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Adobe Reader 9 downloads and reviews

bruceatoz Sep 2, 2009

Adobe Reader is the tool for opening and using Adobe PDFs that are created in Adobe Acrobat. With Adobe Reader you can view, print, and manage PDFs. After opening a PDF in Reader, you have a variety of tools to help you find information quickly.

Download BitDefender Internet Security 2010 for Windows 7

bruceatoz Sep 2, 2009

Be one of the best internet security facility, BitDefender Internet Security now has released the new 2010 version, which is improved more than before. In the new BitDefender Internet Security 2010, it has added more protections, such as: Signature based protection, Active Virus Control, Heuristics in Virtual Evironment.

Repair Boot Files for your Windows XP

Sun Wright Aug 24, 2009

How To Repair Boot Files For Windows XP

The boot.ini file is a hidden file that is used to identify in what folder on which partition and on which hard drive Windows XP is located. Boot.ini always can become damaged, corrupted or deleted for a number of reasons and is usually brought to your attention by an error message, such as "missing boot.ini file, booting from c:".

Editing boot file in BIOS system will need considerable technical level, if you are not good at doing this, not to try it! You can download a BOOT file repair software online, it can easily help you to restore the situation. If you can not boot up Windows at all, well what you need is SystemSuite 9 Professional, which will provide you a bootable repair disk to repair boot files, no need to access into Windows.

Get back your deleted files easily!

Sun Wright Aug 24, 2009

Have ever met the accident situation below?
Your computer occurred by Virus;
Computer can not boot because natural disaster;
Contains hardware error;
Contains human error;
Software corruption;
And much more reasons made your computer system crash.

Download WinRAR 3.90 for Windows 7

bruceatoz Aug 19, 2009

WinRAR is Windows version of the RAR archiver. It is a powerful toolwhich allows you to create, manage and control archive files. It iscompletely supports rar and zip.

Download Winzip 12.1 for Windows 7

bruceatoz Aug 19, 2009

Winzip 12.1 is the lastest version at present. With WinZip 12.1, you are able to compress document, textfile and digital photos into smaller size.

Remove Security Prompts on SE Phones

Cute Girl Aug 8, 2009

Sign your java midilets and remove all the security prompts on SE phones:
Warning: This tut deals wid breaking into the phone's file system. Doing so will void ur warranty. If u dunno what u are doing, DO NOT proceed. Nobody can be held responsible if something goes wrong. Also please backup everything stored in ur phone before proceeding (files, contacts, organiser, sms everything!) u may take a backup of ur data wid this software, My Phone Explorer:

Download these files. These are the tools you'll need - XS++, USB Flash and FAR manager. Unpack all the files in resp. folders.


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Panda Internet Security 2010 was released recently

bruceatoz Aug 4, 2009

Panda Internet Security 2010 was released recently, it is a securitysuite that lets you use the Internet with complete peace of mind. Someof the features improved a lot, which beyond your imagination, take afirst look on Panda Internet Security 2010.

Norton Internet Security 2010 will protect your Windows 7 system well

bruceatoz Aug 4, 2009

Symantec is the first batch of developing Anti-Virus software for Windows 7, with the beta version released we can say that Norton Internet Security 2010 is a Windows 7 software.

A reliable way of repairing WinRAR files

sophi Jul 27, 2009

* WinRAR "The archive is either in unknown". How can I fix this?

* How can I repair corrupt WinRAR files?

* Are there any software that can repair WinRAR files ?

In this cases, Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery will be your best assistant, a useful Digital Media Recovery software. It has enough ability to help you repair WinRAR files. This WinRAR repairing software can recover all image files, video and music files. In addition, it allows you to preview files before recovery.

Highlights of this WinRAR file repairing software:

Splendid NTFS data recovery software

sophi Jul 16, 2009

I have a computer with an NTFS partition, which has many viruses. I want to format it. Is there a software for NTFS data recovery?
---From Yahoo Answer

Following NTFS file systems popularity, there are plenty of NTFS data recovery software that come into the market. In so many software, Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery is your best choice. It is available for deleted, corrupt, formatted NTFS data recovery. This NTFS data recovery software supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32, any other file systems as well.

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Control Your Business More Effectively With The Best Article Submission Software

Joey Bellog Jul 8, 2009

The beauty of having your own business is that you have complete control over what goes on. You get to say what you do, how you do it and when you get things accomplished. The best article submission software contributes to this as you will be able to control your business marketing and article submissions far more effectively.

The first thing you will notice with article submission software is that you can save all of your articles that you write. This allows you to stay organized at all times making it much easier to distribute and sort through articles. Instead of having to open countless files to find a single article you want to submit, you can conveniently find it within a folder.

Adobe reader for Mac

Linda Bree Jul 7, 2009

Adobe Reader for Mac - a good freeware to view, print and manage PDF files
What is Adobe Reader for Mac

PDF files are more and more popular among people. You can view and print PDF files as the author designed it, without needing to have the same application or fonts on your computer.

X box repair

The best console out can also be the worst, that goes with every name brand appliance or Company. The X box is no different, this gaming console is quite new to the gaming wars and has sold millions of units worldwide but has it's problems.

Mozillar Firefox - A good helper to scan information

Linda Bree Jun 25, 2009

Mozilla Firefox, as a professional browser, is more and more popular among people. It can be applied to scan informations. And many addons for firefox can help you find what you want. Firefox, the award-winning web browser, becomes more and more secure and fast now!

Key features of Mozilla Firefox.

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