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Sameera Reddy's sleepwalking problem

Rekha Feb 22, 2010

Sameera Reddy has returned from Chennai a changed woman. The actress, who has suffered from sleepwalking for almost 20 years today has left the habit behind at the Oneness University in Chennai.

Talking about it Sameera says, "I was at Shamita's (Shetty) birthday party when Shilpa and her mother convinced me to attend Amma Bhagwan's Oneness course at the University there. Last week, I went for a seven-day course and my life changed after that."

Sameera says that she had been suffering from sleep walking since the age of six but after her course at the Oneness University, "I have been cured of my sleepwalking. After coming back to Mumbai, I sleep like a baby every night."

Hot TV anchor for bed pleasure!

pavan Feb 22, 2010

She is the most hot and bold tv anchor ever seen. She is energetic, sportive and of course with great presence of mind. Few of the south film sources have opened up a new debate on her sex appeal. These sources say that, one of the top heroes has gone fida over the beauties of this oomph filled anchor and unable to resist his inner temptations has openly offered the anchor to spend a night with him.

Hot anchor was shocked by this and her blood pressure increased. He is a top hero and she is a hot anchor, guess what could have happened? Is the blood pressure converted to bed pleasure? We don’t know, as these sources have kept us in suspense.

Young Telugu Hero Caught With Beer And Baby?

Cute Girl Feb 19, 2010

When some fans of young Telugu hero saw the actor in Goa they wanted to say 'Hi' and introduce themselves, but the hero reportedly behaved bad just saying ‘Extralu vaddu’. Incidentally the hero was seen with a beer in one hand and a beautiful babe in the other.

The guys who saw the actor were very disappointed with his behavior. The hero could have reciprocated with a warm smile and behaved well, after his entire livelihood is dependent on his fans.

As regards the beer and the babe, well these things should be private. If the hero wants an exhibition of his activities, there will be many who would be willing to see. If he is so protective about his affairs, let him do things in the closed doors of his room! This hero is not just known to Telugus but his image has got ‘scope’ in entire ‘south’!!!

Sanjana: The Darling Of Hi Fi Men

pavan Feb 18, 2010

The hot and raunchy sex siren Sanjana is one girl who may not have many movie offers to her credit or success at the box office but she sure seems to be one of the most sought after girls in one sector- the party circuit. Here is the reason for that observation.

Lately, it is being observed that some of the finest and most happening parties in the Hyderabad city tend to have Sanjana among the list of premium guests. The pretty starlet is seen literally in every other party and the interesting part is, these are completely non-filmy parties organized by hi fi men.

Midnight Masala With Condom Aunty

pavan Feb 18, 2010

Sexy and hot aunty Ramya Sree was recently seen doing a condom ad, the hot hot ads had her wear a seductive dress, and call her bedmate in a seductive manner. Many who have seen the ad are getting all excited with this aunty.

Open offers are going out to her to come and spend a night at a pub or a dance party. The actress is willingly agreeing. She has been seen going round wearing small and revealing dresses with some people in Hyderabad. They seem to have paid a hefty price for this mazaa with Ramya.

Despite her mounting age, the actress has an amazing ability to warm the nights of the young with her sexy figure and amazing attitude, no wonder she is in such demand.

Navneet Kaur - Secret Affair

Shilpa Feb 17, 2010

The nexus between businessmen and actresses is a known thing but this time, the affair that we are talking about seems to be quite intense. We are talking about the affair between the hot Punjabi sex siren Navneet Kaur and the noted realtor from Hyderabad. It is heard that the Realtor is majorly obsessed about Navneeth and he has been showering money and lavish gifts on her.

Heroes Fight For Madhu Shalini

Rekha Feb 15, 2010

We all know what a sexy babe Hyderabadi beauty Madhu Shalini is. Fortunately the lady is not going out with anyone now-a-days and so she is much in demand among many circles.

This Valentine’s Day she was again a much needed beauty for many small time heroes in Tollywood who wanted her for the evening. The lady who was seen pub-hopping throughout the evening made a disappearing act late in the night when all the heroes wanted her for the Valentine Night.