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India's Christianity 70 million members according to Operation World

Shilpa Aug 2, 2011

India's Grassroots Revival

India's church has grown and is getting larger. It now comprises over 70 million members, according to Operation World. That makes it the eighth largest Christian population in the world, just behind the Philippines and Nigeria, bigger than Germany and Ethiopia, and twice the size of the United Kingdom

A hospital-based ministry in north India has seen 8,000 baptisms over the past five years after a decade of only a handful. Operation World's detailed statistics show that the Indian church is growing at a rate three times that of India's Hindu population.

Many Indian Christians say that doors closed for centuries are swinging open.The 2001 Indian census placed Christians at just over 2 percent of India's population. But currently, Operation World puts the figure near 6 percent and notes that "Christian researchers in India indicate much higher results, even up to 9 percent." Many Indian Christians say that doors closed for centuries are swinging open.

India reveals massive uranium discovery

Cute Girl Jul 29, 2011

A new mine in south India could contain the largest reserves of uranium in the world, a government official said in remarks reported Tuesday, signalling a major boost for the energy-hungry nation.

The Tumalapalli mine in Andhra Pradesh state could provide up to 150,000 tonnes of uranium, Srikumar Banerjee, secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy, told reporters after a four-year survey of the site was completed.

"It's confirmed that the mine has 49,000 tonnes of ore, and there are indications that the total quantity could be three times that amount," Banerjee was quoted as saying in The Times of India.

High-tech gadget turns your smart phone into a hospital-grade heart monitor

Shilpa Jul 28, 2011

Scientists have designed a remarkable new gadget which turns a mobile phone into a powerful medical tool able to detect heart problems.

The 'Smartheart' connects to the trendy smartphone and converts it into a hospital grade heart monitor capable of performing electrocardiograms in just 30 seconds. The device hooks around the user's chest and records their heart rate by measuring its electro-activity.

Cheap and effective: The Smartheart app in progress on a phone

Smartheart connects to an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device via Bluetooth, allowing the user to view an ECG in detail, and email it to their doctor. Instead of a traditional ECG, which uses several monitors stuck to the body, Smartheart has just one and the scan is completed in 30 seconds.

Find Expiry of LPG gas cylinder

Ragini Khanna Jul 25, 2011

"Have U ever heard about LPG gas cylinder's expiry date"

Expired Cylinders are not safe for use and may cause accidents. In this regard please be cautious at the time of accepting any LPG cylinder from the Vendor.

Here is how we can check the expiry of LPG cylinders:
On one of three side stems of the cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha numerically as follows A or B or C or D and some two digit number following this e.g. D06.

The alphabets stand for quarters -

Pasta originally comes from Italy

Ragini Khanna Jul 22, 2011

Worldwide, pasta has become synonymous with Italian cuisine. Italian immigrants themselves brought pasta everywhere they went. While it is true that the most famous varieties and recipes of cooking pasta really do come from Italy, surprisingly, the actual origin of pasta lies elsewhere!

So how did pasta make its way to Italy? One of the more popular theories was published in the 'Macaroni Journal' by the Association of Food Industries. It states that pasta was brought to Italy by Marco Polo via China. Polo ventured to China in the time of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and the Chinese had been consuming noodles as early as 3000 B.C. in the Qinghai province. There is even some evidence there of 4,000-year-old noodles made from foxtail and broomcorn millet.

Unfortunately, there are problems with this theory, least of which is that the noodles they were making in China aren't technically considered pasta. Polo also described Chinese noodles as being like "lagana", which implies he was possibly already familiar with a pasta-like food before going to China. Further, in 1279, there was a Genoese soldier that listed in the inventory of his estate a basket of dried pasta.

Mighty American Corporate World

Cute Girl Jul 20, 2011

If Wal-Mart were a country, its revenues would make it on par with the GDP of the 25th largest economy in the world by, surpassing 157 smaller countries. We've found 25 major American corporations whose 2010 revenues surpass the 2010 Gross Domestic Product of entire countries, often with a few billion to spare.Even some major countries like Norway, Thailand, and New Zealand can be bested by certain U.S. firms.

Yahoo is bigger than Mongolia

Mongolia's GDP: $6.13 billion
Yahoo's Revenue: $6.32 billion
Yahoo would rank as the world's 138th biggest country.
Source: Fortune/CNN Money, IMF

The World's Most Dangerous Train System

Shilpa Jul 20, 2011

Around 25,000 people die every year on India's railways. Some of these casualties come from train wrecks, of which there are many, but the vast majority come from people falling out of open doors or being hit on the tracks, according to Hiten Raja.

During rush hours, trains are a nightmare in first class and general compartments, as commuters scramble for every inch of space. Bent on saving time, people recklessly cross tracks to catch their trains, and women often take to chopping vegetables in preparation for dinner.

Despite the chaos, 18 million people buy tickets every day on Indian Railways. In a country with over 1 billion people, trains unsurprisingly are very crowded, here commuters queue to buy tickets

Info About Clothes Dryers

Ragini Khanna Jul 18, 2011

The heating unit went out on my dryer! The gentleman that fixes things around the house for us told us that he wanted to show us something, and he went over to the dryer and pulled out the lint filter. It was clean. (I always clean the lint from the filter after every load clothes.)

He told us that he wanted to show us something else; he took the filter over to the sink and ran hot water over it. I'm sure you know what your dryer's lint filter looks like. The lint filter is made of a mesh material. Well ..the hot water just sat on top of the mesh! It didn't go through it at all! He told us that dryer sheets cause a film over that mesh and that's what burns out the heating unit. You can't SEE the film, but it's there. It's what is in the dryer sheets to make your clothes soft and static free ...
that nice fragrance too.

You know how they can feel waxy when you take them out of the box .... well this stuff builds up on your clothes and on your lint screen.

Now it's 4D film

lovely Jul 16, 2011

Now it's 4D film: The high-tech cinemas which will make you feel sick, damp... and punched

Hollywood is converting blockbuster films into 4-D because cinemagoers are shunning pricey multi-dimensional 3-D versions. But the experience has left some fans feeling sick, damp and pummeled after watching movies like Kung Fu Panda 2 and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean box-office hit.

A Korean company has built cinemas with seats which rock and special effects like wind, fog, strobe lights and scents are synchronised with the on-screen action.

Success in 4-D: Kung Fu Panda 2 with the voice of Jack Black as panda Po

Ownership Battle For Treasure Trove at Indian Temple

Sunny Jul 15, 2011

Ownership battle for £14bn treasure trove of gold and jewels found in underground vaults at Indian temple. A £14billion treasure trove found beneath an ancient Indian temple has sparked a row over its ownership and how best to put the vast wealth to use.

Five underground vaults at the 16th century Padmanabhaswamy Temple in southern Kerala were prised open for the first time last month, revealing the dazzling stash. But the archaelogical find, one of the greatest ever made in India, has triggered a fierce legal battle for custodianship, with growing calls for the redistribution of the wealth to the poor.

Glistening: A replica of the gold statue of Lord Vishnu found in the vaults of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in southern Kerala, India. The stash at the Padmanabhaswamy temple is worth billions - and the value could yet rise with vaults still to be opened

Pepsi Learns The Hard Way That Indians Don't Like Diet Soda

Sunny Jul 13, 2011

Recently we talked about how through rigorous product testing McDonald's launched a hit product in India -- the McSpicy Paneer. Now for an example of how product launches go wrong.

PepsiCo introduced its no-sugar cola, Pepsi Max, in India last summer. The soda was widely distributed and supposed to be the backbone of a major ad campaign and corporate expansion. A year later, however, you can't find Pepsi Max in stores, and both campaign and expansion have been canceled.

Indians simply don't like the taste, according to the Economic Times:

"Max was trying to fit in somewhere between Coca-Cola's high-fizz drink Thums Up and a diet option. Consumers simply rejected the taste," a company insider says, requesting anonymity.

Record-breaking weight difference of twin sisters born 10 minutes apart

lovely Jul 13, 2011

When Pamela Sutherland fell pregnant with twins, she was worried that people wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. But as soon as they were born, she and husband Barry knew that it wasn’t going to be a problem.

Because at 8Ibs 1oz, twin Daisy dwarfed her sister Poppy, who weighed in at just 5Ibs 7ozs, when they were born at Elgin Maternity Hospital five weeks ago. Twincredible! Poppy, left, weighed just 5lbs 7ozs at birth while her sister, Daisy, game in at a healthy 8lbs 1oz

Twincredible! Poppy, left, weighed just 5lbs 7ozs at birth while her sister, Daisy, game in at a healthy 8lbs 1oz. It is the biggest size difference between twins ever recorded in the UK.

Mrs Sutherland, 30, who lives in Portsoy, Aberdeenshire, with husband Barry, also 30, said: ‘We just couldn’t believe it when they were born and they looked so different.

16lb 1oz boy could be biggest ever born in Texas

Ragini Khanna Jul 12, 2011

They call him The Moose': 16lb 1oz boy could be biggest ever born in Texas

For the Brown family his arrival was big news...really big news. But the birth of JaMichael Brown, who weighed a whopping 16lbs 1oz - just over a stone - may also be big news for Texas. He's certainly the biggest baby to have been born in Longview hospital, but officials now believe he may be the largest in the state too.

Anything but little: JaMichael Brown, weighed a whopping 16lbs 1oz at birth. His father, Michael Brown, looked rather shell-shocked as revealed his son was now known around the hospital as 'The Moose.'

'(The Dr) told us he was going be about 12lbs, but when he pulled him out it was as different story,' Mr Brown said. His exhausted mother, Janet Johnson, had been booked in for a Caesarean section on Friday morning. She knew JaMichael was going to be a big baby, but had never imagined he would weigh four pounds more than doctors had predicted.

Explore Beautiful Marvels During South India Tour

Varun Jul 11, 2011

South India, undoubtedly one of the most enchanting regions of India is known widely for its unique identity and rich culture. Captivating and immaculate architecture of beautiful temples, historical sites, ayurvedic richness, enthralling hills, soothing backwaters and pristine beaches makes South India tours one of the most incredible sightseeing tours of India.

The rich land of South India comprises states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The well planned tours to South India take travelers on the ride of every nook and corner of this captivating place that helps tourists in rejuvenating their senses. The best part of South India tours is the visit to magnificent backwaters and world famous Ayurvedic spas that will fill the senses of the travelers with freshness and calmness.

Although, your travel to this state offers you ample of places to explore and enjoy, but some of the outstanding tourist attractions of South India are mentioned below that will surely facilitate your experience of holidaying in South India.

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Hidden Treasure Worth Rs. 1 Lakh Crore Found in Kerala Temple

Rekha Jul 9, 2011

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: More than Rs. 1,00,000 Crore treasure (Nidhi in Malayalam) which included antique gold ornaments, diamonds and other precious stones, golden crown, golden bow, golden vessels, and other precious stones were found in the secret chambers (Nilavara - a place to keep assets safe in temple) of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala as on Saturday evening. An estimation of above 1,00,000 crore treasure was valued at the completion of the 6th day of valuing the assets of Temple from Travancore Royal Family. One of Kerala's oldest temples may soon turn out to be one of the India 's richest.

Cellar B is the remaining one secret vault which is yet to be inventoried. It is said that this cellar haven't been opened for more than 200 years. The remaining articles in Cellar A will be inventoried on Monday afternoon and Cellar B will be opened only after that.

Hidden Treasure Worth Rs. 1 Lakh Crore Found in Kerala Temple - A temple from Travancore Royal Family
Sree Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple on bank of Padma theertham, Thiruvananthapuram.

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