that would make a sailor blush then so be it as long you keep it within both of you.