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What Techniques I Should Use to Increase My Website Page Rank

Seo Oct 18, 2011

Techniques to improve Page Rank

 Page rank refers to a link analysis program used by the well known internet search engine “Google”. It is a numeric value which shows the importance of a webpage on the web. In order to attain good page rank, one must follow the strategies posted below.

First of all, you should generate your own content on a webpage. Original content establishes you as an author over the web. Create as many pages as you can on your website to make it as a very resourceful website. EBriks provides you with the best articles to put up on your website with ...

Boost Your Magento Store’s Conversion Rate with a Simple Checkout Process

john Sep 28, 2011

The new face of modern business is online store. Large percentage of people prefers to shop online instead of visiting market physically. Online businesses make things easier for both customers and sellers. The advancement in technology helps any small/ big business to start up an online store with less time and less effort. Your online store should be extremely welcoming and efficacious to attain longevity and hence e-commerce CMS is a best solution for putting up a web-based business. Magento is the most popular and extensively used open source shopping cart due to it aforementioned features.

Advantage of having a Magento Shopping Cart

The magento ecommerce full flexibility, promising and user-friendly platform is the widely used open source by business owners. The unique features of magento such as managing multi store from single administration panel, catalogue management, support abounding transaction gateways, order tracking etc scores high optimism among webmasters. Magento's plugin galore provides facility to expand the store's functionality to keep your online store user-interactive.

How It Can Be Confusing to Choose Right CMS for The Right Task?

Manisha Sep 23, 2011

Which CMS is best for my business? This is one question which comes to everybody’s mind while choosing a perfect CMS for a website. With so many CMS development platforms such as WordPress, Radiant, TYPOlight, Drupal and Joomla available on the Internet, making the right choice can be a tricky affair. Different CMSs offer differ advantages when it comes to CMS web design. There are few things that you should consider while choosing the right CMS to suit your needs.

Know Your Needs – The most important criteria to choice the right CMS is your need. Don’t choose a CMS that is very complex in ...

Outsource Medical Billing Services - Benefits of outsourcing medical billing

Seo Sep 16, 2011

Outsource Medical Billing Services
In-house medical billing is slowly becoming a thing of the past. In addition to creating un-needed administrative expenses, in-house medical billers generally do not possess the correct expertise needed to process your medical billing claims properly. ICD-9 and CPT codes get updated constantly, and the simplest coding error can cause claim denials and underpayments.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to outsource medical billing services to third-party organizations like AllState Billing. Our medical billing outsource specialists keep up to date with the latest coding procedures, and will ensure that all your claims get processed quickly and efficiently. With the help of our outsource medical billing company, you will receive quick and full reimbursements for the invaluable services you provide as a medical professional. Sign up now for your free consultation!

ESET NOD32 Antivirus v5 Pre-Activated till 3010

Yazmine Aug 21, 2011

ESET NOD32 Antivirus v5 Pre-Activated till 3010

Antivirus | Antispyware
You didn't buy your computer to run antivirus. That's why ESET NOD32 Antivirus v5 gives you fast, effective and easy-to-use protection without getting in your way. Smart proactive detection blocks most known and emerging threats hours or days faster than other antivirus technologies. Fast, light and unobtrusive software protects your Internet experience without annoying system slowdowns.

Key Benefits

Gleez CMS an OpenSource CMS built on Kohana 3.2

Sunny Aug 17, 2011

I would like to introduce the upcoming GleezCMS, built on Kohana 3.2 framework. However, its not completed yet, but main parts of the CMS are done. I take the liberty to introduce few features here to understand:

  • Template Driven
  • Module Support
  • User & Role Management
  • Role Based ACl
  • Page Management
  • Category (MPTT)
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Menu Management (MPTT)
  • Widgets
  • Input Filters
  • Events & Action for developers
  • URL Aliases (aka Slugs/permalink )

Latest and Biggest Free Mobile Application Collection

Kiran Jul 26, 2011

Here you can download very latest, useful and advanced Browsers and others softwares for your mobile phones for free. Free download all these application including handler mods, free browsing apps, file managers, download manager, social networking apps and for Java, Symbian, Android etc. Also you can give link if any useful application you have or request for one you needed.

All files updated time to time when a new version available. Kindly visit regularly for updates.

Mobile Browser

The storage vs bandwidth debate

vikas gupta Jul 14, 2011

Cloud computing, if anything, depends on the idea that we will have ample and cheap bandwidth that will allow us to access various types of information and services on any kind of device, anywhere. The rapid growth of cloud as outlined by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels at our Structure 2011 conference only underscores the need for more bandwidth.

This need only goes up as we start living in an on-demand world, streaming instead of storing information locally. Folks at online storage-as-a-service provider Backblaze decided to compare the decline in bandwidth prices and the local storage costs and found out that local drives are still more efficient. (I am assuming that they are looking exclusively at data from the US, because things might be different in some other parts of the world where they sell really cheap super-broadband.) While that is true on pure cost basis, but as I have argued before, the value for hardware lies in services because they increase engagement with the hardware.

Ebriks – SEO Company India

Seo Jun 10, 2011

Have you launched your new website and looking towards its web promotion? This is the question of numerous business owners who are endeavoring to make their presence felt in web industry. Although there are large numbers of SEO companies in India, only few of them are able to deliver that desired value to you in terms of increased sales.

Ebriks, a leading name in SEO industry, offers a huge range of SEO services to clients all across the world. Because of its extensive experience in handling various SEO projects of both domestic as well as international clients, Ebriks is able to maintain an admired reputation in the web domain.

Ebriks offers SEO services based on the in-depth analysis of your website. Then only we devise a customized SEO strategy for you. What sets us apart is that we genuinely listen to your requirements and recommend SEO strategy instead of adopting a general SEO approach for all our clients.

What to consider when choosing a website design company?

Rubi Jun 8, 2011

There is no doubt that website design company plays an imperative role in the growth of your business and this is the reason a large number of companies today hire website design companies for marketing their products globally. Since internet has been dominating the world from a long time and a large number of people are now connected through the internet. Hence, selection of an efficient web designing company plays a significant role. Though there are thousands of website design companies running in the market and all of them claim to provide you the best of all but, one should not get carried away by their tall claims.

To find an efficient website design company is really important for every online business either small or big. Web Design Company London is one such web designing company which has won trust and satisfaction from its clients. Their website design London is of great quality and rightly caters to your needs and requirements.

Types of Variables unlike JavaScript and some other programming languages

parveenybg May 30, 2011

GENRATING HTML the examples presented so far has shown how you can use JavaScript to write simple text to the document object. By including HTML tags in your JavaScript, you can also use JavaScript to generate HTML elements that will be displayed in the current document. In the script contained in the head of the HTML document, the variable greeting, welcome, and next line are assigned text string containing embedded HTML tags.

These text strings are displayed by the specify contained in the body of the HTML document: The greeting variable contains the heading Hi Web surfers which are surrounded by the HTML heading tags and the welcome variable is assigned the string Welcome to HTML complete. The citation tags, and causes the welcome variable’s string to be sited as a literary reference. The paragraph tags, and, which surround the welcome text. Are used to mark it as a separate paragraph.

Types and Literal Values Java support five primitive.

parveenybg May 27, 2011

Number- consist of integer and floating- point number and the special NaN value. Numbers use a 64-bit IEEE 754 format. Boolean-consist of logical value, true and false. String- consists of string values that are enclosed in single or double quotes. The nu11type- consists of single value, nu11, which identify a null, empty or nonexistent reference.

In JavaScript, you do not declare the type of a variable as you do in other languages, such as Java and C++. Instead, the type of variable is implicitly defined based of the literal values that you assign to it. For example if you assign the integer 123 to the variable total, then total will support number operations, if you assign the string value the sum of all accounts to total, then it will support Boolean operations.

It is possible for a variable to be assigned a value of one type and then later in the script’s execution be assigned a value of another type. For example, the variable total could be assigned 123, then the sum of all accounts, and then true. The type of the variable would change with the type of the value assigned to it. The different types of literal values that can be assigned to a variable are covered in the following subsections.

The challenges for website developers and designer

parveenybg May 24, 2011

You can also browser the web for multimedia elements. This is a less expensive and less time consuming option but you may not find exactly ehat you want. Although tons of multimedia elements are available on the web they are likely to be inappropriate or not in the asking these questions:

Does the multimedia element add content that I cannot otherwise provide? Thought this article, we point out that you can find multimedia elements on the web. Remember however that most of what you find is not available for public use. Before you take a file and use it your own be sure that it’s clearly labeled if ‘s not you can assume that it’s not or you to take and use.

Considering multimedia usability:- Before you commit to full multimedia enhanced pages-or even to a single animation gif on home page consider carefully what including multimedia will do to your site’s usability. Web site usability: a designer’s guide by spool et al published by user interface about the usability o pages that incorporate multimedia elements. These authors conclude that animation makes it considerably harder for users.

Mobile Phone Security

Ragini Khanna May 15, 2011

Advancement in technology where make you mobile there rises some serious mobile phone security issues as well. While you are mobile phone with some positive purpose like on a business trip there might be someone else mobile phone with negative intention to harm you. You don’t know where and how you get loss to your data within your mobile phone, but you can take precautionary measurements to secure your mobile phone important data or personal possessions.

When you are away from your home with mobile device like mobile, laptop or iPod you are exposed to the danger. It is your duty to take some precautionary measurements for securing mobile phone data if you are mobile. There are some different aspects you have to consider as to what and how should be secure.

It is your first and foremost duty to think what are the important information and data you don't want to leak out. This information could be;

RIM to launch Blackberry OS 7

Shilpa May 15, 2011

Research & motion , the Blackberry maker has planned to launch a new operating system 'Blackberry 7' prior to QNX Operating system.

The new operating system is likely to fetch its users more pre-installed apps, voice activated searches, and smoother user experience. It powers the new Liquid Graphics touch screen which offers up to 60 frames-per-second performance with instant UI response for touch-based navigation. It also offers easy web browsing, pictures, video and graphics-intensive gaming. One notable feature is that the users will be able to manage the personal and corporate content separately.

This new operating system will not be available in the older version of the Blackberry which do not have such processors and will be accessible only on dual core processor.

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