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Richest College Dropouts on Earth

Guest Jun 14, 2011

A college education is often touted as being a prerequisite to a good life and a high income. Unsurprisingly, college prospectuses promote the success of their alumni as a reason why you should choose to complete a degree at their particular campus. However, there are plenty of billionaires in the world who traded in their college degrees for a successful business life. In fact, the Forbes World's Billionaires list 2011 actually identifies the most wealthy college dropouts on earth today. Proof if ever it was needed that slackers don't always comes second, and that when it comes to business, the studious can't always cut it.

10. Roman Abramovich

With $13.4 billion to his name, Roman Abramovich is joint 53rd on the list of the world's richest people. Abramovich claims to have attended the Moscow State Law Academy, graduating in 2001, and has been linked with the Ukhta Industrial University and The Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow. Both of the latter universities deny that he attended, and it is rumored, but unsubstantiated, that he dropped out of the Russian capital's law school. With sources conflicted about the precise course of events it seems somebody may be trying to change the record here - only in Mother Russia! Still, with an oil fortune, diverse investments and England's Chelsea Football Club in his possession, all the hearsay surrounding his education is unlikely to bother the Moscow business magnate.

Ultrasound scanner could spell the end of the arm-squeezing cuff to take your blood pressure

Cute Girl Jun 13, 2011

The days of having your blood pressure taken with an uncomfortable arm-squeezing cuff may be numbered, after scientists developed a far more pleasant technique.

Researchers used an ultrasound scanner, more commonly used on pregnant women, to measure a person's blood pressure pulse at various points around the body.

End of the arm monitor? Dr Bijnens (left) and Dr Vosse of Eindhoven University of Technology, present their new blood pressure measurement technique that uses ultrasound

The team, from the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, said the procedure would help prevent heart attacks and strokes by giving a far clearer picture of the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

The beatless heart: Texas husband lives for five weeks without a pulse

Sunny Jun 12, 2011

The beatless heart: Texas husband lives for five weeks without a pulse after doctors invent new artificial heart. Doctors have implanted the world's first beatless heart into a living human being. Craig Lewis, a 55-year-old Texas man, lived for five weeks without a pulse. He died due to underlying disease - but doctors said the heart worked perfectly.

The device is formed by intricately tying together two ventricular assist devices, replacing the entire heart. The beatless heart: An X-ray shows the new device whirring inside Craig Lewis's chest - allowing him to live without a pulse. It whirls instead of pulses, spinning blood through the body in a continuous flow. 'I listened,' Mr Lewis's widow Linda told NPR. 'It was a hum, which was amazing.'

A travel show that explores Indian men!

Shilpa Jun 11, 2011

Most travel shows tread the beaten path but here's one that is definitely different. "What's With Indian Men?" features supermodel Indrani Dasgupta and actress Sugandha Garg attempting to understand Indian men while journeying across the length and breadth of the country.

The show premiered on FOX History & Traveller June 4 and depicts the two women encountering men from different walks of lives, regions and tastes on their way

"Most shows are scripted, but this one is not. All of us want to know about Indian men - and imagine being paid for it," Sugandha, known for her roles in films like "Jaane Tu?Ya Jaane Na" and "Tere Bin Laden", told IANS.

Was this the week that China's rise to world dominance finally became unstoppable?

Cute Girl Jun 11, 2011

The Ikea superstore in the port city of Dalian, China, is a blue-and-yellow monument to the global reach of Western commerce, but any shopper stumbling out through the back door would be confronted by a jaw-dropping symbol of rapidly changing times. In the docks behind the store sits a 60,000-ton aircraft carrier.

This huge ship - nearly three times the size of Britain's sole remaining carrier, HMS Illustrious - was originally built in the Soviet Union. Still under construction when communism collapsed, it was bought by a Hong Kong company, which claimed it was going to tow the ship to Macau and turn it into a floating hotel and casino.

Worst-kept military secret: The aircraft carrier is the first unambiguous sign that China intends to project its military power far beyond its own shores

Research identifies how cancer cells cheat death

lovely Jun 10, 2011

Cancer cells survive easily and researchers have now identified how biochemical pathways rewired by cancer cells help them cheat death.

"This work focused on understanding how cancer cells acquire a selective survival advantage, allowing them to avoid apoptosis, the chemically-induced cell death," says David Litchfield, professor in oncology at the University of Western Ontario, reports the journal Science Signaling.

"Our work also provides encouragement for the development of novel therapeutic approaches that would prevent or neutralize this 'rewiring' to make sure that cancer cells respond to treatment," said Litchfield, according to a Western Ontario release.
The study was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Cancer cells survive easily and researchers have now identified how biochemical pathways rewired by cancer cells help them cheat death.

India better than US for business - say seven out of 10 US-returned

Sunny Jun 9, 2011

India today offers better economic opportunities than the US, say seven out of 10 US-returned Indian entrepreneurs, suggesting a dramatic generational shift with consequences for both countries.

In a study by three top American universities, 72% of Indians who have returned from the US to set up companies at home in recent years said the “opportunities to start their own businesses were better or much better” here.

Faster professional growth (54%), a better quality of life (56%) and the same or better professional recognition (64%) are the other key draws.

“What was once a ‘brain drain’ that worked for the US economy is now reversed, to the long-term benefit of India and China,” says the study by researchers at the University of California Berkeley, Harvard and Duke universities.

Artist MF Husain passes away in London

Sunny Jun 9, 2011

His self-imposed exile saw him accepting a Qatari citizenship in 2010. MF Husain, a former movie billboard artist who rose to become India's most sought-after painter before going into self-imposed exile during an uproar over nude images of Hindu icons, died Thursday. He was 95.

CNN-IBN TV channel quoted a friend, Arun Vadehra, as saying that Husain, often described as India's Picasso, died at the Royal Brompton hospital in London. His lawyer, Akhil Sibal, confirmed the death to The Associated Press.

Husain had lived in Dubai since 2006 after receiving death threats from Hindu hard-liners in India for a nude painting of a woman shaped like India's map, often depicted as "Mother India" in popular arts, folklore and literature. A nude of Hindu goddess Saraswati also angered the hard-liners. No details of the cause of his death were immediately known.

Introduction of Some Popular Brands of DVD Players

peter Jun 7, 2011

We can probably say that music is the food for life, and with this idea in mind, many manufacturers produce various kinds of music players for our music lovers, like MP3 player, CD player, iTunes, iPod and a lot more. Among the various kinds of music players, DVD players are now at the height of their popularity.

In order to meet the demands of DVD players, some of the leading electronic manufacturers like Philips, Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Kenwood, and Videocon have started manufacturing popular players. Let us go through the features of various models of some brands DVD players:


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Big Ben goes into operation in London: May 31, 1859

Ragini Khanna Jun 5, 2011

The famous tower clock known as Big Ben, located at the top of the 320-foot-high St. Stephen's Tower, rings out over the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, for the first time on this day in 1859.

After a fire destroyed much of the Palace of Westminster--the headquarters of the British Parliament--in October 1834, a standout feature of the design for the new palace was a large clock atop a tower. The royal astronomer, Sir George Airy, wanted the clock to have pinpoint accuracy, including twice-a-day checks with the Royal Greenwich Observatory. While many
clockmakers dismissed this goal as impossible, Airy counted on the help of Edmund Beckett Denison, a formidable barrister known for his expertise in horology, or the science of measuring time.

World Environment Day 2011

Sunny Jun 5, 2011

The World Environment Day is observed every year on the 5th of June. As such, it will be held on the same date in 2011. This day is special because it is the occasion when the United Nations (UN) creates a worldwide awareness of preserving the environment. However, it is not a public holiday.

World Environment Day is the day for global action and resolution toward keeping the environment healthy for one and all. The United Nations Environment Programme focuses on creating a cleaner and greener environment. Under this initiative, activities are carried out throughout the year. However, World Environment Day is the occasion when the activities reach the climax. The UN has been taking special initiatives and observing this day since 1972.

world environment day

Married Couple No Longer a Majority in USA

Senoreta Jun 5, 2011

The American family has reached a milestone: according to the Census Bureau, married couples are now no longer a majority in American households.

"The days of Ozzie and Harriet have faded into the past," said William Frey, the senior demographer at Brookings who analyzed the data.

Today, traditional patterns have been turned upside down. Women with college degrees are now more likely to marry than those with just high school diplomas, the reverse of several decades ago, said June Carbone, a law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and co-author of "Red Families v. Blue Families."

Great-grandmother set to become Facebook's oldest user at 106

Sunny Jun 1, 2011

Lilly Strugnell, world's oldest facebook user

A GREAT-grandmother will become the oldest Facebook user in the world when she creates her profile - at 106.

Lily Strugnell also plans to open a Twitter account after taking a course for pensioners on how to use the internet.

The silver surfer, who has three children, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, had her first social networking lesson last month. Now she wants an iPad for her 107th birthday.

New Theory for Why We Cry

Vijaya May 30, 2011

Do we cry because it makes us feel good, or because it cleanses us of stressful chemicals? Or, as Oren Hasson now theorizes, is a good cry just a way to get attention and gain acceptance? We shed tears when in pain, but what purpose does crying have? A scientist now proposes a new theory for why crying evolved - tears can act as handicaps to show you have lowered your defenses.

"Crying is a highly evolved behavior," said researcher Oren Hasson, an evolutionary biologist at Tel Aviv University in Israel. "My analysis suggests that by blurring vision, tears lower defenses and reliably function as signals of submission, a cry for help, and even in a mutual display of attachment and as a group display of cohesion."

The shedding of tears due to emotions is unique to humans. In the past, researchers suggested that crying helps carry stressful chemicals away from the body, or that it simply makes us feel better, or that it lets babies signal health problems. Now Hasson points out that when tears blur vision, they could readily handicap aggressive behavior. As such, tears reliably signal vulnerability, a strategy that can emotionally bind others closer to you.


Vijaya May 29, 2011

This drink is SOLD in all the supermarkets IN OUR country and our children ARE CONSUMING IT ON A TRIAL BASIS, IT can be mortal.

RED BULL was created to stimulate the brains in people who are subjected to great physical force and in stress coma and never to be consumed like an innocent drink or soda pop.

RED BULL IS the energizer DRINK that is commercialized world-wide with its slogan:'It increases endurance; awakens the concentration capacity and the speed of reaction, offers more energy and improves the mood. All this can be found in a can of RED BULL , the power drink of the millennium.

'RED BULL has managed to arrive at almost 100 countries worldwide. The RED BULL logo is targeted at young people and sportsmen, two attractive segments that have been captivated by the stimulus that the drink provides.

It was created by Dietrich Mateschitz, an industrialist of Austrian origin who discovered the drink by chance. It happened during a business trip to Hong Kong , when he was working at a factory that manufactured toothbrushes.

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