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Size Matters - Small is Beautiful When It Comes to Jewellery!

Sneha Mar 7, 2011

Are you concerned about the size of your jewellery? If you are don’t be surprised.. Sometimes you may want to use the huge bulkly gold jewellery that is studded with diamonds and other precious stones, to work or as your leisure wear. But have you even given it second thought if it really is appropriate? Try and seek a second opinion as soon as your hand reaches for one at the jewellery shops, and you will be surprised at the sneers you get. Jewellery rules are that you need to keep it as close to the attire you wear.

Indian tradition and jewellery always shout out BIG and BOLD! Every bit of jewellery right from your earrings to toe rings are generally huge with amazing traditional designs. For e.g. most of us have jhumkas that are small umbrellas hung our ears. Granted, many times they look good in any traditional Indian wear like salwar kameez, Sari, or lehengas that are a grand choice for events and wedding. However that’s just where you need to restrict huge chunky jewellery.

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Indian Male - Fair and Handsome? Or Dark and Rugged?

Sneha Mar 7, 2011

Untill a few years ago the metrosexual male was never heard of, but now you find them everywhere. You could see them in movie stars to even the guy next door. It was evident that men had found their new selves. Being metrosexual was now a new obsession apart from the regular boys toys like cars, bikes and the fast life. Men now began visiting salons, looking clean and even waxing off their chest hair!

Then went berserk taking off all traces of facial or chest hair! The image was atrociously clean and this was a result of weekly polishing and facials. Infact Overall, the Indian women gladly welcomed a man into her life who was well kempt and looked atrociously clean and devoid of any facial hair. Infact men in India seemed to be frequenting beauty salons much more often than the women. Which although different was welcomed with open arms, nevertheless most women like me would agree that the rugged male had and will always have their very own special charm.

Tips On Opening A Boutique

Sneha Mar 3, 2011

Do you have a passion for clothes? Are you considering running a boutique of your own? If you are, then it is important for you to take into account some of the factors that can help you open and run a boutique successfully.

One of the most important things to consider is that no matter what you choose to sell, you must be able to offer quality products to your customers. Apart from offering quality products, your products must be reasonably priced and your customers should feel that the product is worth the money they are spending.

Secondly, marketing campaign that is effective is also essential for opening and running a successful boutique. Before you jump into opening a boutique, you must plan your advertising and you must also ensure that the planning suits the requirements of the market you are targeting.

How to Look Adorable

farha Feb 26, 2011

If you're not planning on how to be a model, these simple tips on how to look good will help you to appear more brighter and adorable! So look good and feel good by following the steps further.

How to Look Good: Be Comfortable!

For Him
Nothing is more appealing and beautiful than your confidence and comfort in front of the person! So ensure that you look comfortable in whatever you're wearing. Guys, you can keep things simple. Firstly, wear what you find is appropriate for your height and age. Most importantly, don't make the error of mismatching your accessories (a common mistake guys do!). Learn simple fashion tips for men and make your self appear presentable.

Looking to Buy A Pair Of Sunglasses? Consider The Different Lenses That Are Available

Sneha Feb 25, 2011

With so many different types of lenses available today, it is really important to ask an optician for advice when choosing sunglasses. Not all the sunglasses are made equal and for this reason, it is important that you choose something that suits your needs and requirements. There are different types of lenses and all of them help to see differently in certain conditions. If you are considering buying sun glasses, given below are some of the different types of lenses and their functions that can help you make the right choice.

Polarized lenses – polarized lenses cut reflected glare and are quite popular among those who play snow and water sports. Polarized lenses reduce glare which are caused by light that is reflected off the surface of the sunglasses.

Blue blockers – these types of lenses block blue light as it is believed that blue light can be harmful to the eyes and may cause diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses which have blue blockers have amber lenses and are quite common among boaters, pilots, skiers, etc.

Makeup Rules - Don't Let Makeup Disasters Strike You!

Sneha Feb 25, 2011

Any occasion or festival calls for you to dress and look your best. If you do not look good you will only feel bad and completely out of place. On the other hand dressing up well will give you the confidence to pull you through. To help you look gorgeous there is always makeup, however you do need to know how to wear it appropriately. Wearing the right makeup according to the occasion is important; if not you could end up looking over dressed or otherwise. It is therefore important that you stick to a few golden makeup rules. However disasters in makeup are bound to happen, you could however avoid them completely.

Learning how to apply the right kind of makeup even for your wedding day is important. You might have to adopt a few makeup skills, which can be brought about by a few days of practice. Here are a few simple makeup rules to follow that will keep you looking good at all times without even paying a visit to the beauty parlour.

• Never go beyond the limit – As said, it is always good that you don’t overdo your makeup. This includes everything right from the basics like foundation, blues, lipstick, eye shadow and anything else you plan on applying. Your attempt is to look real and beautiful, not artificial and porcelain. Choose colors that wok well with you face, you clothes and the season.

Splendid Tours with India Luxury Trains

Varun Feb 19, 2011

Ever imagined how fascinating it would be to pamper oneself by getting treated like the raja maharajas of the golden era of Indian history? Well, one can achieve this experience by opting for India luxury trains voyage. On board one can enjoy the royal facilities and that too traversing through the famous tourist destinations of this colorful country.

The heart winning interiors, delicious cuisines, the lavishness and comfort along with the modern conveniences will definitely leave the travelers astonished as this their chance to discover India in the best possible manner.

Some of the Popular Indian luxury trains are mentioned below.

Palace on Wheels
Palace on Wheels, India’s best luxurious train, is also one of the most royal trains around the world. The travel enthusiast must try this journey at least once in a lifetime! The Rajasthan tourism department launched this lavish train in collaboration with the Indian Railways to promise a comfortable visit to the travelers.The train covers the three most celebrated states of North India, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

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Diamond, Gold or Artificial Jewellery - What to Wear to The Big Fat Indian Wedding?

Sneha Feb 14, 2011

Indian weddings are pompous, joyous and full of gold, silver and the display of diamonds as well. Any weddings either held in India or that of an Indian held abroad is only a huge excuse to reach into our jewellery boxes and dish out the heaviest and most obnoxiously expensive jewellery. We Indian’s do believe that weddings are a time when you have to dress up nice and wear the best and the most expensive jewellery you have.

However choosing even your tiny earring can be a bit of a challenge, after all there is a lot you need to keep in mind. For. E.g which one looks good, which one is in style etc etc.. This very fact will tell you that Indian’s love their gold and jewellery and have quiet a few in their cupboards. The rule that every Indian family follows or every Indian women believes in is that they need to have atleast one precious metal as jewellery as their possession.

When choosing accessories for weddings or any joyous occasion, it is vital that you make the right choice, it should match what you wear and the occasion you plan on wearing it for. For e.g. if you are planning on wearing traditional Indian clothes like a sari or lehenga then traditionally crafted jewellery is the best choice. Western outfits on the other hand look good with minimalist jewellery, generally ones that are not too heavy or expensive.

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Diamond, Gold or Artificial Jewellery - What to Wear to The Big Fat Indian Wedding?

Sneha Feb 7, 2011

The Indian wedding’s are obnoxiously huge with a lot of band, baaja and baarat. The gold too is not left far behind. Infact this is one occasion where people tend to flaunt their gold, diamonds and even silver jewellery. It is indeed an excuse where the young and the old look into jewellery boxes to dish out the most expensive and biggest jewellery that will draw everyone’s attention.

It is understood that making up your mind to decide what you really want to wear to that big fat Indian wedding can be literally mind boggling and complex.

Every Indian family loves stacking up on jewellery; it could be gold, silver or even diamonds and pearls. Everyone has atleast one precious metal that they can boost off. Most of us adorn the heaviest of gold jewellery irrespective of it is matches our outfit. Ideally just like any other occasion, the rule you need to follow is that your jewellery compliments and matches your outfit. If you are planning on wearing traditional clothes like lehngas and saris then Gold and Diamond jewellery is a good choice. If its western attire you’ve chosen to wear then you can choose pearls, silver or cute looking jewellery made of gold.


Inderpal Feb 5, 2011

Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. The more technical term, costume, has become so linked in the public eye with the term "fashion" that the more general term "costume" has in popular use mostly been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it.

For a broad cross-cultural look at clothing and its place in society, refer to the entries for clothing, costume and fabrics. Changes in costume often took place at times of economic or social change (such as in ancient Rome and the medieval Caliphate), but then a long period without major changes followed.

Hairstyles for Girls and Ideas and Tips for Girls Hairstyles

Dr.Mike Feb 2, 2011

When we are teenagers, it is the time in our life when making impressions is usually first priority. Thus having the new style of cloths, the new shoes, and of course the new teen hairstyles. From junior-high to high school, we are always in classes with our peers, at lunch with our peers, at dances with our peers, and so many other occasions, thus we are always in the impress our peers mode. As each year passes there are new clothing styles, new looks, and new teen hairstyle ideas to go with these new trends.

Of course it all leads up to teen prom hairstyles, where everyone is trying to get the best and most popular teen hairstyles that are perfect for prom. Teen hairstyles can change as often as the seasons. Although most are simple dos we can do at homes, some include layering, coloring, and other teen hairstyles that match the celebrities or other idols that teens pick up on.

Teen Celebrities
Teens have some of the biggest resources for Teen Hairstyles. Teen hair styles usually mimic celebrity teen hairstyles, magazines, and whatever is the most popular and trendy look at the time. Pop stars and boy bands start many trends. Watching MTV and other teen favorite shows allows many styles to come about.

Bridal Jewellery - Gorgeous Styles The Indian Bride Dreams of

Sneha Jan 29, 2011

Bridal jewellery plays an all important role in any Indian wedding ceremony. Preparations to buy the wedding jewellery starts months in advance even before the actual wedding takes place. A lot of thought is gone into the kind of jewellery needed for the celebration day. It is not just an epitome of beauty and luxury but it should match your bridal outfit after all it’s the bride’s most important day of her life.

Its not just necklaces, earrings and bangles that make up your bridal jewellery there is lots more to go with it. What is really surprising is that every state and region in our country has their own distinctive jewellery and styles in jewellery especially for brides. The good thing for brides is that there is a lot that they can choose from.

Every bride is sure that they can find the right jewellery piece that will not only match her bridal attire but also is sure to make her look like a princess. Here is a list of some exquisite bridal jewellery styles that you can choose for your wedding.

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Angelina Jolie Hairstyle

Dr.Mike Jan 27, 2011

The shape of the face is the most fundamental feature that will determine the most flattering hairstyle. It is not the ears, eyes, or the lips that will help a woman determine the best haircut for her. This means that if a woman has prominent pouting lips, it does not automatically allow her to copy the Angelina Jolie hairstyle. Lips can be factored in later to resolve little details of the hairstyle. But the shape of the lips is not the deal breaker, not even for the Angelina Jolie hairstyle.

1. Think long, straight hairstyles have to lie flat? Think again. Even straight hair can be big and sexy if you've got the right cut and styling know-how.

2. Get a great cut. Straight, long hair needs some layering to produce volume. Ask your stylist to create surface layers only and cut them at very sharp angles either by using a straight razor or by gliding the blades of the scissors through the surface of your hair. The layers should be long and blend with the rest of the hairstyle.

3. Use a volumizer at the roots of damp hair and a light, silicone-based product on the rest of the hair. Divide hair into two sections, a top one and a bottom one, for easier blow-drying. Pin the top section up and begin drying the bottom section.

4 Wonderful Tips On How to Buy Sunglasses

Sneha Jan 24, 2011

People wear sunglasses for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is to protect the eye from the rays of the sun and the second most obvious reason is to look fashionable. It is true that the environment we live in does a lot of damage to our eyes and in most cases it becomes necessary to wear sunglasses. No matter what your reason is for wearing sunglasses, they protect your eyes and also make you look stylish. If you are considering buying a pair of sun glasses, here are few tips on how to buy an appropriate one.

Protection against Ultra Violet Light

UV rays emitted from the sun can be harmful for the eyes. They can cause macular degeneration, cataracts and other type of ailments. Fortunately, 99% of these rays do not even reach the surface of the earth, but that remaining 1% can cause a lot of damage. If you go out in the sunlight often, it is important that you buy a pair of sunglasses which blocks UV lights. These days, good brands of sun glasses come with UV protection and these are a great choice for all those who are worried about their eye health.

6 Tips On Starting A Boutique Store

Sneha Jan 24, 2011

Opening a boutique store can be an exciting adventure. Advanced planning and a good eye can really help in succeeding. Given below are the top 6 tips on starting a boutique store successfully.

1. Understanding fashion is important – it is very important for you to understand what is going on in the world of fashion because all that we wear is about fashion. If you have the quality to know what people love the most, then you can definitely stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to opening and managing a boutique store successfully. It is an added advantage if you have this quality in you, but there are courses that you can take up to learn more about it.

2. The know-how of the fashion world – opening a boutique store can be quite challenging and there are a lot of things that you will have to know and learn before opening a boutique of your own. In order to open a boutique store, you must have at least some experience in the retail industry. A good idea would be to spend at least 6 months in a retail shop where you can learn more about the fashion world.

3. The technical know-how – opening a boutique requires investment as well and you need to have sufficient amount of money to be able to start your own business. It is always advisable to start small with minimum investment and expand if you are successful at the beginning.

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