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Tips to Control and Manage Diabetes

Dr. Mital John Feb 11, 2011

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) medical disorder characterized by variable (unstable) or persistent (permanent), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), especially after meals.

The term "diabetes" comes from the Greek word meaning "passing through, siphon, and siphon". "Mellitus" comes from Greek and means "sweet".

Blood sugar / glucose = monosaccharide, one of the most important carbohydrates. Cells use it as an energy source and metabolitického agent. Glucose is one of the main products of photosynthesis in plants and at the beginning of cellular respiration. Is critical in the production of proteins and lipid metabolism.

Hormone insulin is produced by the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. It is a polypeptide hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism. It is used in medicine for certain forms of diabetes mellitus (diabetes).

Kurkure Plastic Lies Baseless says AIIMS

Chitra Ghosh Feb 1, 2011

Kurkure plastic lies are baseless allegations on the reputed snack brand spread by some miscreant or who knows may be the competitor himself. Check out the link at, found it on the Kurkure website. It is a letter from a Dr at the AIIMS who says that Kurkure plastic lies and other such allegations that have been circulating in his name are baseless allegations.

We believe in rumors very easily and so whenever any rumour spreads, we immediately circulate it to our friends. Take for instance, this Kurkure plastic lies which says Kurkure has plastic and burns like plastic when all of us know that plastic is not edible. When a food product contains corn meal and 30% oil, then definitely it will burn and burn like plastic.

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4 Tips For Choosing The Best Caterers For Your Wedding Reception

Sneha Jan 23, 2011

The wedding reception is an important part of the wedding planning because it involves a large number of people to negotiate with. The wedding reception venue and the caterers that you hire are two important parts of the whole wedding because these are two things that you need to make your wedding reception a success.

If you want your guests to have a wonderful time at the wedding and enjoy a lovely meal, it is important that you choose the best caterers to provide this service. If you live in Delhi, there may be many caterers available in your local area to provide this service, but you must choose really carefully as not all of them will be able to satisfy your guests to the extent that you would want them to. Here are the top 4 tips that can help in choosing the best caterers in Delhi for your wedding reception.

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How to make Butter Chicken and Best Butter Chicken Recipies

Dr. Lee Dec 29, 2010

Butter Chicken is among the best known Indian foods all over the world. Its gravy can be made as hot or mild as you like so it suits most palates. Also commonly known as Murg Makhani, Butter Chicken tastes great with Kaali Daal (black lentils), Naans and a green salad.

Butter chicken is a delicious traditional Indian meal. Although it involves a wide range of ingredients, it's actually very easy to cook. This simple curry dish takes just minutes to prepare. Here's how to make butter chicken

Butter Chicken, a non-vegetarian delicacy is one of the most popular dishes not only in India but also other parts of the world. Also known as Murg Makhani, the popular Indian non-vegetarian dish of Butter Chicken is easily available across many Indian restaurants and eateries all over India especially the north of India.

Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips to get Natural Beauty and Youth

Dr.Charles Dec 7, 2010

Using the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, has revolutionized the world of beauty, skin and hair care. This Indian beauty and skin care expert has earned international acclaim through the popularity of her brand "Shahnaz Herbal." Shahnaz Husain productsfollow the system of "care and cure"—for example, the skin health solutions offered by Shahnaz Hussain products will cure your skin condition and at the same time, these skin care products will also ensure that your skin remains firm and beautiful in the long run. Shahnaz Husain skin care products ensure long term solutions for your skin and hair.

Shahnaz Hussain is considered to be the empress of the world of natural Beauty Products. The Traditional natural ways of achieving beauty are bottled and packed by Shahnaz to give her customers the right blend of natural resources to make them feel being nurtured in the lap of nature. Her beauty tips are for those who have a natural aversion towards artificial cosmetic products.

How Can Diet Affect Sperm Quality?

Dr. Mital John Oct 11, 2010

The sperm, like a living organism and one of body fluids that carry DNA, is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Changes in the composition of seminal fluid may have resulted, changes in mobility and vitality of the sperm, and thus male fertility.

What nutrients are associated with infertility in men?

Great damage in sperm count may lead to free radicals that cause damage to membranes and genetic material (DNA) of the cell. The cells typically use antioxidants, which protects them from these changes. Free radicals are produced endogenously in our body but are recruited from the diet or lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, etc.) important antioxidants that strengthen the body's defenses and taken from the diet are:

Lycopene is found in high concentration in semen. The more increased the intake of lycopene from the diet, the higher the percentage of lycopene in semen. Rich sources are tomato sauces, ketchup and less of the tomatoes.

General Anxiety Disorder - Top Causes Explained

Dr. Mital John Sep 25, 2010

General anxiety disorder, or GAD, falls under the broad umbrella of anxiety disorders. People who suffer from GAD are characterized by a sense of apprehension to many people or social settings, and are seen as an extension of other common fears.

Common symptoms of GAD sufferers include more concerned about simple or daily activities such as health, money, or relationships, making it easy for fear to overwhelm their lives, waiting for some not certainly looming disaster befall. Other physical symptoms are headaches, hot flashes, sweating and irritability.

Liver Cirrhosis - Causes and Treatments

Dr. Mital John Jul 13, 2010

Cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury. Scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, partially blocking the flow of blood through the liver.

Scarring also impairs the liver’s ability to
• control infections
• remove bacteria and toxins from the blood
• process nutrients, hormones, and drugs
• make proteins that regulate blood clotting
• produce bile to help absorb fats—including cholesterol—and fat-soluble vitamins

A healthy liver is able to regenerate most of its own cells when they become damaged. With end-stage cirrhosis, the liver can no longer effectively replace damaged cells. A healthy liver is necessary for survival.

How to Increase Penis Size and Sex Stamina Naturally

Dr.Charles Jun 22, 2010

What drives women crazy? What makes men burn with marvelous self-confidence?

What makes together of them satisfied in bed? Opinion varies, but the most popular cause cited is the size and power of a man's erection.

Since there are a number of guys who seem so bug by their so averagely-sized penises that overtly affect their sex lives and self-esteem, the medical industry has come up with a healthy and effectual remedy that will surely satisfy each couple.

Penis size has been a hot issue and topic for ages since it affects barely men but also women.

For women, a partner with small penis may not give them sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

For men, they feel insufficient to give their partner satisfaction leading to embarrassment and low self-assurance affecting their sexual presentation.

New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala – Made with Rajma

Chitra Ghosh Mar 14, 2010

It is always great having fun with your families but fun is never complete unless there is something tedha about it…like making fun of yourself, laughing loudly, dancing energetically like Punjabi families or cracking jokes like in a ladies sangeet party. Real fun is in being yourself!

For the first time in India, a new snack has been introduced in the market that is made with Rajma. Presenting New Kurkure Funjabi Kadhai Masala made with real Rajma captures this great fun filled spirit. Made in the typical Kadhai style it has the mouthwatering authentic taste of chillies, sautéed tomato gravy, fresh pepper & special Punjabi masalas to give you a spicy taste only Kurkure can give!

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Mango Mania

Rekha Jan 24, 2010

It is then no wonder that more mangos are eaten fresh the world over than any other fruit!

Known as the 'king of fruit' throughout the world, the mango derived its name from the Tamil word 'mangkai'. When the Portuguese traders settled in Western India, they adopted the name as 'manga'. And believe it or not, but there are over a 1,000 varieties of mangoes in this world.

In India, the ubiquitous mango has found its way into the intricate weaves of its traditional and cultural fabric. To the Indians, the mango is a symbol of love, abundance and prosperity.

The Hindus hang fresh mango leaves above their doors during festive occasions, invoking blessings to their homes. Mangoes leaves hung on weddings symbolise fertility and are believed to bless the couple with plenty of children.

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The 13 Most Powerful Super Foods

Cute Girl Dec 29, 2009

The 13 Most Powerful Super Foods

Why Are They So Super?

Ask five nutritionists to rate the 13 most powerful foods and you'll get five different lists, but many of the selections will overlap. Why? Because every food provides something different: Some are a rich source of protein or fiber but void of many vitamins and minerals, while others contain disease-fighting phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, but no protein. The trick, claim experts, is to get a variety of the best foods. The following 13 power foods are a good place to start.

Sure they're high in fat, but avocados contain healthful monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. "Avocados aid in blood and tissue regeneration, stabilize blood sugar, and are excellent for heart disorders," says Ed Bauman, Ph.D., director of Bauman College . They're loaded with fiber (11 to 17 grams per fruit) and are a good source of lutein, an antioxidant linked to eye and skin health.

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Grilled Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Shilpa Jul 5, 2009

Grilled Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Barbecued ice cream cake. Mmmmm....

Ice cream and cake, rolled into one and prepared outdoors on the grill. Why not celebrate summer with a dessert that can be barbecued just like the rest of your meal? This one's not a healthy dessert recipe, but who cares?! Look at it!

a.. 8 to 10 egg whites
b.. 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
c.. 1 cup granulated sugar
d.. 1 large size pound cake, frozen

Spicy Sevai

Cute Girl Apr 11, 2009

Spicy Sevai


- 2 cup sevai
- 1 red onion (chopped)
- 1/4 cup frozen peas
- 1 chopped tomato
- 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
- salt to taste
- 1 tsp garam masala
- 1 tsp lemon juice
- 1 tsp sugar
- 1 tsp red chilly powder
- 2 tsp oil
- 1 tsp cumin-mustard seeds
- handful chopped fresh coriander


Do Not Burn Kurkure

Jen Pure Apr 8, 2009

Most of us must be aware of the rumor about Kurkure. The rumor was being spread around by people even without realizing that the news is baseless.

In reality, there is no plastic in Kurkure. Kurkure is made of edible ingredients which have the best nutritional value including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, etc that we use in our daily kitchen. When you burn Kurkure it is the ingredients present in Kurkure including carbohydrates that gives a plastic-like feeling but in reality there is no plastic burning. Kurkure is made from best-quality ingredients and is untouched by human hands during the production process. ...

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