Everyone wants to love and feel loved in return. But being in a relationship with someone is not always enough. Very often romantic love fizzles out over a period of time; even though both partners are committed to each other. After a while the 'I love you', gets monotonous so you need to find other ways of expressing your love to your partner.

Some of us instinctively know our own love language and that of our partners, but other times it's hard to figure the best way to show your love. Think about what makes you feel most loved by your partner and what you desire more than anything else. Do you like it when your partner compliments you often?

Do you feel special when he/she goes out of his/her way to do something for you? For some lovers just getting some alone time with their partners is more valuable than being showered with gifts. Try and figure out what makes your partner happy from the following list and then show him/her how much you really care.